Bicycles Schoolboy : Features, Features and History

Bicycles & Schoolboy & : Features, Features and History

Soviet children did not have much choice in cycling models. Therefore, the “Schoolboy” model was considered the most popular at the time, which was intended for children of the age group from 10 to 14 years. However, due to the fact that the bike weighed not so much, he studied to ride and children of more younger ages. On the streets it was possible to see children aged 8-9 years who mastered this children’s model. Now such a product can be found in many at dachas, attics or in private collections of people who are interested in history and collect rare things.

History of the appearance of a vehicle

Product release was made by the GAZ enterprise, which was located in the city of Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod). However, during the war, the release of products was discontinued and resumed again only in 1956. The plant itself began to function in 1940. The break in the production of the vehicle was associated with the retraining of the plant in the enterprise for the production of combat shells and weapons.

The bike was produced in two models intended for the male and women’s audience. A distinctive feature of the male model was closed frame. Many wanted to acquire a children’s bike, because the opportunity to learn to ride an adult two-wheeled vehicle – a pretty attendant.

The cost of the product was high enough, and not all parents could acquire this vehicle. It is for this reason that it was very careful and neatly. Not only because of the high cost, the children took care of their two-wheeled friends, but it was also associated with a shortage of this product in the markets and in stores, therefore, Even having a financial opportunity to purchase it, not always had the opportunity to find and buy a product.

In addition to the product itself, the company produced spare parts and components for the transport facility.


All children’s models of that time looked equally and had a similar design, so this model did not have distinctive features. The model had technical characteristics similar to the rest of the products.

The distance between the wheels of the product was 875 mm, its weight is 9.5 kg. Such a small weight gave the opportunity to children easily manage a two-wheeled friend. As for the size of the wheel, then these models they were narrow, their diameter was 510 mm, which did not make a bike enough safe. Tire width is 1.2 inches.

The height of the vehicle was 445 mm, which was very convenient for schoolchildren. They could themselves calmly raise and pull their pet on the desired floor, without resorting to the help of adults.

The fork of the product was made of steel pipes, wheel rims are also made of steel. Thanks to such a design The model was very reliable and durable, which gave the opportunity to ride it not to one generation.

The product brake was drum. The number of teeth on the front star was 32 pieces, and the rear had only 16 teeth. The chain consisted of 52 units. Additionally, bundled to the bike and pump, as well as the chain was equipped with protection. The vehicle was able to establish a call, headlights and shields on the wheels.

The saddle of the model was quite soft and comfortable, the steering wheel is high, and it was possible to control its height and angle of inclination. Also, the height of the steering wheel could be installed under the growth of the child. The material for the seat served the skin, which over time wiped, but it did not affect the functionality. Due to the convenient and soft saddles on the vehicle, it was possible to pass great distances with comfort.

Men’s model due to the closed type of frame was not very convenient, but many installed an extra seat on it and got the opportunity to ride this bike for several people. This design was tough, but more reliable when used. The female option was with a frame open, which was convenient when driving.

For 40 years of production, this vehicle has been changed several times. The modern version of the vehicle became universal, refused a closed type frame – it was changed, making it open, the bike became more convenient and turned out to be folding, which allowed him to compactly store in apartments.

The most popular color of the product was green, and now such a bike can be found on the street and even in good condition.

Of course, the choice of colors was not limited only to green, but on the streets of that time it was the main shade that met more often.

This two-wheeled friend of all children was produced until 1996. In connection with the termination of the release of these products, all parts and components for it are no longer able to find, so bicycle owners in case of breakdowns are looking for analogs intended for other models.


  • ease+
  • maneuverability+
  • Easy to control+
  • Reliable fasteners.

Operating tips

Cost to remember what would be reliable and high-quality goods, it always requires some care. If you have proper care, the product will last for many years.

  • The first thing worth remembering in the care of the product is to be lubricated to avoid the appearance of rust. After all, due to rust, it will be impossible to ride it, and it is not always possible to replace the outstanding detail.
  • When breakdown, it is better to contact special workshops, because only a professional can help you in the selection of a suitable spare part to the vehicle.
  • After a walk on a bike in rainy weather, it is worth wipering it and a chain with dry napkins, in order to avoid moisture from entering the place of the joints so that there are no problems in the future.

Ownership reviews

Now on sites you can often find reviews of those who used a bike in the 90s. And they all talk about a positive impression of using the vehicle.

Here are some of the reviews.

  • Paul 43 years old: “Sorry that this model of the bicycle has ceased to be issued, because it was reliable and high-quality and helped learn how to ride many generations of children”.
  • Semen 56 years old: “On the bike” Schoolboy “, my grandchildren already ride, the only problem is that when breakdown it is impossible to find original components, because they are also not produced. In the rest of the rest, the bike works perfectly to this day. “.

Due to the high-quality assembly and the working model, it was a reliable and most popular vehicle for adolescents.

      Despite the fact that the bike “Schoolboy” did not exceed other models in its technical specifications, He still was a favorite two-wheeled friend of children. Many products have been preserved to this day and still plead to children.

      Now you can meet the tuning products in which the saddle is replaced with a more modern, hand-made brake on the steering wheel and the color of the bike is changed. Nevertheless, it remains all the same bike “Schoolboy”, which every child of Soviet times dreamed of.

      What are the features of the bicycle “Schoolboy”, see in the following video.

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