Custinental bikes: advantages, disadvantages and model range

Custinental bikes: advantages, disadvantages and model range

Many people prefer to move on bikes. For these two-wheeled vehicles, cottages should be carefully selected. Today we will talk about such products of the company Continental.

Pros and cons

Bicycle tires of this brand have a whole near important advantages.

  • High quality and durability. Such bike tires will be able to play perfectly for a long time.
  • Acceptable value. These products will afford almost anyone.
  • Comfort. Veloshin data are made of high quality rubber, which allows to provide an easy and soft move even on uneven surfaces.
  • High speed. Bike with such tires can develop good speed even on uneven surfaces.

    Despite all the advantages, the Tires of the Continental brand possess some disadvantages.

    • Possibility punctures. Some models of such bikes, hitting the uneven areas of the road, may be very damaged.
    • The possibility of damage at high temperatures. On the hot asphalt, many tires quickly begin to stupid.

    The lineup

    The Continental Manufacturer Currently provides a variety of cycling tire samples.

    • SportContact+
    • Race King Performance+
    • Race King Protection+
    • Grand Prix 4000s+
    • Mountain King+
    • King RaceSport+
    • Race King.


    These cycling tires are most often released 28 inches. They are used for racing and sports bikes. They are well suited for two-wheeled vehicles, which is used in high humidity. This model easily overcomes the tram path and broken glass on the road. After all, it is equipped with special protection from punctures.

    The installation of such vocations is better to trust the specialist, as it is carried out with too tight sides.

    Race King Performance

    These cycling tires are used for long trips and tourism. They are the most budget version of the products with a metal coordinate. The width of the tires is 2 or 2.2 inches, the diameter at the same time is equal to 26, 27.5 or 29. This model has a special folding cord from Kevlar, which allows you to make a product as easy as possible. Mass varies ranging from 550 to 660 grams.

    Race King Protection

      This sample also Great for tourism and long cycling trips. Today we produce models that are suitable for wheel diameter in 26 or 29 inches. These velisins have special anti-precipol protection (Protection). The side sides of the tires are also equipped with a special protective coating.

      Grand Prix 4000s

      Such cycling tires are available with different diameters and widths. They are most often used for highway two-wheeled products. These tires are made in completely black with aramid flexible sides. The weight of the model is only 205 grams.

      Mountain King

      Most often, such tires are used for sports bikes. Their mass varies from 550 to 740 grams. The width of the products is usually the most narrow, but at the same time they have excellent clutch and roll.

      King RaceSport

      This sample is well suited for bicycles that are used in professional competitions or just for high-speed racing models. It has a folding chevlar cord. In the production of such Veloshin used new technology Black Chili. Tire compound is made of soft high quality rubber. This allows you to make resistance to rolling as strong as possible. In addition, the clutch with an expensive also becomes much better.

      Race King

      This model of bicycle tires is equipped with a special antiprocol protection that Provides good safety when driving a bike. High-level tires. This model is characterized by a slight passage of turns at maximum speed, this is ensured by a good interaction of the treads with the surface of the road. But at the same time they may arise Some problems when driving in liquid mud.

      Review reviews

      Most users noticed High level of rubber quality from which product data is manufactured. It provides excellent permeability even on uneven roads. Also, many consumers spoke about the good stability of the tires to pollution, they can easily pass and not bite.

      Some users have told about the acceptable value of such products. They will afford almost any cyclist. Positive feedback deserved durability. They will be able to serve for a long period of time.

      But some models deserved and negative reviews. So, buyers spoke that many samples are unstable to operation in wet conditions. It was also noted that For such products requires a more frequent lubrication procedure.

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