Bicycles Salute : Characteristics and Modernization

Bicycles & Salute & : Characteristics and Modernization

Among the Soviet bikes there are few such that differ in compactness and low weight. Most did not fit for storage in small apartments of high-rise buildings or for transportation in public transport. It is for this reason that the folding “salute” became such popular. Due to the powerful frame and unique wheels, the inhabitants of cities and villages were equally loved.

Description and History of Appearance

Bike “Salute” looks like a reliable folding two-wheeled transport of Soviet production. Most of the representatives of this model were released in 1986.

The main purpose of such a bike transport is a comfortable movement on the surfaces of various types.

Manufacturer “Salyuta” was Perm Motor Factory, from the conveyors of which also reached well-known bicycles called “Ural” and “Kama”.

Quite fast, compact and light “salute” began to enjoy in great demand among the country’s population. In addition to a comfortable frame, a saddle, a steering wheel, the transport was equipped with a trunk, wings, and on some variations there was a front rim brake. The yard craftsmen turned this simple bike into masterpieces using a tenth, various types of wires, cassette tape and other technicians. The repair of such bikes was cheap and simple, for which his popularity increased even more.

Ride on “Salute” is convenient both by asphalt coating and in the ground paths, After all, bad roads were not an obstacle for this model. The plant presented such a bike as teenage. However, high passability and convenient width of the wheels, allowing to withstand substantial loads, appreciated not only by children, as well as men and women of different ages. Another feature of the bike of this model concluded that His weight relatively small.

Constructive features

Bicycle frames “Salute” were made of high-strength alloy steel, which showed itself as high-quality material. It is worth noting that there are different design features frames.

  • Folding Rama The hinges were distinguished by the fact that parts of the structure were fixed with the help of a handle or screw screw hexagon. Foldable option is easy to transport and store even in high-rise buildings.
  • Universal Rama in the form of rhombus was prestigious. She acquired special popularity in men.
  • Collapsible Rama represents two semiramps having a rigid connection within the seat. This option is quite rare and is now a rarity.

Steering speakers on the deep-adjustable removal models. They are comfortable to control when landing is smooth. Regulation is possible both in height and tilting handles. The plug is made of steel and has a round cross-section.

Seat on “Salute” meets two types: soft latex and spring hard. Rod can be raised to maximum mark.

It is worth noting that at the expense of a foot brake, the seat has to be placed lower than a convenient landing level for a cyclist. This is necessary for safe braking.

Rims on bicycles of this model single and have 36 spokes. Wheel size is 533×37 mm. The diameter of the tire according to modern standards in inches is 20. Previously, such a parameter was regarded as children, as he created inconvenience for adults.

The adjustment of the stiffness of the sleeve is carried out using the clamp in the form of a cone. It needs to be boiled or tighten using the appropriate key. To fix settings there is an outdoor locking.

The total mass of a fully equipped bike is about 15 kg. The maximum weight of the models was 15.5 kg.

    The kit includes a steel or chrome trunk, a simple signaling bell, wings. The speed on the model was only one. Some Salute bikes were equipped with a stand-stand. Pedals are made of metal, and their type is characterized as a road. Depending on the year of release, the characteristics of this model may differ slightly.

    Subtleties of operation and maintenance

    “Salute” proved his reliability, having lived for more than 20 years, while he continues to delight his owners with pleasant trips.

    To bike remained the same many years, sufficient to follow simple rules for the care of it. It is advisable to do it regularly, then the “iron horse” will be corrected. On the eve of each trip, the owners of this cycle model must check the brakes and tires. Be sure to monitor the reliability of the connection in the thread locations.

    Each season is needed 2-3 times and, if necessary, lubricate details. Wheels before going for long-term storage, should be disassembled, and their functional system of variables using kerosene. After such a procedure, it is important to wipe it thoroughly and put lubricant (the best is neutral).

    Store “Salute” is necessary in dry rooms in which there are no sharp fluctuations in temperature.

    Is on the preservation of bike transport should be in suspended state. It is desirable that the wheels remain pumped out.

    Regular repair will help to avoid many unpleasant surprises. Practice shows that you need to constantly monitor the state of rubber. As soon as she became unsuitable, it is important to take care of her replacement. New Rubber will allow safely moving around all types of roads.

    An important point is such a problem of wheels “Salute” as “eight”. You can avoid this if you take turns to tighten the spokes in different directions. In this case, in the inner part of the rim there should be protection so that the cameras do not prove to be punctured.

    Bearings can be covered with rust from time to time. It is corrected by dismissing the node, delivering all balls and soching them in kerosene. After that, they must be lubricated with the composition of WD40, which is sold in auto shops.

    So that the pedals do not hate, It is necessary to pay attention to the rods on the wedges. Periodically They need cleaning. If they are spoiled, then you should change them to modern nodes. Periodically, the chain must be soaked in kerosene, processing sandpaper, and then lubricate with oil – it will save the bike from creaks and will improve speed indicators. Frame must be periodically painted. Sometimes you need to change the bolts that are responsible for the mount. With severe breakdowns, the frame can be subjected to even welding.

    The steering wheel will last for quite a long time, if you lubricate the bearings that are in the steering glass. Also when wear it is worth replacing rubberized handles.

    How can I improve?

    Currently, a lot of bicycle models “Salyut” lived to the present day, at the same time they became even better. Many craftsmen update and enhance bicycles, giving them a new life.

    Most often, the modernization begins with the replacement of the wheels.

    Many lovers are unhappy with the small diameter of their native tires and prefer to replace them with large variants with increased permeability. Often the choice stops on wheels with a diameter of 26 inches. You can choose products with a reflective strip and antiprocol layer of kevlar. To install new wheels, you have to push the plug and with a file to make places for fastening the axis wider. Behind everything becomes without problems.

    After installing new wheels, the following update suggests itself: you need to change the wings. Old better not to leave, as they will be close to rubber, and retaining their feathers from the wire show themselves with no better side.

    It is better to establish modern plastic wings suitable for the size of new wheels. Their fasteners are more reliable.

    In the case of regular transportation of a bike in the elevator, conveniently during the tuning immediately shorten the rear wheel. In this case, with a vertical position, the vehicle will occupy less.

    The most interesting part of the modernization of the old model is Installing the planetary sleeve – enough three speeds. Brakes You can leave foot or replace to roll or disk. However, the installation of the latter will require great changes in the frame. It is worth noting that Installing and configuring the planetary bushing with your own hands does not cause any difficulties – you can find detailed instructions on the Internet.

    Of course, for installation will have to once again push the frame feathers, and then check its geometry. However, even increasing this change in other nodes are worth. An important point is the number of teeth on the front and rear star. The optimal ratio is one to two. It is advisable to immediately change the carriage and the mounting rods under the square cross section.

    Sometimes it may be necessary to shorten the chain when replacing one or both stars.

    In the course of updates it is worth thinking about the steering wheel. The easiest way is to draw small metal inserts at its ends. They are easy to hide with plastic linings. Seat should be changed to a new one that will be more convenient. Wherein It is advisable to change and clamp on the seat pin to quickly adjust the seat height. It will not be superfluous and the replacement of the trunk, as well as the installation of a new footboard.

    Another detail that most often needs to be replaced – these are pedals. Modern options allow you to choose the optimal product under your own requests. As a result of such simple changes, you can get a great renewed bike, which will give new unforgettable sensations.

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