Bicycles Orlenic : History and Characteristics

Bicycles & Orlenic & : History and Characteristics

Soviet children were not spoiled by many toys, computer games and other achievements of modernity. But this does not mean that their childhood was boring and uninteresting. Just in the second half of the twentieth century in children and adolescents were other values ​​and priorities.

A special event of the child’s life was the acquisition of a teenage bike. It happened already in the conscious age – from 8 to 15 years. The presence of such a means of movement spoke to achieving a certain stage of independence, since differences from adult models were only in size.

Bicycle “Orlenok” held his honorable place in the list of the most desired gifts of boys of Soviet time. So it was in it such an attractive? Let’s try to find out.

Historical facts

The birthplace of the Bicycle “Orlenok” was the Minsk Motorcycle Bicycle Plant (MMVZ). The equipment of the enterprise was brought from Germany, and the first drawings of the produced vehicles were developed taking into account the experience of Western colleagues. “Eagleok” entered into the number of three models that the first came from the plant conveyor. The same teenage bike, only the female modification, had the name “Swallow”.

In Belarus, their release was launched in 1949 and continued until 1951. In the same year, production moved to another plant – to the Baltic States. Bicycles for teenagers have now began to assemble on Schyaulian bike and motor factory. They have become called in Lithuanian too:

  • for boy – Erosykas (Eagleok)+
  • for girl – “Krugyuthe” (swallow).

In his original form, “Eagleok” was produced until 1978. Then his frame was subjected to a small modification, but this model was widely popular among adolescents.

Sizes and specifications

Bicycle weight was slightly more than 12 kg, and its dimensions are designed for load up to 70 kg. The base of the model is rather short – only 975 mm, while the height of the frame is 440 mm. A big star, the leading chain had 44 tooth, and there were 19 ones. The chain itself consisted of 100 stars. The brake sleeve of free move was put on the rear wheel. The front brake was absent.

In the primary configuration “Orlenka” the upper frame was double, and it was divided into the seat and smooth bend crossed into the rear wheel fork. Many bicycle owners liked it, since it was convenient to raise it with such a wide and curved frame. Subsequently, the upgraded model has become slightly reduced copy of the Ukraine bike with a straight line.

Bicycle wheel diameter – 24 inches or 533 mm. Tire width – 37 mm. The height of the steering wheel and the seats could be adjusted by fixing in the desired position.

Equipment and design

Bicycle “Orlenok” was a simple and understandable mechanism. There was nothing superfluous in his design, and such components were attached to each copy:

  • The pump that was attached on the holders between the vertical stand and the rear wheel+
  • Bag with necessary tools tool – It was fixed with the straps behind the seat+
  • Camera ripping kit+
  • Oil with appropriate content+
  • call+
  • trunk+
  • rearview mirror.

Additionally, it was possible to install a shield for the chain and a headlamp that was connected to the generator.

This bicycle model was as if an intermediate link between children’s and adult models. And it was he who had to withstand the power of a boyish recklessness. On the “Orlenka” it was possible to drive both in the city asphalt, and on the bumpy country roads. He endured everything.

Possible troubleshooting

Like any technique, the bike “Eagleok” was periodically subjected to any breakdowns. Most often accused of such faults:

  • Suggest chain+
  • Punch bus+
  • Wheel bent “eight”.

Since the presence of this vehicle imposed on the owner a certain degree of responsibility, then to learn to repair it was independent.

Variations tuning

Modern teenage bikes are already sold bright and beautiful, with many fit and unnecessary devices. And in the Soviet times “Eagleok” was a concrete green and produced in a clearly prescribed configuration. Each owner of this “iron horse” wanted to stand out against the background of others, so the boys tuning their bikes, as was able to. Any braid tools went to move:

  • the steering wheel and the frame was wrapped with a tape, and if you managed to get two or three colors, the view was considered simply gorgeous+
  • Sheet the details and saddle with fur or velvet+
  • painted and painted wings+
  • On the needles, a thin colored wire was wrapped, threads with a lurex or a film from Bobin+
  • On the wings hung homemade mudguards from rubber chickens or linoleum.

Lovers of quick ride installed the motor, and “Orlyonok” became a motorbike. You could still equip it with a meter traveled distance.

In general, this bike was a reliable teenager companion of that time. In some owners of old private houses, they still stored in garages or in attics as a memoratory of happy, carefree childhood.

On how to update the bike “Eagleok”, see the following video.

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