All about children’s cycles

All about children's cycles

Cycresses are a useful invention and ensure safe toddler transportation by bike. Their high popularity and demand are due to the wide consumer accessibility, simplicity of installation and ease of use.

Why need baby seat?

Bicycle chairs for children were developed relatively recently – no more than 20 years ago. The innovation was confidently stepped onto the cycle accessories market and was appreciated by active parents. Compared to the previous methods of transportation of children on large bikes, such as riding on the frame or on the back trunk, cycle cleaned brought to consumers as a sample of comfort and safety.

Old ways of transporting children were a rather risky event and often ended with injuries, in addition, the child was forced to sit almost motionless to accidentally not shift the center of gravity of the Welcome and not to break.

Staying in this position throughout the trip was very tedious, because of which the joint travel of parents and children were reduced to no and happened only in case of extreme necessity.

In addition, the metal frame and the trunk were very uncomfortable to accommodate the baby, and even the attachment of pillows on them and installing on the frame of the extra seat did not add comfort to the ride. Moreover, with such a carriage, depreciation was completely absent, as a result of which the baby felt every bodily and the Cold for himself.

The appearance of bicycle chairs completely solved the problem of transporting children on adult bicycles and contributed to the development of family cycling and joint ventriculock of the parent and kid.Now adults do not need to worry about the fact that the child catches every hole and at any moment can slip on the ground. Modern armchairs have Side defense, comfortable seat and reliable fasteners, that in the aggregate provides Comfort and complete secureness of a small passenger.


The classification of children’s cycles is made according to such signs as the location, the method of fastening and size. The location of the chair is determined, since the convenience of the baby and the psychological comfort of the parent depend on it. According to this criterion, two types of cycle cleaned – Front and rear.


In this case The cycle cleaner is located ahead of the rider, between the seat and the wheel of the bicycle. Unambiguous opinion regarding the convenience of this location does not exist, Opinions of parents share approximately equally. Some argue that the front armor is much more convenient for the rear and allows you to visually control the child throughout the trip.

Others, on the contrary, are confident that such a location worsens the maneuverability of the bicycle, does not allow to twist pedals freely, dispels the attention of an adult and worsens an overview. In addition, if the bike has too short frame, there is always the risk that the child may accidentally hit the parent head in the chin. This, in turn, can lead to the loss of equilibrium and the fall of the vehicle.

Another argument of opponents of the front ventricle is the fact that Such models are usually much less than the rear, because of which they do not provide maximum protection of the head of the child in the case of force majeure circumstances. In most cases transport On the front armchairs, only small children are possible, whose weight does not exceed 15 kg.

Do not like parents and the fact that The baby turns out to be absolutely unprotected from the oncoming wind, which causes the need to wear it in windproof clothing. Moreover, the backrest is static and cannot be adjusted on the front chairs, so if the child falls, he will have to go sitting.

Adherents of the front chairs argue that such a way of transportation, on the contrary, is very convenient – It allows the child to contemplate the surrounding space at a wide viewing angle and constantly be supervisted. In addition, with the front placement, the rear trunk remains always free and allows you to post luggage on it. There is a lower load on the spine of the child, rather than when it is located above the rear wheel.

Weighing everything “for” and “Against” it can be concluded that the front armors are good for short walks in windless weather with the baby up to 3 years of age.


This species was cyclists, most cyclists consider to be a more optimal choice and actively use them. In this case, the child is located behind the back in an adult and reliably protected from the wind. The advantages of the rear options include more reliable protection of the kid, which is ensured by the enhanced design of the chairs. They are much wider and above the front analogs and are often produced with a folding back, which allows the child to fully rest during the trip. In addition to adjusting the tilt of the back, most models are provided Function control function that allows you to change the position of the kid’s body during long trips.

Besides, A child who is behind, does not prevent the bike management in contrast to the baby sitting ahead of the parent. Another advantage of the hind seats is the fact that they can be installed on folding bikes having a folding mechanism on the carrier frame and not allowing you to install anterior chair on it.

Among the undoubted advantages can be noted that most of the models are designed for the weight load of up to 25 kg, which allows you to transport even first-graders in them.

The disadvantages of the rear armchairs include the narrow angle of review by the child, because of which he has to go with a constantly turned his head, as well as low depreciation of models attached to the trunk, which especially applies to highway bikes. Among the minuses can be noted and Loss of visual contact with the baby who are behind the parent, however this problem solves the installation of the rearview mirrors. Thus, the rear cyclers are a more versatile view and allow you to make long traveling on bicycles of any design with children up to 6 years.

Fastening options

In total, there are 4 fastening options cycled on a bike: on the steering column, on the frame, on the seat and on the trunk.

On the steering column

This type of fastening involves the installation of seats for very young passengers, whose weight does not exceed 10-12 kg. This is due to the fact that transportation on the steering wheel of more adult children makes it difficult to control the vehicle, creates a large weight load on the front fork or a shock absorber and makes it difficult to review.

