Choose pedals for bike

Choose pedals for bike

The bike is a transport that allows you to move for short distances and at the same time not to spend a lot of money for service. In order for the trip to be comfortable, you need to have comfortable pedals, seat and steering wheel. Today we will talk about the bikedal: what they happen and how to choose among many options.

What types of exist?


These are standard and not the most reliable pedals. As a rule, they are made of plastic and with long use begin to split. Such can be found on cheap or children’s bikes. Also, some people are installed for a while until you get better options.

For mountain bike

More qualitative and expensive cycling. They do not particularly differ from their structure from pleasure, but much more and more durable. They are made of alloys of various metals, often from aluminum. You can meet models that make from titanium or steel. These pedals are designed for greater load, since in the conditions of the mountain surface, it is necessary to use more physical strength. Also for them there are spaticrous names – “Toptalki” or “Pedals-Platform”.

High-quality journalbike pedals must have a good clutch and structure so that there is no discomfort during a heavy trip.


Cycling that are Variation of pleasure. From the pros, it is possible to note a more durable structure, since the manufacturers are used, compactness and a small price. If you want the usual walk to bring inconvenience, then these pedals are perfectly suitable. When transporting in public transport They can be departed to the bike, and they will not interfere with the side.


Very popular variety of pedals among cyclists. Contact models are used in competitions, long distances and so that the whole foot actively participates in. The feature of these pedals is that it is necessary to have cycling shoes. It is attached by contacts that have two types: either in the LOOK version or SPD.

These fasteners are made in order to additionally load legs at the moment when you ride a bike. If in the case of the use of ordinary pedals, you can just press the leg (and in the upper part they reach themselves), then for the contact type pedals, you need to pull the pedal up in order to drop the other. To overcome large distances, you need to have strong legs that can be trained with this type of pedal.

So you will make more work and be able to increase the efficiency.

This approach for those who plan or is already professionally engaged in cycling. The LOOK method is created so that the foot is fixed as hard as possible. You can fix the foot and do not even remember what your foot can move or fly from the pedal. This fastening is used for a highway type of races, where there is no heavy load and the likelihood that the fasteners may not withstand. SPD variant is more diverse, After all, it is great for mountain and highway trails.


This is a great option for those who combine sports highways with conventional walks. Such pedals can be fixed as contact, but to twist without bike shoes, as folding or pleasure. The fact is that The surface of these cycles is different. On one side of the fastening, and on the other – they are not.


Cheap Contact Pedal Analog. This species is distinguished by the fact that they are not fastening, but straps. With their help, you can fix the foot, and the main load will be on the platform that rests on the belts. In comparison with contact pedals, these have both advantages and disadvantages. Of the advantages Ligger price, simplicity in fastening the foot and convenience during the usual check-in. Of the minuses – Lower strength, lack of fastening force and a small range for those people who have a large foot size. There are no contact problems with these parameters.

What is the pedal?

To pick up high-quality cycling, you need to figure out their structure. This will help those who are just starting to get involved in cycling trips or races on the tracks.

Threaded axis

This item is screwed into the connecting rod and keeps the platform in it. The axis has different types of threads in order not to confuse the parts during their installation by bike. The letter L means the left pedal, and R is the right. In order to install the left, it is necessary twist counterclockwise, and unscrew – clockwise. With the right thread, the opposite is. The axis may be elongated or shortened depending on whether the item is wanted to make a manufacturer.


The main part, at the expense of which all the work of the pedal. It is on this mechanism that rests the stop while driving. Each manufacturer sees the case in its own way, so it is made from different materials and create distinctive designs.


With their help there is a rotation of the case along the axis. Basically service life depends on bearings. If all other pedal components are made of high-quality materials, but the bearing does not have great strength, the whole design will stop working in the near future.


Most often found in the walking version of cycling. The main function of the catathot is the work of reflectors, which are installed on the side of the case. This thing is useful in that In the dark, it will help the drivers to see the cyclist.


Contact pedal fixture. There are two types of spikes: Replaceable and embedded. Replaceable a little more expensive, because when breakdown or inconvenience, they can be replaced, and for this you do not have to buy new pedals entirely. You can also set a certain height.

This special feature is useful for those who have different bike shoes, because it can be attached to various lengths.


Used only in pedals with folding design. Frames are attached to the case and are decorative detail. They are of various forms, colors and protrusions to attract the attention of the buyer.


Also found only in folding pedals. They are fixing the frame to the body.

What sizes are?

It all depends on the size of your feet or shoes you use. Some manufacturers make the body very wide to be larger than the area of ​​coming feet and pedals. If you want to choose contact models, then Do not forget about bike shoes. It is attached to the body and should fit tightly to the foot.

It is also necessary to take into account the manufacturer. Some make bicycle shoes in the form of a single member, and someone sells models that are bigger to keep anything prevented. On this basis and choose the size of the pedals.

Do not forget about the thickness of the body of the mechanism. What it is less, the more you get control over the detail while driving. The center of gravity is low, the distance between the road and the pedal above.

Materials and colors

The housing is made from either polymers or from aluminum.

Polymer compositions are good because inexpensive, weigh little and can extinguish vibration. You can safely use polymer pedals during an urban trip. Some widths confuse the quality and strength of the design of such pedals, But some manufacturers give a guarantee of 4-5 years, therefore, polymer models can serve for quite a long time.

Aluminum is the main material from which the housing is manufactured. Metal types of pedals are stronger and more durable plastic. Such material is suitable for those who like an aggressive ride manner uses tricks and often jumps on a bike. From disadvantages can be allocated greater weight, price and inability to extinguish vibration.

