Bicycle path: what it is, species and traffic rules

Bicycle path: what it is, species and traffic rules

The bike can physically go through where the car will not pass or even a motorcycle. But his movement in the city is strictly regulated. And every novice cyclist is important to know exactly how to use highlighted paths.


Based on the norms of the Russian GOST, you need to distinguish a bike and actual bicycle paths. In the first case, it is intended for separate or jointly with moving walks, in the second is intended exclusively for cyclists.

Combines situations that necessarily the designating road signs of a special type should be used.

But there is still a special term – a band for cyclists. So may be called only The bicycle path located on the allotted part of the highway and having technical means and barriers separating it from the roadway road.

Strip for cyclists It is necessarily supplied with road signs and indicating signs. The location of cycling and cycling tracks strictly corresponds to always technical documentation for the planning of the territory. It is required to coordinate their accommodation with local government agencies.

Regardless of the type, the track must be completely safe in itself. It is also unacceptable to create any threat to motorists, roads, pedestrians and any property.

What it is?

Like many other important security issues, bicycle paths located on general use roads are clearly described by guest standards. As stated there, in addition to improving the safety of moving people and the vehicle, the standard developers focused on increasing car trails throughput. The definition clearly indicates that the bicycle path must be on a separate canvase. But sometimes allowing it to put it:

  • At the bottom border of the mound+
  • Outside the recess+
  • in advance organized beer.

    When approaching any specialized construction, a cycleway can be put on the side.

    Wherein Provide the separation from the carriage zone using fences or separating strips. Single-band drives need to be done from the windward side, and two-band – preferably on both sides of the road. Determine the implanted side of the dominant in the summer. For any opportunity Tracks make out the roadway of roads, especially if the movement exceeds 2000 cars per day.

    Separate attention deserved the size of the vehicles. Biker width for cyclists can be 1.2 or 0.9 m. At the same time, the curbs have the same envelope 0.5 m. If there is no virage, the radius of the curves should be from 15 to 50 m, and if the turn is arranged, this indicator will be from 10 to 20 m. GOST prescribes the design of bilateral tracks with the expected stream of no more than 70 cyclists per hour + if it is more, you will have to limit oneself to one-sided.

    Requirements for the distance are:

    • Between the edge of the tracks and the edge of the road, as well as trees – 0.75 m+
    • Before the pedestrian sidewalk – 0.5 m+
    • to the place of stopping of passenger cars and urban transport – 1.5 m.

    The strip separating the roadway of the roadway from the cycleway should be at least 2 m. Exception is made for places with particularly cramped conditions. There form a dividing strip 1 m wide. It must be raised above the linen of the highway at least 0.15 m. The use of borders, barriers and parapets are practiced.

    GOST provides an intersection of roads with cycle shops only when providing a normal visibility radius.

    If it is known that cars are going faster than 80 kilometers per hour, and in an hour will drive at least 50 cyclists, one-level intersection is allowed only when using traffic lights. The places of intersections in any case should be equipped with lighting devices at distances of 60 meters from the point where cars and bicycles are converged. All such places are equipped with special road signs and are placed. In particularly difficult situations, equipment of overpasses or tunnels.

    Sign “Bicycle Track” Looks like a white bike on a blue background. For the sign is characteristic of a round form. Classic tracks, most often used in our country, are made directly from asphalt. A number of foreign countries use a large format tile.

    In Russia, the tracks with acrylic coating in recent years are increasingly used.

    If you repel from the safety reasons, You can give preference to rubber crumb, Of course, all three options differ not only by practical properties, but also texture.

    Specifications deserve separate attention. They prohibit, by the way, to narrow the roadway in the crossbar places with cycles. The tracks themselves must be:

    • in residential areas+
    • In the area of ​​industrial buildings+
    • on trunk roads with adjustable movement+
    • on urban local streets.

      The greatest longitudinal bias on the street should not exceed 30 ppm. At a stretch of up to 300 m, a bias can be a maximum of 60 ppm. The value of the transverse slope should fluctuate from 15 to 25 ppm. Exit for these boundaries categorically unacceptable. The standard bandwidth of the voyage should be 300 driven in 60 minutes.

      Road signs and marking

      Something about road signs and markup on cycles and about them already said. They were seen, of course, almost all people. But to know such information is completely insufficient. On the road, bicycle stripes on the left are degraded by a solid line of marking. Right is located border. If the bike bar is highlighted on a pedestrian or sidewalk, it is labeled with solid white lines on the right and left. Wherein used additionally drawing bike to even better emphasize the destination of the strip.

      Such sections are well suited for unhurried movement. But for a quick ride without going to the roadway, they are not suitable. Quite differently marked with separate paths intended only for cyclists.

      Usually they are used in parks, where you can distinguish between hiking and cycling streams. Around the perimeter paint a solid yellow line. If the width of the track allows, it is divided into 2 opposite directions. In this case, in the middle draws two solid white lines, between which there is a small gap. Next to the tracks only for cyclists put on triangular signs with red border and black bike on a white background.

      What traffic rules need to know cyclists?

      Even if the cyclist goes on a highlighted path, there are rules that must be followed.

      IMPORTANT: as soon as a person comes off the bike and begins to roll it, carry it or do something else, immediately the status of the cyclist changes to the pedestrian status.

      Another nuance that can not be forgotten – Riding on a highlighted path in a intoxicated state is punishable by a fine from 1 to 1.5 thousand rubles. Leaving somewhere on a faulty bike strictly prohibited. If the breakdown was found on the road, the owner of the transport is obliged to eliminate it as soon as possible.

      Place reflectors you need so that they are clearly visible. Need to go at a speed that does not exceed the allowed level. But at the same time it is necessary to take into account the actual conditions along the way (including visibility) and the ability to safely make the required maneuvers.

      PDDs provide special gestures with which the cyclist is obliged to notify other participants in the movement that he decided to turn or park.

      Movement to the left is denoted by stretching in the direction of a straight left hand or showing bent at right angles up the right hand. Depending on which hand it is more convenient to use, the rotation to the right denote the mirror (relative to the turn to the left) method. Stop showing lifting left (right) hands, respectively. Signals are served before maneuver will be made, and stop them when maneuver is over.

      Cyclist, like a motorist (motorcyclist), is obliged to pass pedestrians. It is recommended to ride along paths highlighted on the edge of the highway, or on a pedestrian sidewalk at a speed of no more than 20 km / h.

      Who is allowed to move?

      The existing rules prohibit mopeds departure to bicycle paths in their own sense. At the same time, they are allowed to move on the right side of the carriageway no more than one row, as well as on the strip allotted for cyclists. Pedestrians can walk through the cycling paths (with the exception of cycling) only in the absence or closure for repair (overlapping for a different reason):

      • Sidewalks+
      • cycling tracks+
      • Obolin+
      • Pedestrian tracks.

        In addition to the fine for riding a cycleway on a car, a motorcycle, a moped, one more penalty is 400 rubles for stopping there, except for cases directly registered in traffic rules.

        But there is another question regarding the fare of a baby carriage on a cycleway. In the rules, such travel is not negotiated. Pediatric stroller, unlike bike, is not permitted transport for driving. Because the bikers have the full right to demand the wheelchairs to leave the driving area.

        In the next video, the main traffic rules are revealed for cyclists.

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