Adult three-wheeled electric bikes: features, brands, choice, use

Adult three-wheeled electric bikes: features, brands, choice, use

Adult three-wheeled bicycles – a popular transportation in European countries, oriented towards low-friendly groups of the population: the elderly, parents with young children. Such bikes are quite different from ordinary mopeds, and from a two-wheeled irregular analogue. They are much easier to manage, safe, comfortable in storage, there are even foldable options for compact transportation in the trunk.

Electric bicycles do not create noise and harmful emissions into the atmosphere, allow the reserve of batteries to get to the destination on their own, with pedals. Tracks have already won the countries of Asia and rapidly conquer the world market. What are the pros and cons of electrical 3-wheeled bicycles worth considering when choosing this technique? Are the trains in management, what they happen? To understand all the intricacies of the new technology will help a detailed overview of the cycling models with electric drive.


An adult tricycle electric bike is an eco-friendly view of city transport, allowing it without effort to overcome quite considerable distances. All models are equipped with one or two motor-wheels, ensuring the movement of the bike, and the battery to ensure energy supply. Many electric bikes have only 1 transmission and can not go back.

Most commonly encountered gear wheels, well-working on rough terrain, without difficulty rising. Their minus is a small efficiency and a speed limit of 30 km / h can be considered as dignity.

Such models are suitable for pensioners, mothers with children. The direct drive gives more speed of the motor-wheel, but the energy consumption increases with it, the battery is discharged faster, and the technique itself is more weighted due to the design features. The standard motor capacity of the 3-wheel electric bike is 250 W – behind the wheel of this technique you can sit even having a driver’s license.

Models with greater power are divided into 2 groups: up to 500 W and up to 1000 W, they are faster, capable of pulling a big cargo.

Pros and cons

What advantages have a tricycle with electric drive?

  • No need to register transport. In the traffic police go no, but on some models you will need.
  • Ease of Management. Master the three-wheel electricity much easier than the option with two wheels.
  • Ability to ski without a motor. If the battery reserve is over, you can get to the destination, the pedal is.
  • Increased lifting capacity. Trike with an electric motor will easily replace the scooter and other technique, will help to transport the harvest or go shopping in a supermarket.
  • Ecology. Electric bicycle does not highlight harmful substances into the atmosphere, it is safe for the environment.

Disadvantages are also present. For example, many manufacturers indicate in technical specifications total carrying capacity, which includes the weight of the rider. Do not consider this factor, Owners allow overload and just break the frame. In addition, three-wheeled bikes are less passable, they need a greater reversal radius, a special place for storage and space for maneuvering.

What happens?

By the type of its design, all adult three-wheeled bikes are as follows.

  • With one front wheel. Classic models focused on high mobility and maneuverability. Can be released both in cargo and in a passenger version.
  • With two front wheels. Not too maneuverable urban electrobics. Such models are most often used to transport children in a special cradle, an adult two-wheeled bike can be disconnected from the rest of the design.
  • Folding. They have one weighty plus – transforming design. Otherwise, these models are noticeably worse than others, have a rigid rigid plug, wear faster.
  • With a basket of rear. GRuzaya variety of three-wheeled electric bikes. In the luggage compartment conveniently transport loads.
  • With cradle or boxing for baby ahead. Special models transforming in a pram.

Can be designed for transportation of 1-2 children.

Recommendations for choosing

To select an electric 3-wheel bike among the set of presented options, Need to take into account the following points.

  • Type of road surface. The cheapest traction with an electric motor is great for the city, but on off-road it is useless. For riding on the village there are models of high passability, with a powerful motor and battery.
  • Purpose. Three-wheel electricity for the transport of children is very different from a cargo capable of transporting building materials or potato bags. It is worth considering these tasks from the very beginning.
  • Who will travel. If transport is purchased as a family, it is worth preferred a universal model. If it is not planned to be transferred from hand to hand, you can choose the parameters individually.
  • Body position. Not all three-wheeled electric bicycles look equally. Now popular sports models in which the seat is very low, the driver itself is located in half. For an elderly person or woman in a skirt it can be unacceptable.
  • Price. Budget models cost from 35,000 rubles, the most expensive about 300,000 rubles.

The most unusual three-wheeled electric bikes

Among the 3-wheeled bikes on the battery you can find very unusual models.

  • Hybrid Rutrike 1500 60V 1000W. Russian-made tricycle with a full body – the best option for farm, private farm, boarding house or recreation center. In the spacious cargo compartment can be transported bulk materials.

The model is interesting in that it has an additional benzogenerator, reinforced hydraulic shock absorbers and springs.

  • Sunnel Tourist. Exclusive development of domestic designers – electric bike on solar panels. The model is equipped with a special transparent dome from the monocarbonate, simultaneously performing the role of windshield. The structure itself assumes a low landing of the driver – it is in the middlehouse position, with elongated legs. Included Motor for 1000 W, comfortable seat from eco-leather, automatic transmission, the duration of the trip during the day is not limited, the stock of the stroke is enough for 35 km.

Reliable freight “farmers”

The most typical representatives of electrical trains – freight bikes with a large luggage compartment behind. Among the most popular models we note such.

  • Doonkan TRIKE 500W. Electric folding bike with three wheels and a rather powerful motor in 500 W. The technique itself is not distinguished by a lot of lifting capacity, but it has a very capacious battery, a shock absorption fork, wheels with a diameter of 20 inches and 6 speeds. Produces this model world-famous SHIMANO concern from Japan.

  • E-Motions Kangoo-RU 700W. The model is quite powerful, it is interesting for the presence of recovery – recharging the battery when braking on the descent and the function of the movement by reverse. The front drive of the direct type provides good power and speed, the stock of the stroke is enough for 60 km. Front wheel has a diameter of 24 inches, rear 20 inches.

  • IZH-BIKE FERMER. The budget model of domestic production is equipped with a low-power engine for 250 W, does not require rights to control motor electric transport. A small speed of 25 km / h is compensated by a large stroke stock – up to 45 km. Included 2 cargo baskets.

Cargo-passenger electric bicycles

Sometimes a three-wheeled bike can become a real family transport. This is how it can be said about Tagaelectro – Three-wheeled bike models, easily transforming in a pram or tricycle for two. The electric motor has a small capacity – 250 W, accelerates only up to 25 km / h, but the stock of the stroke is enough for 60 km of travel in Parks.

The model is unusual because when used as a bicycle, has 2 wheels ahead and rear drive. Children’s module is located in front of adults, control is possible both from pedals and in combination mode. The total load capacity of the model is 125 kg, in the Children’s block there is a full-fledged children’s chair with a cavor from bad weather and binding belts.

If necessary, the bike is easily transformed into a three-wheeled stroller for a child.

In the next video, you will see a review of a powerful three-wheeled electric bike with an electrician 500W.

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