On Rama

When placing a child in front, the fastening of the chair is carried out on the carriage of the bicycle frame. In most cases, such structures are used on bicycles with rear shock absorbers. The carrying capacity of frame samples usually does not exceed 15 kg, the steps are often missing. Such models have a number of installation restrictions and cannot be fixed on frames, in which speed and brake switching cables are held at the upper crossbar.

Moreover, they cannot be installed on inclined, lowered short frames, as well as most folding bikes.

On the trunk

This type of fastening is the most optimal option for the carriage of large children, as the chairs with such fasteners have a sufficiently large lifting capacity. The trunk with ease withstands the child weighing up to 25 kg, which can not afford the steering wheel and frame. In addition, the seats with such a type of fasteners are suitable for almost all models of bicycles having a trunk than profitable differ from frame models, which can be installed far from each bike.

Another undoubted advantage of such fasteners is the fact that On triggers it is possible to establish wide armchairs with volumetric steps, which in no way affect the handling of the vehicle and do not violate its equilibrium. The disadvantages of this type of fastening include Low depreciation, What, however, is easily solved by the acquisition of cycle cleaned with embedded springs.

On the seat pipe

Cyrece, fixed on the seed pin, are a very convenient option and are most often chosen by parents. The advantages of such samples can be attributed Great lifting capacity and versatility, allowing them to operate almost on any bikes.

The exception is non-standard exclusive vehicles, which have a seat and pin and pin, or too small (large) diameter. Among the advantages of such models are celebrated Large lifting capacity that allows you to transport children aged 6 and even 7 years, weighing up to 25 kg.

Another advantage of such chairs is Easy to install them. To do this, a special lock is installed on the seat, in which steel “mustache-fasteners” are inserted and rolled out.

In the future, cycling can be easily removed, leaving the lock under the saddle on the pin, and if necessary, to install it in one movement.

This fastener is indispensable for long journeys when both parents move on bikes. In such cases, the acquisition and installation of a separate lock for each vehicle is recommended. This will allow parents to carry the baby alternately, moving the chair from one bike to another.

Among the disadvantages of seat with seat fasteners can be noted The impossibility of parents to keep the children in sight and a small angle of review at the kid. In addition, such models are not recommended for bicycles with rear shock absorber. Another weighty disadvantage of the seats attached to the seatpoint is the occurrence of the effect of the vility arising from the bias of the center of gravity and the wrong weight distribution relative to the bike base.

Consider the child’s age

When buying a bicycle chair, you need to take into account the age and weight of the child. Despite the fact that there are fairly miniature models in the market, intended for the transportation of very young passengers aged from 6 months, Pediatricians and doctors of sports medicine do not recommend transporting such young children. According to most professionals, joint ventricular joint ventricular can be started only by the reachable of a one-year-old age.

Otherwise, there is a risk of excessive overload of the rapid spine, which can cause negative consequences in the future. However, in addition to age, It is necessary to assess the level of individual development of the kid. So, some children begin to sit from 6 months of age and by 9-11 months are able to be in a sitting position for a long time, while others have just learned to sit on their own and are not yet ready to withstand a fixed stay in the sitting long trip.

The most optimal age for the start of joint travel is considered age from one and a half years. By this time, most children show an increased interest in what is happening around, and a bike trip causes positive emotions. Many parents carry children by bike in kindergarten either in the nearest park to the location of the walk. If the road to the destination is too long, then in order for the child to not borrow, toys hang in the chair.

When using cycle cells need to follow, For the weight of the child did not exceed the maximum load capacity of the model and, if necessary, to immediately replace the old armchair to the new. Under each weight it is recommended to purchase your option, not practicing the purchase of “on the grow”. The maximum allowable lifting capacity of most models is 22-25 kg. Children over 7 years old should acquire a separate bike.

Famous brands and models, their rating

Modern bicycle accessories market offers a huge selection of children’s chairs from different manufacturers. Below are popular models, the reviews of which are most common on the Internet.

Hamax As

One of the production leaders was cycledThisNorwegian firm leading its activities since 1958, who has released the first chair in 1981. As an example, it is worth considering the model Hamax Smiley worth 7490 rubles. The model is equipped with soft, but at the same time very durable 3-point safety belts and has an ergonomic back, allowing the child in the helmet to lean back.

Belts buckles made according to special technology preventing self-session. The product is fixed on the selay oval or round tube with a diameter of 28 to 40 mm and is installed on the desired height. Armchair Suitable on Mountain, Sport & Speed ​​Bikes, Calculated on babies over 9 months and able to withstand weight up to 22 kg. The model itself is quite easy and weighs only 4.35 kg.


Italian company is known in the global market since 1994 and is engaged in the release of cycles and accessories. For example, it is worth considering Model Pepe Clamp worth 3873 rubles. The chair is designed for installation on the trunk of a bicycle, designed for children weighing up to 22 kg and equipped with special shields, preventing foot in the needles.

Belts are equipped with a soft gasket, and the back is perforated, which contributes Natural ventilation. The model has European TUV Series Quality Certificate.

