Bicycles Tourist : History, Characteristics and Subtleties

Bicycles & Tourist & : History, Characteristics and Subtleties

This bicycle model is so relevant that even currently produced on Kharkov cycle truck. Of course, the modern version differs from its predecessor, but this is all the same bike “Tourist”.

History of creation and development

HZ named after g. AND. Petrovsky was founded in 1923. The first “tourist” came down from the conveyor in 1949, and it was manufactured until 1961. During this stage of production, three modifications of goods were created, namely: B-31, B-32 and B-33.

Bike series B-31 represented a 1-speed product with a free-speed mechanism. But since he had only one speed, its production stopped, and since the release was made by small parties, then this model is no longer possible to find someone in use.

Model design B-32 similar to B-31, but she had a feature. The product had 3 speeds that could be switched while driving. During the release, the vehicle almost did not change, but by the end of production, all the same changes were made. Replaced the original speed switch to telescopic, and also changed the design of the fork.

For means of movement B-33 The chrome steel has become applied, which replaced aluminum. The bushings were changed and became, like all tourist models, which were produced on the RUS. The design of the goods was modified emblem. It was B-33 that became the founder of the classical idea of ​​the designs of travel means of transportation.

A characteristic feature of the old version of the bicycle was such minor things as, for example, a chain, not to lose the cap from the camera.

Since 1961, the bike has changed the name, and instead of the “tourist”, he began to be called “satellite”. Such changes were associated with the achievements in the Space. First version under this title has become model B-34, which was a bit upgraded. The steering wheel made from aluminum, and also removed the comb with wings. Further, in all subsequent models, only appearance changed, as well as some details were made from other materials. The transmission conversion can be considered a significant difference, since another speed was added.

Transport geometry persisted up to B-301, And this model has changed feathers, their length has become less.

The initial name of the line was returned in 1977, but the new bicycle model was similar in all, except for design, with a model “Sport 542-01”. “Satellite” became a separate lineup, and release it continued until 1983.

The new model of the vehicle appeared in 1980 and was produced for 7 years. Then it was decided to change the design, but not to change the bike design. This model 153-421 cannot be called particularly successful, since the quality of the metal was not very good, which was reflected on the frame.

In the USSR, the last released bike “tourist” of the old version had a numbering 153-452, and had the following changes:

  • Brake system has become aluminum+
  • Changed fastening the trunk.

However, the version had significant disadvantages, since the quality was not at the height, and almost all the products of the product could be attributed to the defective.

But if you do not pay attention to the latest models, this vehicle can be rightfully called the founder of modern road tourist bikes.

In comparison with ordinary road products, this was a lightweight design for faster movement. However, after some time, RUS resumed the production of this model, since it was very popular, but in a more modern form.


The first 3 models of the vehicle “Tourist” were similar to the technical parameters.

Approximate weight was 14 kg, transport had 3 transmissions, 4 transmission appeared in the last model. Pedals were lightweight, licenses. The choice could be installed hard or soft seat. The material for the manufacture served chrome steel, so these bicycles were considered reliable and unpretentious in care.

In bicycles, the size of the wheels was 622 mm, and the diameter is 28 inches. A distinctive feature of tourist bicycle models compared to the highway was their enlarged wheelbase. The width of the wheel is 25 mm, the friction decreases and the applied physical exertion is minimized during trips. The tires themselves have become more reliable, which gave the ability to cross the uneven roads on such bikes, and take walks in the forests.

The height of the vehicle frame varies from 540 to 600 mm, with a step of 20 mm.

Complete to the products walked, lights on wheels and pump. At the enterprise, the trunk was established, as well as on the frame there was a subframe bag in which tools were. Some models have a bonus lantern with an electric generator.

Bicycle rear stars had from 16 to 24 teeth, in front of the star 51 teeth. Attended both rear and hand brakes.

The distinctive characteristic of the “tourist” was his steering wheel, such an interesting form made it easy to travel to the mountains, while taking less physical strength, than when using the usual steering wheel.

New life means of movement

Since this vehicle was performed qualitatively, and its service life with proper care is almost unlimited, many users would like to update their two-wheeled friend.

The first thing that will require replacement during the transformation of the bike is:

  • chain+
  • rims+
  • Tires+
  • speed shifter+
  • Schituns.

If you do not want to repair this product yourself, it is better to turn to the workshop, but if you are confident in your abilities, then the components should still choose from foreign manufacturers.

To be very not spent on finance, some components can be bought from the initial manufacturer, namely: Kharkov Vico. In addition to replacing some details, almost all owners update paint on the product, giving it a more modern appearance.

Currently, it is necessary to be noticeable on the carriageway, so a couple of experiments with lighting should be held. There are backlights on the wheels and the frame itself. You can choose a reflective paint – so you will definitely notice in the dark, and you will not be an obstacle on the road. What will also provide you with a safe movement.

Modern “tourist”

On the official website of the Kharkov bike plant can be stumbled upon a modern model of the bike “Tourist”.

Model 48 sh It has a frame height of 540 mm, the diameter of the wheels of 28 inches, is available in three colors: black, white and dark brown. The number of gears from the modern product – 7. Base Length 1095 mm. The vehicle is equipped with trunk and footboard, has a comfortable contemporary seat and chain protection.

Pedals are made of aluminum from NECO.

Frame made of steel is the best option because it is easy to repair and most durable. This material weighs a little more than others, so the modern model by weight exceeds the initial bikes “Tourist”.

A distinctive feature of the model “Tourist” 49 BA SH is his frame, because it differs from classic closed with its shape, which is more similar to the open double. It makes the model more convenient in comparison with the initial bicycle option.

At the moment, the company offers free shipping when buying data from the vehicle.

User reviews

Basically all product reviews are positive, many celebrate the practicality and reliability of the bike. Many users bike got from older relatives, so they confidently can talk about the qualities of the product as durability.

Another reviews can be understood that the vehicle is light and practical, because the product has the ability to install additionally the basket for the transport of things. And its vintage species attracts attention and causes nostalgic memories of childhood.

    Viliters with experience notes that Kharkiv Bicycle Production Plant in the 20th century released a truly excellent bike, which preserved to this day. The product is light and maneuverable, and it is not difficult for them to manage, and also due to its features do not need to apply great power to lifting on the mountain.

    The tourist model gained popularity not only among lovers ride in mountain trips or for distant distances, but also among ordinary citizens. Thanks to its low price, he could acquire anyone who also contributed to his popularity. And its reliability and quality of assembly still do not leave indifferent some users, because it was not for nothing that the plant revived its most disassembled vehicle model.

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