Choice of fastening for a bike lantern

Choice of fastening for a bike lantern

A safe movement on a bicycle in the dark can be provided by a cystic vehicle that will not only light the road, but also warn other drivers and pedestrians about your movement. How the lantern is attached to the transport medium – this particular question we will disassemble this article.


There is a huge number of bike lamps differing in power, sizes and other parameters. And they all perform two main functions:

  1. Lighting of the front space+
  2. Bicycle notice designation on road space.

Therefore, it is so important that the lantern is firmly installed on the bike.


To date, there are several types of cycling cycles on the market. In order to figure out which one is the best option, it is necessary to consider each type by examining its pros and cons.


This type of fastening is optimal for harsh bike races at night. The mounting lamp holder is most often an integral part of a particular lamp or a strictly defined model of the same manufacturer.

Installation is made either on the frame or on the steering wheel. With such a mount, it is absolutely not worried about the degree of fixation.


  • High degree of reliability+
  • Does not break over time.


  • Pretty complex installation system+
  • The uniqueness of the attachment eliminates the chance of replacement+
  • Non-standard design can attract attackers.


Elastic rubber belt with the possibility of removal is visually presented in the form of a silicone strap equipped with a leakage cystic. It will be able to fix it alone every person on the steering wheel, frame or knitting bike. Such an attachment is most often equipped with auxiliary and overall lights.

Some models even have a silicone body that in sum with a small battery make the lantern perfect for quick transportation.


  • Easy way to install and eating.


  • Temperature restriction in which it is impossible to use a strap in cold+
  • fixation is pretty weak+
  • service life will be short-lived.


Semi-cylinder removable fastening – this kind of bracket is called a golden middle between heavily removed and elastic fasteners. Installation on the steering wheel is carried out once, while there is a possibility of changing the lantern itself. Ideal for any cycling model, as well as various ride manners. You can use any, even tactical, lantern.


  • Universal installation type+
  • Over time, not breaking+
  • The possibility of limitless flashlight.


  • Loses in sustainability.

    It’s important to know! To attach the rear bike headlights, absolutely the same types of fasteners are used. Some of them are already in configuration with a lantern, others are bought separately.

    Is it worth doing with your own hands?

    Many bike ride lovers, thinking about installing a lantern on their bike transport, Decide to build a bracket for its fastening yourself:

    • Some do this due to the fact that you can not find a suitable fastening in the available stores+
    • others are trying to save money+
    • Third listen to the instructions of friends or relatives who give advice skill.

    On the Internet you can find many ways to build a lamppost holder from girlfriend. What just does not use for the goal. There are clamps, fastening for water pipes, unusual structures using wax, fastening for automotive headlamps, plastic bottles, hacksaws with lighters and much more.

        Perhaps this has a sense, however, these designs can be completely unreliable. Aesthetic component is as important. Agree, fastening from a plastic bottle will not look too elegant.

        Among other things, manufacturing your own fastening for a bicycle lamp, you will spend a huge amount of time starting from searching and purchasing elements, ending with the process of creating and installing.

        Another interesting fact: the lack of confidence that the resulting design will be exactly what it was planned. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the attempt of improvisation, and for the finished bracket that will be necessary to purchase after.

        Video reviewer three fasteners for bike.

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