Cloaks for the trunk: varieties, pros and cons, recommendations for choosing

Cloaks for the trunk: varieties, pros and cons, recommendations for choosing

Each fan of cycling is well known that in the campaigns without a bike trunk can not do. Of course, some ride with a backpack, but in long trips, the bag begins to rub the shoulders, and pain in the back arise.


Why do you need cycling? The answer is very simple. Just imagine that you will no longer have a lot of bags that you have to hang on the steering wheel, they will not beat you on the feet and interfere with movement.

The advantages of these products are indisputable:

  • Small compact dimensions+
  • Ability to adjust the volume of the boost+
  • Reliable fixation on the trunk.

The use of cycling significantly reduces the load on the back, as well as on the saddle of the bike. Such a bag will become an ergonomic solution for storing food products and necessary for the trip.

As a rule, good backpacks have good fastenings, and it is extremely important for any movement on the bike. It is no secret that the quality of the roads often leaves much to desire a lot of better, the biker is constantly facing irregularities and steep turns. If at the same time behind the back there will be a badly fixed bag, it is possible that in the destination you will arrive with empty hands.

Intended for fastening at the bike of cycles will not cause their own owner of discomfort and will not make it worry about that on the road he can lose his cargo at any time.

What weight can be transported by bike?

The answer to this question largely depends on the weight of the cyclist itself in full equipment. Certainly, in a more favorable position there are thin housing and low people. With a literate distribution of the load, they can easily carry up to 50 kg of their boosters, and in the presence of all sorts of trailers, this indicator will be even higher. If the bike user is more absorbed, and the mass of his body is, for example, 110-120 kg, then you should not load your bike with a load over 25 kg.

The maximum permissible mass of loaded cycles depends also on the type of frame. If you are a happy owner of a modern bike, then you can afford to transport heavy items. And when driving on a bike with a folding frame, the excess load is very quickly affected, for example, when moving in a rural car.

By the way, among the cyclists there is a checkered rule, according to which The weight of the backpack for a folding bike should not take more than 50% of the goods that can be fixed by bicycle with a solid frame. This is important, since the folding frame can not be called durable, and when moving massive goods, there are great chances of encounter with increased metal fatigue and, as a result, cracks.

In any case, if your bike is loaded too much, move only on the roads with a smooth coating.


In order to use a bicycle, a special trunk is needed, which protects the rear wheel from random hitting the straps and fasteners from the handbag in the needles.

Any bike provides for the use of the front and rear trunk – it is these places that are considered the most convenient and loaded in the bikes. It should be noted that many cyclists, especially belonging to the younger generation, do not use the front trunk in principle.

Some rational grain in this is – the front trunk makes the maneuverability and movement of the cyclist on rough terrain, negates the possibility of jumping from borders and travel through the large roots of trees on forest paths, killy on the front trunk reduces the controlability of the bike, and this often leads to inclination cyclist.

That is why the rear trunk is most often used. Bags placed on it are good because they allow the owner of the bike calmly and leisurely move on a flat road.

If you are planning a long trip and download both trunk, then It should be properly distributed: On each side of the bicycle you should transport the load of about one weight, otherwise the vehicle will start “getting up” at each stop, which makes driving uncontrollable and often leads to serious injury.


There are several varieties of cycling bags in the market: single-vocabulary and sectional.

Disposal backpacks represent a one-piece bag supplemented with special straps for convenient move on shoulders. Similar model is optimal when moving dimensional items. From the shortcomings of the model you can note discomfort that occurs at the cyclist every time if you need to remove any thing – In this case, it is necessary to disassemble the backpack completely.

Sectional “Vottans” are more popular – they have several branches that can be removed and used as a separate subject. As a rule, such a device has a couple of bags (“Stand”) and one top section. If the backpack is not completely loaded, the cyclist can always dissemble one of the offices – it will make a swinging less dimensional.

Very often, tourists use not only the inner space of bags, but also their outer surface. For example, there are a foam (the rug, which tourists enjoy) – the product is turned into a roll and laid into the top compartment of “Valothanov”.

How to choose?

Very important, So that the width of the “Valothanov” does not exceed the distance between the ends of the steering. Otherwise, you can cling to the shrub and other vegetation while driving around the narrow forest paths. It is desirable that the “pants” are made of dense matter, since during hikes on bags often branches, and when bicycles fall, the fabric can simply break.

Another undoubted advantage of the bags on a bibgage is to choose a cover for your future backpack and all sorts of accessories. It is desirable that the backpack for the bike was waterproof. It is not necessary to hope that during your trip all the time will stand good clear weather – there is always a chance to get in bad weather. Poorly protected from rain exposure material will not save your things and products.

Of course, it does not matter when you gathered for a small walk and plan to return home after a couple of hours. But if you leave in a multi-day trip, it will be extremely disappointed without food and changeable things. There are many models of “pants”, which may vary in the class of wounded. This parameter is measured in the millimeters of the water column and indicates which the height of the pillar pressure with a cross section of 1 mm can withstand the matter without leakage. The optimal compromise between the strength and resistance is the material CORDURA 1000.

Of course, to acquire such a bag makes sense only if you are engaged in multi-day cycling. In small trips, bobelul, as a rule, is filled with no more than half. Half empless cloak begins to a couple, and it has a significant resistance to movement.

The principal moment for the choice of “Valothetans” is the size of the backpack itself. The most commonly used model of 50 liters is considered, and the smallest backpack is a 6 liter product, it is used in one-day campaigns. For long group trips, it is better to use the options per 100-120 liters.

Keep in mind that the case should not be solid, it is important that he had special slots to access the baggage transported.

If you are a permanent user bike, and your movements are not limited to a pair of three hundred meters in the yard, it is advisable to buy this thing. Paying for it only once, with all the accompanying accessories, you will use such a bag for a long time and you can fully appreciate all its positive qualities.

Roswheel trunk cloak survey Look in the video below.

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