Bicycle computer: Device and functions, rules of choice and installation

Bicycle computer: Device and functions, rules of choice and installation

Side computers for bicycles are not an unexpected phenomenon, given the speed of technology development. The main task is to make the “smart” bike management as simple as possible and safely. The initial version of the devices only measured the speed and mileage, but today the number of technology capabilities has significantly increased, which allows it to be used in various fields with the highest possible efficiency.

Device and functions

To date, the onboard cycle computer is used not only by athletes, but also those who prefer to travel on such a transport both in the city feature and in rough terrain. Everything works on small batteries that need to be changed several times a year depending on the model. The computer itself and all components are attached by bike, and the magnet, fixed on the knitting knitting knitting or rear wheels, transmits the necessary information.

Depending on the model The magnet and the sensor are interconnected by a wire or with a wireless radio signal.

You can choose a suitable model for a bike of any type, regardless of whether it is high-speed or not.

If we talk about practical benefits, the bicycle computer allows you to fix such results as:

  • Current and average speed+
  • Setty speed+
  • Distance for a certain period of time or all the way.

All this information is very useful for athletes and travelers. Some models also contain cardiac functions that mark the average and maximum level of the pulse or the difference of indicators from the specified range.


Bicycle computer – a specialized device that consists of several parts. The principle of his work is quite simple, All information is transmitted with a small magnet and high-precision digital signal. In fact, you can distinguish between several main types of on-board computers.


In this case, the kit includes a magnet and a fixing device that measures the results. Among themselves they are connected by a special wire. The main advantage is the ability to save the battery consumption, it is required to be changed more than twice a year.

In addition, such models are cheap and easy to replace them with damage to the connecting wires.


This option differs from the previous one that the wires are completely absent, and the information is transmitted using a wireless radio signal. But such a model can work with interruptions in urban conditions, where you need to consider the appearance of foreign interference in the radio. In addition, the energy consumption of such models is much higher, and the batteries will have to change more. There are also completely compact models that are executed in the form of wristwatches and very comfortable for athletes, so as not to be distracted from the road on the way and measure the results.

Options for configuration

In addition to basic functions, a number of additional options may include a number of additional options. On the price is usually if it affects, then slightly. The number of main functional varies from 5 to 25, and the additional provides more comfortable ride in any conditions.

For example, if the model was purchased with backlit, then it will be much easier to read the results at dusk.

Models with GPS navigator are ideal for travelers in order to navigate in unfamiliar area. Externally, they are slightly different from the usual Google cards, but users understand the features of pretty quickly. The technology itself is interactive and convenient, and the pointer to the goal will quickly determine the optimal route for a trip. In addition, navigation can help find a lost bike if necessary.

Computers with Cadence sensor allow you to load the terrain completely, up to the location of houses, trees and main streets. But it is worth considering that To do this, you will need to connect it to a laptop or tablet computer, you can also use a special application on the smartphone.

Athletes for tracking their own state will be useful Models with pulsometer, which can be found literally for any level of finance. Wireless devices are calmly damped with bluetooth or radio signal, of course, such models are more in demand for travelers and people leading an active lifestyle.

After all, if there is no wire, then the risk of damaging the device becomes much less.

Review manufacturers

Sunding SD-563B – Famous model of a cycomputer, the kit includes a mounting bracket for the steering wheel, a set of several screeds, a magnetic sensor and a magnet. Functions of this device stated more than 20, and there are several unique features.

  • Liquid crystal display with the possibility of automatic backlight. All information is displayed in several lines.
  • The weight of the sensor is compact – no more than 30 grams.
  • Dimensions do not exceed 57x40x18 mm.
  • Durable, waterproof case.
  • Battery charge indicator.
  • In the installation and operation of the device, even an inexperienced user will be able to figure out, and as for functions, everything is collected in them that you may need a cyclist: a speedometer for measuring speed, the ability to measure the full run from the time of the device starts, the ability to fix the highest speed and total time, spent on the way, the countdown function in the way and fix the speed of movement at all of its sections.

Garmin cycle computer also has many features. For example, the fact that it is recommended to make a record in a special application. Thanks to the Connect software will be possible fixing the results of training statistics. Also, thanks to this, you can make universal training programs with a flash drive complete, input for USB with the connection of additional devices. Certain changes have occurred in the menu design, the pages have become more and go to the desired settings would be easier.

Cyclotech – a bicycle computer with a protective case and a fairly simple fastener. The functionality of this device is as follows:

  • travel time+
  • Common Mileage During Use+
  • Maximum and current speed+
  • Energy saving mode.

