Bicycle Nipples: Features and types

Bicycle Nipples: Features and types

During the period of its existence, the bike suffered a lot of changes, a number of spare parts acquired a more complex design. The only part that has retained its original appearance and functions remained bicycle nipple.

What it is?

Nipples called The tube connecting the cycling chamber and the existing check valve that keeps the air, in addition, it serves to download it. The valve is called a spool, under the pressure of the air outside the air, it opens, but it closes when the air begins to put pressure from the middle of the wheel. The closing density of the spool depends on the pressure inside the wheel, and what, accordingly, it is higher, the stronger it is closed.

The main function of this device is to hermetically keep the air in the chamber. Such valves may have several different forms, even in nipples of one type of spools can partially vary.

Nipples are predominantly manufactured From brass, although sometimes steel models. Such is better not to acquire, since their quality is quite dubious.

Bicycle nipples also name nuts, fixing knitting needles and rim wheels.

What do you need caps?

Cap on Nippele – an integral part of this device. The main task of plastic caps on Dunlop models was Nipple’s defense from dirt, as well as they delayed a little air, which was passed by a rubber tube. Modern models have become more functional, they are also used as a special key to unscrew the spool. Presta production caps are protected by nipple from pollution and mechanical effects, they do not differ strong strength, so With strong pressing, it can be broken even from working with cycle.

In addition to basic functions, caps also serve as a decoration of bicycles.

Designers represent a fairly wide and diverse range of such devices. Caps can be divided into 2 types:

  • decorative, serving mostly spectacular vehicle decoration+
  • backlit (neon), In addition to aesthetic function, such caps make a bike noticeable in the dark, thereby responsible for safety.


    Nipples are 3 types:

    • Dunlop+
    • Schrader+
    • Presta.

      Dunlop – an outdated rubber model, which is almost no longer used. In the USSR, such standards were installed on all bikes. Now you can still meet it on children’s bikes or old sample bikes. On the diameter of the hole, it looks like a car standard – 8 mm, and in its functionality on the presta model. The design of such nipple is rather unreliable and, moreover, very vulnerable to dirt.

      Tiny pebbles or even sand, which will fall under the gum of the spool, can overlap the movement of the air. Although such devices are no longer used in the production of cycling tires, they can be easily found in specialized stores. For nipple dunlop, the universal pump did not fit, because his carving was quite small. This has become a significant disadvantage of this variety. To download air into the tires with a similar device, it was necessary to use a bicycle pump, or remove the tip from the automotive and donate the tube in the nipple.

      In addition, it was difficult for such a procedure that it was necessary that someone firmly held the phone in Nippele.

      Schrader, or automobile Nipple (it is sometimes called American Nipple), is considered a universal standard, because it is suitable for both automotive and cycling tires. The characteristic diameter of the opening is 8 mm. This variety is most often used in the production of tires. Thanks to its rather widespread, almost any car pumps are suitable for such a standard, although the models without the clamp are not adapted for it. As a distinguishing feature of the schrader design, you can select the presence of a special valve – if you press it, the air is produced from the tire in full.

      There are models in which the valve is arranged so that the air goes down in almost the time. The cap in such embodiments is the protection of the valve from dirt and mechanical damage, but does not close it hermetically. Nipple of this type is characterized by quite high strength and durability.

      Install tires with such a design to most of the current bicycles – based on this American nipple can be found to the most common details.

      Presta, or bicycle nipple, has the greatest popularity. It is much better keeping the pressure in the tire and has a more modern design. But at the same time, pumps such a tire using auto pump will not work, for this you need a special nozzle or pump for cycling wheels. And also the valve of this type of nipple is rather fragile, it may be broken even when the camera is podaching. Because of this property, many manufacturers make screwed models. The diameter of the presta spool hole is 6 mm.

      Such a device is installed Mostly on sports and highway bikes, as well as mountain bikes. Its sizes are slightly thinner than the automotive nipple, but it has a greater length – 42-80 mm. A distinctive feature of such a design – the location of the valve rod, it is placed outside, and not in the middle. In addition, the cap has a nut that contributes to the detention of air in the chamber.

      Unlike the PRESTA car Nipple, it is characterized by sufficient ease, it is also installed on the Cameless Tires.

      Air injection with such a design is carried out as follows:

      • The cap is twisted and put it near, not to lose+
      • unscrew the locking nut, but do not remove it to the end, you just need to break like a rod+
      • Pump and fasten clamp+
      • Purify air.

      In comparison with other varieties that are installed on relatively inexpensive or medium stamps, Presta is used on expensive models.

      How to choose?

      Presta and Shrader The most common models of spools, and besides, they have quite similar characteristics. When choosing a device, first of all, you need to pay attention to hay holes – if their diameter is 6 mm, then only the first standard is suitable. If you need to install Shrader, you need to drill a diameter of up to 8 mm, but it should be borne in mind that after this face it is necessary to protect.

      In order to avoid damage, you need to remember the presence of caps, even if they do not possess the properties of sealing. When choosing Nipple also need to take into account that For Presta, it is necessary to use a bicycle pump, and the air injection procedure must be taken carefully, without strong press.

      You can use the pump with the autoader, for this you need to perform several actions:

      • unscrew the nut+
      • pull out the gum along with the sleeve+
      • Expand the plug down narrow part+
      • Place the rubber cone is a wide part of the book and fix the nut.

      So, without much effort, you can change the pump nozzle with the automotive – on Presta. Shrader is suitable for wide tires, including for children cycle kalkamers, and Presta – mostly for sports models. Need to take into account that Nipples have a different length (33-80 mm), such a variety depends on the parameters of the rim.

      Nipples rarely come into disrepair, especially with normal bicycle care, but in case of breakage, they are easily changed.

      About how to pump Presta nipple, look in the following video.

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