Bicycle mirrors: what are how to choose and put?

Bicycle mirrors: what are how to choose and put?

Cycling should be not only healthy health, but also safe. To ensure this condition, there are various accessories, one of which is a rearview mirror. With it, it becomes possible to control the situation that happens. On the peculiarities of this product, his merits and shortcomings will be talked to our article.


Many cyclists consider this adaptation very useful. However, there are those who do not agree with them, considering that instead of controlling the situation, the mirror distracts attention from the road. However, still, with proper use, it should provide security.Most often mirrors have Convex spherical shape, What helps to increase the review and provide cyclist more complete information about the road situation. Some prefer to choose Panoramic mirror, which gives a more complete picture due to the curvature of the optical element, which allows you to expand the viewing angle and provide visibility even in the side zones. Can be purchased Mirror with turn signal, But on Russian roads everywhere they are not yet common.

Inconvenience is the fact that Included with the bike mirror most often do not go. Acquire and install them need yourself. Products are suitable for both highways, mountain, and for the most ordinary bike. You can fix them on any element, but most often they are fixed on the steering wheel. In addition, it is worth a vecoerkalo at all inexpensive.

Can be noted and cons. Among them distraction from the road, as well as glare, which can also interfere with a safe ride. If the cyclist falls, he can be bored about broken glass, which is rather fragile, and is also attached not too reliable. You can call the complexity to ride the rough terrain, as the mirror can catch at anything.

Interesting! Rather rarely, but still it happens when cyclists are installed by a rearview camcorder. It is fixed under the seat, and on the steering wheel is a small monitor. However, it is rather an exception than the rule, since such a technique is quite expensive.


As mentioned above, the cycling mirror can be fixed in three different places. Less likely they are placed on hand or body. Much more often attached on the steering wheel or helmet. As for the fastener itself, it can be both manufactured independently and purchased in a specialized store.

Mandatory conditions are reliability and safety.

On the steering wheel

The most popular is the fastening of the mirror on the steering wheel. This is done with a pin and rubber pads. You can use 3 methods. If the suspension is selected, it means that the mirror is fixed on the hinges, while it is free, which can represent some inconvenience cyclist.

Standard mount is made on pin, which provides reliable and hard fixation. With high attachment also uses pin, but longer. It allows you to place an element at eye level, which is very convenient for the user.

On helmet

A small mirror can also be placed on the helmet. However, it becomes possible only in the presence of appropriate size and weight accessory. Such fixation is very reliable, and the element will not interfere with the ride. With this placement You can adjust the mirror at any angle.

The mount is performed using a bracket that is plastic so that the shape of the rod can be changed if necessary.

On the elements of clothes, on the body

This method applies less frequently. This is because The mirror in this situation is easily clenched and can get lost in clothes that, accordingly, will create additional inconvenience to the cyclist. Reinforcement takes time. All this becomes meaningless, as there are currently more reliable options.

When necessary?

Users noted that there are several situations when putting a mirror on a bike really costs. First of all, the necessity is present if there is a frequent ride on roads. Rear Overview Provides Security. This accessory is necessary for tourists, since in another country the direction of movement can be different, respectively, to confuse, and the rules can practically be absent.

The mirror is worth installing those who prefer riding a bike in glasses in the presence of vision problems. The fact is that the eyepieces limit peripheral vision, so it becomes much more complicated to control the situation on the sides. As well as a similar accessory, people with hearing impairments should be abandoned, since the noise from the approaching car may not notice. The same applies to the elderly, as well as those for some reason it is difficult to turn the head.

Very useful mirror and With long trips when a person gets tired and cannot be as focused as possible. At night, it will allow to reflect the headlights of cars that are still at a considerable distance. When traveling to the company it allows the lead, without turning back, observe nobody behind the group. And it is also relevant in the case of, When the back is a little baby. Convenient tool and beginner cyclists.

The fact is that novice is quite difficult to turn around, holding the steering wheel in the original position, do not lose equilibrium. Mirror perfectly solves this problem.

Child Nuances

The range of this product on the market is quite wide. You can choose both brand and more budget products. However, in this case, caution should be taken and remember that safety is in the foreground. Cheap and low-quality mirrors cannot provide this condition.

The fact is that cheap plastic base will split very quickly, so It is worth stopping your choice on more durable materials. This applies not only to the base, but also to the mirror itself. Here it should be noted that the properties of the display even in plastic models are quite good, and the price is significantly lower than that of glass options. In addition, there is no protective coating on budget products from glass, respectively, there is a risk of drowning with fragments when falling.

When choosing a mirror should take into account the way of driving and the personal characteristics of the cyclist. An important role is the convenience of using it. And also it is worth considering the location, most preferable in each case.

Specialists do not recommend making a bike mirror independently. It can deliver certain difficulties, and also does not comply with security requirements. In addition, the available price allows you to purchase this accessory without a special hit by budget.

About how to choose a bicycle mirror, see the following video.

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