Hamax cycle cleaner: features, varieties and tips for choosing

Hamax cycle cleaner: features, varieties and tips for choosing

Each cyclist pays special attention to choosing seats for its transport. Most often such designs are used for young children. Today we will talk about such products of the manufacturer HAMAX.


Hamax cycle cleaner allow you to comfortably ride a bike with the child. Such designs make it possible to plant children as comfortable as possible and firmly. Bicycle equilibrium will not be disturbed, as the passenger will sit in one position.

Such cyclers are manufactured Only on modern technologies.

For their production, special impact-resistant high-quality materials are used, it provides complete child safety.

The lineup

Currently, the manufacturer of Hamax produces a variety of cycling chairs that differ from each other with the main characteristics.


  • This chair has an inclination angle adjustment function for a comfortable placement of a person. It is also equipped with a special lock that allows you to securely fix the design by bike.
  • Siesta is equipped with additional buckles made of soft materials. They provide a child’s comfort while the bike movement.
  • Ergonomics of the chair is arranged in such a way that his back will not interfere with the man’s head when driving.
  • The safety belt and the steps can be easily adjusted, which allows you to fix the structure as the child grows. This baby product is produced from moisture-resistant polypropylene.


  • This model of children’s cycles is also made from durable polypropylene. It is easily attached to the design and removed from it. If you purchase an additional bracket, you can rearrange the product from one bike to another.
  • This sample is designed for a child not under 9 months. His mass should not be more than 22 kilograms. In one set with cycle cleaner goes and a safety helmet. It can be installed on any model as with the trunk, and without it.


  • This model is also created from polypropylene. It has a special adjustment of the angle of inclination, which provides a comfortable sleep and holiday kid. Additionally, you can use and convenient headrest.
  • Sleepy is equipped with soft buckles that provide reliable, but comfortable fixation of a child in a chair. Modern adjustment and fixation mechanisms allow you to establish a design depending on the growth of the kid.
  • Ergonomics of the seat is most thought out, a person in the process of movement will not interfere with the back. In addition, the model is produced with a three-point security belt system with an additional durable bracket. Maximum weight for the product is 22 kilograms.


  • This sample is equipped with adjustable steps and seat belts. It has comfortable soft airbags for man convenience. To create such cycles, used hypoallergenic and safe polypropylene.
  • SMILEY seat is designed for children over 9 months. It will be able to come up for any bike as a trunk, and without it. It is a children’s cycle craft equipped with a lockable mounting bracket. The fastening system of the product does not interfere with the cables responsible for switching gear.


  • This children’s chair has soft and comfortable shoulder buckles belts. It is equipped with a reliable and durable lock, which allows you to easily shoot and install a design on a bike.
  • The CeRESS model is characterized by excellent depreciation, which is provided at the expense of special support arcs. The system of fastenings of cycling does not interfere with the shift cables in the process of movement. Steps and seat belts possess a special adjustment mechanism.
  • Caress can be installed almost any bicycle model. Produced cycle cleaned from hypoallergenic polypropylene. This material is characterized by excellent moisture-resistant properties. It is also not afraid of ultraviolet rays.


  • This children’s chair is most often installed on the trunk of the bike (its width does not have more than 180 millimeters). His fastening is fast. The seat itself is released along with a soft lining that ensures the maximum comfort of children when moving.
  • Zenith model has a three-point seat belt fastening. It is equipped with a special mechanism for protecting the legs and additional fastening on the bicycle frame. Steps of the product can be easily adjusted by one hand.

Kiss Safety

  • Such a seat is installed on the seat of the bicycle (the diameter of the pipe should be from 28 to 40 millimeters). Complete with a chair also goes a child safety helmet. The total weight of the model is 4 kilograms.
  • The seat has a soft lining for convenience. Also in the set you can find quick-release fastening for the installation of cycle cleaner, special protection for the child’s legs and a three-point security belt system.


  • Such a children’s chair is installed only on the steering wheel of a bike (the diameter of the frame tube at the same time should be from 20 to 28 millimeters). Maximum weight that can withstand such a seat is only about 15 kilograms. The chair is equipped with a three-point security belt system that can be easily fixed.
  • This model has a soft lining for comfortable movement of children. It is also available with height-adjustable legs and quick-consuming mount. OBSERVER is made with optionally windproof screen.

Fastening cycles

Most Hamax Cycling Fasten from behind. They are firmly attached not only to the seatpost, but also to the trunk, if it is. But in this case they will have to separately acquire a special bracket with a lock.

It is possible to attach the product to the trunk only if the air diameter is from 28 to 40 millimeters.

The maximum seat on the seat is only 22 kilograms.

Recommendations for choosing

Before the acquisition of the Hamax cycle cleaner, you need to pay attention to some things. So, It is necessary to take into account the age of the child. As a rule, such products are designed for children not under 9 months. Such chairs in the future can be adjusted as the kid grown. In a more younger age, children are better not to carry on a bike.

Pay attention to the type of cyclers itself. It can be either front or rear. In the first case, the cyclist will be able to constantly monitor the child, but at the same time maneuverability will be much worse.

When choosing a rear seat bike can save good maneuverability. But at the same time the cyclist can not see the cyclist.

Such modern seen models always make with special means of fixing and protection, so children can be calm in them.

When choosing, look at the material from which the product is made. Almost all model chairs Hamax do From the safe for a person polypropylene. It is the optimal option for the baby, since it does not cause allergic reactions in children and does not create other inconveniences.

remember, that It is better to pick up samples with a high back and with lateral solid protection. In case of falling a bike, this design will allow you to fully protect the child from injuries.

An excellent option will be the seats with an extra hole made in the body of the product. It will ensure the ventilation of the structure. Especially this option will be convenient for hot weather.

Do not forget that It is better to acquire bicycle chairs with an adjustable back. In this case, they can easily decompose and fix it so that the child can fully relax in the fresh air.

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