“Russian toys”

Considering the famous brands, it is impossible not to mention the Russian enterprise, which has developed and launched into production Unique model Velogruz. The unusualness of this chair lies in a large lifting capacity, reaching 35 kg. The model is fixed on the frame and equipped with windshield, protecting the child from the oncoming wind and dust.

The product is designed for children from year to year and equipped with a children’s wheel, making a trip to the baby interesting and memorable. The chair is designed in such a way that it does not shift the center of gravity of the bicycle and does not interfere. It costs such a product 4300 rubles.


Another interesting model of Russian production. The cycle cleaner is designed for children weighing up to 30-35 kg and has a little unusual configuration. Its design consists of a saddle, a mounting bracket, T-shaped footboard and a removable static handle with soft flu. The mount is made to the seed pin of the bike, however, the child is not at the back of the parent, but in front.

It should be noted that The center of gravity in this location of the baby is not shifting to the front wheel, but is located in the middle of the bike. Sidness patented, certified and meets all safety requirements. The cost of the model is 2200 rubles.


The company is well known for domestic bicycle lovers, as it releases Good Competitive Products. The company itself is a model JL-190, Presenting a folding bicycle chair-chairs. The product is installed on the trunk of the bike and is designed for kids weighing up to 15 kg. The model is equipped with small footnings, has a seat belt and costs only 900 rubles.

How to choose?

When choosing a children’s cycle cell, you must pay attention to several important points.

  • It should be verified that the model you like is compatible with a bicycle. Especially this concerns seats with seat and frame mount. So, in the presence of cables on the frame from the purchase of the front armchair, it will be necessary to refuse, and with a square section of the seat, you need to buy an option with a fastening on the trunk or frame.
  • The following important condition is the presence of 3 or 5-point seat belts with soft linings that must be adjusted along the length and have a reliable retainer.
  • It is also necessary to pay attention to the presence of lateral protection, which ideally should close the child from the top of the back to the steps. To prevent injury to the kid’s hands in case of falling a bike, it is better to purchase models with armrests.
  • When buying a cycle cleaner for a very young passenger You should choose a model with a regulating back. It will give the opportunity to change the position of the body of the baby during the trip and will allow you to stay to sleep in the way.
  • You should pay attention to the back of the chair. Its upper part must be designed in such a way that the child in the helmet can calmly break back and convenient to sit down.
  • It is advisable to pay attention to the availability of spare parts for the selected model. Otherwise, a small damage or failure of even the most unconsidental element will turn the chair into an unsuitable thing.

Also, when choosing a cycle cleaner, it is necessary to take into account that all models differ from each other degree of protection.

  • Third category These are shallow seats that hide only the hip joint of the kid. The steps of such models are represented by sliding rods, the back is barely reaching the top third of the back, and the locking of the body occurs at the level of the belt. When a bicycle fall, legs and hands suffer from a child, and when passing close to the bushes, the whole side of the body is scratched. These moments should be taken into account and use such models exclusively for short-lived trips to smooth and wide marriages of the park.
  • Second category Protection is represented by models with a deeper seat and leg protection around the height with plastic bumps. The back of such chairs is also not too high, the fastening of the child is performed by the belt belt, the legs are reliably fixed to the steps. When falling the hand suffers, the legs remain safe and unharmed.
  • Models related to the first category of protection, have a high back, with a hiding baby’s head, and deep seat. Fasting is carried out by the cross will increase from the shoulders to the belt, and the legs are reliably fixed on the steps. With a fall, no hands, no legs suffer and the only thing that can happen is a minor embossing of the thigh and shoulder.

The only disadvantage of such seats is a fully closed side review by a child, and ahead does not allow watching a spinal parent.


Buying cycle cleaned for a child, you need to take care of the presence of additional accessories that will make a trip more enjoyable and comfortable. The configuration of the chair can be supplemented with a sunscreen or a visor, a warmth, raincoat, a reflector-reflector or LED indicator. Also does not prevent the acquisition of an adapter and additional brackets, allowing you to install a chair on a non-standard bike.

If the seat of the chair seems harsh, then you can buy a soft liner made of dirt-repellent breathable material and having a beautiful color.


When using a children’s bicycle chairs, safety rules should be followed and listening to specialist advice.

  • You can not sit down the child in the chair before, what will he turn one year.
  • Flight baggage or place it in the chair with the baby is strictly prohibited.
  • When bike move The legs of the child must stand at the footboard in full foot and to avoid hitting the wheel to be fixed with straps.
  • Before each departure It is necessary to check the integrity of cycling and reliability of its attachment to the bike.
  • Before planting a baby in a chair, It is necessary to wear a protective helmet on it and control that his body does not concern wheels, steering, parent saddle, chains and cables.
  • Dressing a child before riding follows a little warmer than wearing an adult. This is due to the passive state of the kid during the trip and the counter wind, which can cause hypothermia easily dressed child.

Compliance with these simple rules will help preserve the health of the baby and make joint ventricular bugs with parents comfortable and safe.

How to choose baby cycle cradle, look in the following video.

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