Adult electric bicycles: varieties and secrets of choice

Adult electric bicycles: varieties and secrets of choice

Today, electric bikes confidently displacing classic models that have no motors. Such a technique shows itself very convenient in operation, so many users choose it. In this article, we will get closer with electric bikes and learn how they should competently selected.

Advantages and disadvantages

Adult electric bikes enjoy enviable popularity. These devices attract many lovers of such transport. But to rush to the store for buying an electric bike, only familiar with all its advantages and disadvantages.

First find out what good modern bicycles equipped with an electric motor.

  • On transport of this species, it is possible to smoothly overcome significant distances without spending a lot of strength. Skating on electric bikes does not cause rides to make a lot of physical forces.
  • On the electric bike you can easily drive not only on a very long, but also complex, intricate way.
  • The charge of the battery does not limit the rider in the possibility of movement on such transport. Even if the batteries sat down, the device will still succeed in control using it as a standard bike (“on pedals”).
  • All new and new options for electric bicycles are regularly available on sale. Assortment of these devices is huge. In stores you can meet both simple and multifunctional options for an interesting configuration.
  • Many electric bikes can develop. The presence of a folding mechanism allows you to conveniently store and transfer such technique without experiencing any problems. Thanks to such equipment, the electricity is easily turning into a mini-format design.
  • The battery in these devices can be charged from the classic electrical network – you will not need to be purchased by specialized equipment for this.
  • Modern electrobics are environmentally friendly types of vehicles.
  • Such a “iron horse” is not necessary to register. To manage, they do not need to receive rights.
  • Adult electric bicycles show themselves very practical devices. Such quality behind them noticed many rises.
  • The products under consideration can be easily stored, even if you live in a small urban apartment, especially if the device is folding.
  • Manufacturers make modern electric structures relatively lightweight to manage them it was more convenient and easier.
  • Electrobike may pick up a user with any weight and complex. In the range of many manufacturers, there are copies withstanding up to 120, 130, 140, 150 and more kilograms.

The advantages of the electricians are many, but there are also their weaknesses.

  • The design of the type under consideration turns out to be more capricious and complex in maintenance / repair issues, especially if you compare them with standard models without motors. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the desired detail to a similar product.
  • Electrobikes are more expensive than classic models.
  • The battery of such a device will have to be charged by spending on this too much time. There are such models whose battery is charging for a very long time.
  • The next problem again lies in the battery – in electrical bikes this component cannot boast too much service life.
  • In rare cases on such equipment, you can ride in rough terrain.

Review of species

Modern electric bikes are divided into several subspecies depending on different parameters. Get acquainted with them.

On the layout of the engine and the type of drive

In accordance with the specified characteristics, the electrobics are divided into such options.

  • With an electric motor installed in the framework, grip gear with a leading star. With the specified device, the engine is put at the bottom of the frame, near the front star. Design is simple and understandable. The center of gravity is shifted down, to the central part. It is well affected at the level of controllability of the device, the best thrust of the engine on the lines is achieved.
  • With a motor fixed directly to the ledge sleeve. In such a design, the engine is responsible for the rotation of the wheel. The main plus of this option lies in its simplicity and high speed developed on direct tracks.
  • With belt transmission to the drive wheel. Here the engine is mainly installed on the framework or on the trunk at the rear.
  • Non-standard, exclusive models. In such devices there is an unusual performance of the drive on the wheel.

By terrain

All electrobics are separated in accordance with the conditions in which they can be used.

  • Mining. Such bikes are designed for operation in extreme environments. You can ride on the roads with high-altitude differentials, off-road. Mountain models are available taking into account the impressive loads. Usually they cost more than the other subspecies of electric bikes.
  • Highway. In such models, high-power batteries, providing a more impressive mileage from one complete charge (100%).
  • Framesazhires. High strength copies, good and strong. They are not only convenient to ride, but also to transport various goods.
  • Urban. Ideal models for the city. Usually have small sizes and low weight.

By the number of wheels

Electrobikes come on sale with different types of wheels.

  • Two-wheeled. Classic options occur most often. Presented in a large assortment. Rolling on them, the ride should be able to hold the equilibrium. Often on sale you can meet more advanced double models. Products for two have a higher load capacity.
  • Three-wheeled. Practical and multifunctional models with greater stability than two-wheeled copies. Can boast a beautiful clutch with a road surface. True, high speed on such transport is practically impossible.
  • Four-wheeled. Modern, most comfortable products that have long ceased to be perceived as a wonder.

