Bicycles Rush Hour: Characteristics of models and selection tips

Bicycles Rush Hour: Characteristics of models and selection tips

Rush Hour Bicycles – one of the excellent leisure and daily driving offers. But what is this brand who produces it, and which models it can offer – many represent weakly. Let’s try to figure it out.

Details about Marche

Country Manufacturer Bicycle Rush Hour – Russia. Works firm since 2004. It is based on the former cyclist Eric Mants. It is curious that initially work began in Germany and only in 2007 was relocated in the Russian Federation. And not in Moscow, Petersburg or Nizhny Novgorod, and in Siberia!

Now the company employs 30 qualified engineers and designers. In total, the range includes more than 200 modifications. You can choose Fatbike, and BMX. The manufacturer declares that especially careful quality control of finished products has been established. Produced products shipped more than 100 states.


Three models are distinguished among this company’s products – RX600, RX700 and RX900. Gabritt Wheels is 26, 27.5 and 29 inches, respectively. Frame is made of special Hi-Ten steel.

At the model RX600 Rama has a dimension from 14 to 18 inches. It is designed for Rostovka 1.4-1.75 m.

People tall 1.65-1.9 m need to choose a bike RX700, 18 or 20 inches.

When heighting from 1.7 to 2 m, bicycles will be better RX900 with a frame of 19 or 21 inches. All three models are designed for 6 speeds. The carriage refers to cartridge type. Rear Speed ​​Switch and Encipher Made at Shimano Factories.

It is curious that the enciffers are created on a double-handed trigger scheme. Double aluminum trim and brakes of the V-Brake system work very reliable. Tire width is 1.95 or 2.1 inches. Delivery set includes:

  • Cataphs+
  • Chain protection means+
  • footing+
  • wings.

The mass of the three listed models is 14, 16 and 16.4 kg. Regardless of this, the lifting capacity is 120 kg. The company actively applies robotic welding of increased accuracy. In the production process, steel with high doping levels are used.

In the category Fat Bike there are also three attractive models – RX605, RX705, RX905.

Like the previous triple, the gaps of the frame is 26, 27.5 and 29 inches. Growth groups of 1.4-1.75, 1.65-1.9 and 1.7-2 m, respectively. There are only 6 speeds. Cartridge type carriage works very reliably.

Rear Model Speed ​​Switch Shimano Tourney RD-TY21 either will not let down. Fatbachi mass from Rush Hour is 15.2, 16.7 and 16.8 kg, respectively. Complete each product:

  • A pair of katafot+
  • Wings+
  • Chain protection+
  • footing.

Hooligan Modification – Decent Children’s Bike based on Aluminum Alloy 6061. The twelve-type frame is designed for rides 30-1.5 m. The product is equipped with 3 inches diameter wheels. Riding a bike can at 7 speeds. Structurally provided hard fork.

The steering column from the company NECO deserves all sorts of praise, like enciffers Shimano Tourney, and mechanical disk brake Ruiput DS310A. Own bike mass is 16.5 kg. The package is the same as the preceding models. Limitable lifting capacity in the same way is 120 kg. In the manufacture of bike applied hydroforming technology.

Solid position in any bicycle review will deservedly occupy and Flint. This modification is equipped with wheels with a diameter of 24 inches. For the manufacture of the frame apply a proven alloy 6061. Dimensional frames of 15 inches optimal for people belonging to the growth group of 1.4-1.6 m. The bike can go to 7 different speeds, switching between which is achieved, thanks to Shimano Tourney RD-TY300.

From other important points it should be noted:

  • Aluminum double rim+
  • 4 inches width tires+
  • disk mechanical brake+
  • Own weight – 18 kg.

If you need a typical female bike, you can pay attention to Miss520. 26-inch wheels work very reliably. Made of steel Hi-Ten frame has 2 sizes – 15 and 17 inches. It is designed for people with growth of 1.45-1.75 m. Provided hard fork, cartridge carriage and brake system V-Brake.

The width of the tires in this model is 1.95 inches. The mass of the design is 13.1 kg.

Bicycle Miss525 has a length of 26 inches and is completed with a frame by 15 or 17 inches.

More advanced version – Miss570 – Equipped with a frame by 17 or 19 inches. Therefore, it allows you to ride people with rising 1.6-1.9 m + by default wheels 27.5 inches.

Both models are driving at 6 different speeds, abrasion of 1.95 inches width tires. Install the cassette (ratchet) XTP XD-FW-720-6. Mass mentioned structures is 15.1 and 15.3 kg.

You can look at the model Start110, Tools with wheels 20 inches. Own mass of a bike 14.2 kg, and it can take no more than 100 kg in total.

For children it is worth purchasing Balance Air. His wheels with a diameter of 12 inches work quite well. Designers for maximum relief of the product preferred to use the plastic frame. Its length is from 0.8 to 0.95 m. The mass of the bike is 2.4 kg, and its transportation capacity is 25 kg.

ENERGY Specification Provides Use Wheels with a diameter of 14, 16 or 20 inches. The design is designed for a growth group 1.05-1.2 m. Other features are:

  • Single accessible speed+
  • Steel rims+
  • Combination of the front tick and rear foot brake+
  • Availability of a large basket in the basic configuration.

Rush Hour RX 930 is beneficial among mountain bikes. Positive estimates give:

  • For high speed+
  • Excellent security+
  • Pleasant design+
  • Increased functionality.

It is noted that the passage on such a bike is comfortable, and that he “keeps the road”. However, the cost is somewhat excessive. At the same time, as a substitute for the older verses, the product is fine. It allows you to ride gently even on very complex places. Part of the users declares that the model is characterized by the best value and quality ratio.


Positive feedback also often say:

  • About the perfection of hydraulic components+
  • Using quality components+
  • making aluminum frames+
  • The convenience of cartridge carriats+
  • Reliability footage and wings+
  • Easy stroke+
  • The effectiveness of overcoming barriers+
  • Fast triggering of the brake system+
  • Good performance, lack of creaking and bent parts.

Negative feedback relate only to the lack of diversity of design, but there is no complaints about the technical characteristics of bicycles Rush.

Recommendations for choosing

City and road bikes are the same type. The main purpose of its application is convenient passage around the city. At the same time, practical qualities do not deteriorate. If only planned to slowly wheel item on the settlement, there are enough 3 speeds. Declaring bikers need to choose models with 4-8 speeds.

It is categorically impossible to refuse wings and from chain protection. Otherwise, clothes will be constantly dirty. As for the models-cruisers, they are different from simple urban only “motorcycle” design. Cycling lovers need to be preferred by highway modifications.

If it is difficult to decide which specifically a model to buy, you need to make a choice in favor of MTB.

Bicycle Overview Rush Hour See More.

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