Also, the housings can be iron and steel.

The axis is made from chromolibdden or simple steel. This material makes the design of durable and durable. Chromolibden coating much more expensive, but protects well from dirt and rust.

Bearings are several species, namely: bulk, industrial and hybrid.

Bulk option is the easiest. It is not distinguished by special strength or long service life, but much cheaper and easier to assemble. Such analogs are installed on the cheapest and children’s bikes.

NSMortensile Bearings – This is the main option for a width. They are pretty durable, can serve for a long time and have a mid-price. This type of assembly is most often found in expensive bicycles or medium price category models. Industrial types are used only with a metal pedal case, since the polymer can work much less than the bearing itself.

Hybrid Combined in me Sleeve and industrial option details. It provides very greater endurance in extreme conditions, strength and durability. If you like a particularly heavy ride and perform tricks with a large load on the bike, this option is best for you. Hybrid parts use professional athletes on disciplines such as Freeride and Downhill.

If we talk about color, then here your choice is almost unlimited. Manufacturers offer various shades that can be combined with the color of your bike. Green, red, black, orange, blue – all these and many other colors are present from most manufacturers.

How to choose?

First of all, choose what style of trips will be with you. For ordinary walks there is no need to choose a pedal on industrial bearings, since there will be no special load on the item. In this case, you can buy a pleasure or folding model with polymer case and bulk bearing. It will be cheap and suitable for easy use.

If you prefer aggressive bike management style, then Better choose among aluminum or titanium models assembled with industrial or hybrid bearings. There is no special difference, whether these pedals will be contact or toulclipse. It all depends on what characteristics you want to see the device. Do not forget about bicycle shoes and about the fact that its length should approach the spikes of contact pedals.

Remember about the price. It can be from 2 to 14 thousand rubles, so think about each option from those models, among which you choose. The price also depends on the manufacturer. If you do not doubt the product of a particular manufacturer, then calmly take.

For those who love to ride in the rain, better buy anti-slip pedals so that your foot could not eat.

Best models

Wellgo B123

The best model from the cheap segment. It is created solely for riding in the city. The main part of the pedal is made of polymer composition, which can withstand all loads in urban conditions. Includes plastic spikes that will be able to keep shoes during a trip. Installed bulk bearings, so Especially active and sharp use of the bike.

Price – 550-600 rubles. Of the advantages you can allocate low weight, good strength and quite a long service life (4-5 years). Of the minuses – insufficient strength and slip of the foot during the wetting of the pedal surface.


Very cheap and simple model that is well suited for children’s bikes. Present Refractors, Therefore, you can not worry about the fact that the child will not be noticeable for cars. The basis is made of aluminum, bearings – bulk, there is a frame.

Price – about 350 rubles. Of the advantages – ease, simplicity in the installation and high strength for its price. Of the disadvantages – low bearing quality, small load transfer and low service life.

BBB Trail Ride

One of the best walking models. The hull is made of aluminum, which gives strength and makes the service life more. These pedals have built-in spikes that will make a clutch better even in rain. Hybrid bearings are used, which are known for their durability and durability. These pedals are suitable not only for the city, but also for walking in the forest, because it allows them to work.

Out of additional devices have side reflectors. The axis is made of chromolibdden steel, so You can make jumps and some nonsense tricks. Price – 1500 rubles. Pluses are strength, beautiful design and acceptable price. Minuses – the fact that they can be repeated about stones, can not change the spikes.

Exustar BMX

Model from the famous German brand. This item has a very solid basis made by special technology. Industrial bearings, and two immediately. They provide good rotation and durability. The whole design is closed, so moisture and garbage is impossible.

Very hard to disassemble this model to replace some parts. This is not so necessary, because the manufacturer gives a guarantee of 5 years. Price – 3000-3200 rubles. Of the advantages – high strength, long service life, good price for its quality, presence of replaceable spikes and interesting design. Of the minuses – The inability to disassemble.

Shimano GR500

One of the most popular species of pedals from the Japanese manufacturer. This model is very versatile. It is durable, not heavy, can be used in extreme conditions and made according to modern technologies. Closed-type bearings, so there will be no corrosion. There are durable spikes that increase the grip even in rain conditions. The service life is 5-7 years, which is much more than that of previous pedals.

Price – about 3700 rubles. Of the numerous advantages, the mainstream are the ability to transfer large loads, long service life and beautiful design. Minus one – and this is the cost.

Wellgo MG-1

Attractive and original appearance, quality, reliability – all this is about this model of pedals. The main advantage is effective for large loads. This result was possible due to the solid base of the body, effective bearings and high quality materials. The main part of the cycling is protected from moisture or dirt.

Price – 5400-5500 rubles, and service life – 5-7 years. Plus, you can call strength, efficiency and durability. The only minus is some marriage due to the assembly.


Has characteristics for severe conditions. Professional athletes often use these pedals at competitions. Very high strength and quality are well combined in this detail. Honors from other contact options is that there is an opportunity to quickly sweep the spikes. It will help at the moment when you can fall.

For driving with these pedals, you need only bicycle shoes. Price – in the range of 11000-11500 rubles. Of the advantages – this is quality, efficiency and low weight. The minus is that the ride needs a special type of shoes.

Shimano Saint

The most expensive and efficient pedal model. It is used only by professionals and tested in many world competitions. The hull is made of high-strength alloy, bearings – hybrid, there is protection against dirt and moisture. Service life is 5-7 years even with the strongest loads. A unique design makes this model better not only from the inside, but also outside.

Price – 14000-14400 rubles. There are no minuses, for your price is the best choice.

Review bike pedals See next video.

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