They are more expensive than many models, at the moment are not presented in the richest assortment.

Rating the best models

Choosing a high-quality and reliable bike with an electric drive, it is desirable to give preference to branded models. We will analyze a small rating of the most popular and well-proven devices.

  • Tsinova Kupper Unicorn. Opens the rating of massive bikes, the weight of which is 18 kg. This model boasts the presence of a separate mobile application, with which you can keep under the control of the work of the Iron Horse. The product is equipped with a powerful engine, has a stylish design, but it is distinguished by a heavy case and a high price.

  • Xiaomi Yunbike Uma Mini Pro. Light bike (only 15 kg.). The model has not the most powerful engine – 120 W. Battery capacity is also not very big. But this is an excellent option, if you want to buy a compact, lightweight and inexpensive electric bike. The battery of this model is charged very quickly.

Depreciation is not provided here, so for serious rhikes such a bike is unlikely.

  • Xiaomi Yunbike C1. Externally, a two-wheeled model is almost no different from classic bicycles. Good lightweight case, high-quality assembly and capacious battery. True, the engine here is not the most powerful at high cost.

  • Green City E-Alfa. Very stylish and attractive hybrid. Can boast an assembly of perfect quality. The height of the steering part can be adjusted. However, the model is also severe and expensive as described above.

  • Volteco Biggat Dual 1000. Model with aluminum frame, stylish design. Withstands the load to 120 kg. There is a powerful rechargeable battery. But no depreciation is provided, and the battery is charging for a very long time.

  • ECOFFECT H-SLIM 26. Coeggrid with thoughtful design. It has a powerful rechargeable battery and lightweight case. There is no significant drawbacks.

  • Volteco Shrinker 350W. Model equipped with a folding mechanism. Suitable for travel on city streets. Has only 1 speed. Compact version with a good engine and suspension system.

But on it you can drive far from all areas, and it has a small load capacity.

  • Wellness Cross Rack 750. Popular Model with Powerful Electric Engine. Withstands weight up to 120 kg. Differs high reliability, excellent assembly quality. Frame made of light aluminum alloy. The position of the steering part can be adjusted at its discretion.

Criterias of choice

A bike with an electric motor should be chosen, pushing out from a number of the main criteria. Get acquainted with their list.

  • Operating conditions. Initially, it is necessary to decide on how exactly you are planning to use such transport. If you want to buy it for extreme rides, then the mountain option is suitable, if you need a model for shopping or to work – urban.
  • Power, battery. Pick up enough powerful bicycles whose batteries will be enough for your needs. To take too weak options – you should not overcome the long distances, you will have to constantly spend time charging.
  • Assembly. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the assembly of the selected bike. The design should not cause the slightest doubt in the reliability and durability of the product.
  • Design. This is not the most important criterion in the choice of an electrobike, but many users still pay attention to it. However, you do not need to put the design of the device for the first place – the performance and configuration of the product is more important.
  • Weight. Important parameter. For example, if the ride is a fragile girl, then you should not buy too cargo and heavy copy, because it will deliver a lot of inconvenience. If you plan to lower the device from the upper floors each time, then its mass should also not be too big.
  • Manufacturer. Try to look closely on top quality branded products. Brand products are often expensive, but serves a long time and does not cause serious problems with their owners.

Such products are best bought in specialized or monobraldov stores, if any in your city.

How to use?

Electric bike – a real find for lovers of a comfortable ride on the eco-friendly transport. Such a device must be properly used. Consider the basic rules of operation of these means of movement.

  • Before using the bike, you need to make sure of its assembly, explore the rules of the road. It is important to remember that the device cannot be immersed in water or leave the sun for a long time.
  • Accelerate on such an “iron horse” is required smoothly. Sharply break from the place should not – high risk fall from the design. In the same way, it is necessary and slowed down – only calmly, smoothly, without sharp movements. First hamper the front brake, and then rear.
  • Need to charge the device correctly. The time that must be discharged to charging the battery is usually indicated in the accompanying documentation. Do not delay the battery on charging too long or, on the contrary, too little. The charger must be exclusively “native”.
  • Be sure to use a bike in accordance with the instructions that goes with it complete. Check it out before you go on trips.

In different models there are different ride modes – it is important to take into account.

In the next video you will find a detailed review of DYU A1F electric bikes, ENGWE F0320 and MYATU M0126.

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