    Cateye – Durable and reliable computer that can work in several modes. Subject to high functionality and fine tuning, the user can use a computer with maximum performance. Installation and fastening are simple and intuitive, this computer is suitable for any type of bicycle.

    To start work, it suffices to reset the settings to the default level.

    On Stern bikes, you can move not only within the city, but also by rough terrain. A bicycle computer installed on the model will help effectively fix the distance, speed and other path features. Clear digital indicators stimulate to continue the path and help compile an individual training program for each user.

    LEZYNE – cycle computer programmed with a number of interactive functions, thanks to which he can work on several protocols at the same time. Due to the simultaneous synchronization, the user receives all available information not only about speed or power, but also about the heart rhythm. The computer is ideally depleting with the electronic transmission and fixes all the results in real time.

    If the user needs an accurate calculation of the average movement speed traveled through the distance and time of the path, the STELS is the perfect choice. The bicycle computer is equipped with all the necessary features and is available at a price literally for each. The size of the device is quite compact, and it can be used in conjunction with any bicycle model. Setting and installing at the same time intuitive even for novice cyclists, and if necessary, the instruction will answer all the questions.

    Setting in general is to determine the circumference of the bike wheel, usually in millimeters. It is from this stage that the accuracy of the rate calculation and the path has depends, so it is very important to establish the necessary values ​​into the system. Usually all the numbers are appreciated, and it all depends on the manufacturer’s instructions. The indicators of the distance traveled also affect the condition of the road surface, tire pressure and cyclist weight.

    Criterias of choice

    In order to purchase a suitable on-board computer for a bike, It is required to pay attention not only to design or brand, but also for several important nuances:

    • What information will be required to the user on the trip+
    • What amount is acceptable in the process of choice+
    • What additional features or options will be needed during use.

    For an ordinary cyclist who does not engage in sports, there will be enough basic characteristics: distance, speed and travel time. In this case, choosing a complex and advanced model practically does not make sense.

    For those who are engaged in sports more actively, and the bike uses not only for walking, it will take much more information. For example, the minimum and maximum speed of the bike, the time of passing a certain area or the acceleration time from the start point to the end point of the travel. In this case, more professional onboard computers will be needed, which will be able to satisfy the requests.

    Installation and Setup Rules

    Installation of an on-board computer on a bike regardless of the brand begins with fixing the device. In general, it is possible to distinguish three main locations:

    • Rule Center+
    • bracket+
    • Infras on the edges.

    Most often installed It is in the center, Since in this case the computer is protected by the frame and during the movement does not hide the cyclist. It is worth noting that for the accuracy of the measurements rendered when installing a highly sensitive device, you can install it Even on alloy wheels. The device is fixed using special harnesses that need to be tightened as possible. They are provided by the manufacturer included as a rubber substrate for the working monitor to avoid sliding during operation.

    Configuring a computer starts only after installing all the components, after the monitor, the magnet and sensor are attached to the bike. The sensor is deployed to the magnet so that the signal is accepted with the necessary accuracy. And the magnet itself is installed on the spokes. It should be located all this should be at right angles, after which the position of the device can be fixed finally. What the wheel will be installed sensor and magnet, the values ​​for measurement accuracy does not have. But most often all components are installed in front.

    After the installation has been completed, you must configure the device. To do this, it is enough to reset the basic parameters to the “Default” level and restart the computer. After that, you can safely start using.

    Operating tips

    If you want the gadget to serve you for a long time and without failures, It is very important to pay attention to the technical condition. At least periodically inspecting their transport for reliable fastening, the safety of the main nodes and parts, as well as correctly established indicators. Pay attention to the fastening of the magnet on the wheel, the state of the brakes and the steering wheel. The surface of the brakes should be clean, and in the case of an automatic brake, the reaction should be visible immediately after pressure.

    The root location also plays a considerable role, It must be perpendicular to the front wheel. If necessary, height is adjusted, but necessarily taking into account the limiter. Also worth seeing enough lubrication. The work of the computer itself is almost no need to control it, just once a year to drop the parameters to the default state and ensure that the update of the necessary drivers passed on time.

    You also need to inspect all bolted and central fixtures, lubricate parts, check the need to pull the connecting rods.

    Adjusting the brakes ensures that they will work accurately and on time. And that is what affects their life. If the wired computer is installed on the bike, you will have to monitor both the condition of the wires.

    Magnetic cycomputers with a sensor – one of the cheapest and compact options. But the owner must be followed by the state of Herron, where all the small parts are located, ensuring the operation of the mechanism and the interaction with the magnetic field as a whole due to the closed electrical circuit. Such a choice is clear in the event that you need to purchase something with a minimum of power consumption. Special attention should be paid to corps protecting against dust and moisture.

    How to install and configure a bike computer, see next video.

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