Cloaks on the frame: features, varieties and tips on the choice

Cloaks on the frame: features, varieties and tips on the choice

Many people prefer to ride bikes. Often, additional accessories are selected for such means of movement, including special storage bags. Today we will talk about what exist Cloaks for the frame and how to choose them correctly.


Bags on the frame of bicycles are used for convenient storage of various items. They are a necessary product for those moving over long distances. Such an accessory is attached to the top pipe of the structure, while the elastic belts are tightly fixed.


Currently, in specialized stores, you can find a variety of types of cloaks for the frame. The most common are the following options:

  • Roshweel S+
  • Topeak Tribag+
  • Longus Triangle+
  • Deuter Phone Bag i+
  • Lotus SH-22+
  • Mizumi Koolbag 12h+
  • Mizumi MobiPack Twin 17+
  • Lotus Th6-11w.

Roshweel S

This option is considered to be budget. It is produced with several relatively small storage compartments. Also in this bag there is a separate phone pocket (but the screen diagonal should not be more than 4.5 inches). The product is made exclusively of durable moisture resistant materials. In this case, all the threads are tightly hidden and the appearance of this cycle. It has special reflective strips, which allows you to safely ride with poor illumination. Also Roshweel S is equipped with headphone adapters.

Topeak Tribag

This compact frame for the frame is made of nylon and polyester. Despite the little weight, the product is distinguished by special strength and reliability. It has a large number of small pockets for things, including for storing a smartphone, tablet or battery. The main compartment has a special protective tab, an additional case for protection is also in the set.

Longus Triangle

Such a cycling belongs to premium products. It has a universal design and excellent capacity (up to 1.2 liters). The product has a special lining and trilateral fixing technology. The length of the bag is about 240 millimeters.

Deuter Phone Bag i

This model is used to reliably storing a cyclist mobile phone. It is characterized by the most compact sizes. Made bag made of durable neoprene with a small embroidered pattern. She is attached With a special Velcro fastener.

Lotus SH-22

This subframe model also has compact sizes. Most often it is used to store small items. This sample is produced from waterproof materials, including polyester. The product is attached to a special velcro. Its dimensions are 16x4x8 cm.

Mizumi Koolbag 12h

This forbid bag has a rectangular shape. It is manufactured from polyamide and transparent PVC film. It can also be worn on the shoulder. The model is equipped with a wide velcro valve, frontal compartment for smartphone storage.

Mizumi MobiPack Twin 17

This pockery on the frame is made of polyamide with high moisture-resistant properties. It has a double waterproof compartment for storing a spare chamber. The model is also equipped with an additional transparent phone pocket. Mizumi Mobipack Twin 17 has a solid nylon grid. The sample is produced with high-quality lightning at the main branches.

There are special reflective bands on its surface, ensuring safe movement of a person by bike.

Lotus Th6-11w

This frame bike bag has a volume of 2.8 liters. It is made only from waterproof materials. The product is fastened with velcro. The dimensions of the model are 44x6x14 centimeters. Such cycles can also be divided into 2 main groups.

  • On Rama. Such models of bags are attached directly to the bicycle frame. Fix the middle of the product, its side sides with small pockets at the same time. Often such models are made with an additional compartment in the middle for a smartphone.
  • Triangular models. Such bags are fixed under the bike frame. These models are considered the most practical and convenient. You can put small items, and long folding products, as their volume is evenly distributed over the entire length.

Recommendations for choosing

Before purchasing a suitable cycling, you need to pay attention to some things. So, it is necessary to take into account the materials from which the product is made. It is better to pick up samples from the most durable and reliable fabrics with good moisture-resistant properties. Also they must be well cleaned by cleaning and washing. Be sure to pay attention to the container and the adjustability of the space of such bags. Large products in which it is impossible to fix the internal volume can greatly complicate the movement of a person by bike.

Remember that such bags must be with fasteners that could be easily adjusted. This is necessary in order to establish a product under a specific model of the bike. Also, do not forget that access to the inner space of Cloakovum must be as simple as possible. For this product make a large number of small pockets, valves, screeds and fasteners.

Pay attention to the type of cycling (triangular or attached to the frame). In this case, the choice depends on the personal preferences of a person, but triangular samples are most comfortable and convenient. Be sure to look at the quality of lightning. Often such elements break. Consider both frame design on your bike. If it is small, it is better to pick up the most compact models of bags so that they do not interfere with the person when driving. If you have a standard mountain bike, then you can purchase a sample of almost any size.

Overview Cloaks on a frame with a pocket for a smartphone, see the video below.

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