Maxxis Bicycle Files: Features and Main Features

Maxxis Bicycle Files: Features and Main Features

Maxxis – One of the largest tire brands for bicycles belonging to the Taiwanese company. Products are represented in more than 170 countries of the world.

Features and characteristics

Maxxis bikes are distinguished by very high quality, because there are hard controls in production, where not only finished products are tested, but also computer models. Such a multi-level check absolutely excludes all possible defects and flaws. Tires of this brand are installed on many bicycles, especially they are relevant for models that are used on extreme cycling. To date, the range has more than 100 models of tires for bicycles. For their production use several new technologies developed by Maxxis:

  • Silkworm+
  • Kevlar Composite+
  • 3c+
  • EXO Protection+
  • L. U. S. T.+

Silkworm is used in production Exceptionally patented material, thanks to which the tire acquires greater resistance to different influences, including breakthroughs and worniness. In this case, the products do not lose their running characteristics, that is, the rotation of the wheels is stored in the same. Kevlar mainly used in universal and highway tires. It is distinguished by flexibility and ease, but at the same time pretty durable. Thanks to this characteristics, tires with this technology are great for high-speed bicycles.

3c – the newest brand development, such a technology (triple compound) makes it possible to produce tires that are distinguished by wear resistance and excellent adhesion features.

Mountain cycle bumps with such technology Different in good braking and easy passing even cool turns. EXO Protection tires are installed mainly on mountain biking, since such technology significantly strengthens the side of the tires, making them more durable and non-refined for side cuts.

Dragless tires with technology L. U. S. T. perfectly held air, possess durable walls and quite light weight. In the production of cycle bumps using MAXX Protect technology, a special polyvolox material is located between the treads and the nylon surfaces of the tires. This design adds a significant strength tire, despite a very thin layer of material.


Models of this brand are made in fact for any bike, even for children’s species. Mainly products are being developed for highway and mountain bikes, since such types of tires are most in demand. Also in the assortment you can find and cycling at 26 inches, although many manufacturers already refuse tires of this diameter (bikes with such tires are used for downhila – extreme mountain racing). The range of tires for bicycles MAXXIS is extremely wide and varied.

  • Maxxis Minion Dh – Most popular bicycle tires for downhyl style. Wheels have different protector, there are bevelled spikes on the front, contributing to rapid acceleration and good clutch with the road, and in the rear – conical, which also help to gain overclocking. Front tire has a 2.35-inch profile, and the rear – 2.5 inches.

A set of such tires weighs about 2 kg, but such a severity justifies itself with quality and high reliability.

  • MAXXIS MINION DHR Used mainly for the rear wheels of the bike, so it is often used on the mountain bikes for downhila. Such tires have two-level protection against punctures and rush, side walls also have double spikes, absolutely excluding side punctures. Such a tire weighs 1-1,265 kg, which increases the tap records from the road and the power of braking, besides, a bicycle with such tires is very maneuverable on turns.

The model has two varieties, but directly MAXXIS MINION DHR-2 has improved characteristics of central and side spikes. Such updates contribute to a faster speed set.

  • Maxxis Crossmark Use to ride bicycles in the style of Cross Country or on asphalt roads. Protective spikes have increased density, which gives excellent grip and good ruts on flat sites. Side spikes are located just above the central, it allows you to control the bike to turn. Such a model is universal for bicycles, which are used both for off-road driving and on asphalt, and its weight is small, 640 g.

  • Maxxis Dth it differs in a fairly wide range of tires of different inches, because it is considered universal. The model is suitable for both extreme cycling and simple ride on urban roads. It is characterized by good provision of rapid acceleration and grip on turns. In addition, it has a small weight contributing to the light right.

  • Detonator Use as a highway training tire, it has a double compound (the rubber is softer from the side, and the main has the strength of Silkworm material). Such a bike is very wear-resistant, besides, it is characterized by a small weight and acceptable price.

  • IKON – Developed based on the latest technology tire for cross country. It is based on a triple compound, these materials guarantee excellent rolls, emergency strength and ease of weight. In addition, IKON buckles are the lightest of all models for driving in the style of Cross Country.

  • EXO Differs in reinforced sides that exclude any side cuts, such rubber can be used both on racing bikes, and for easy off-road driving.

  • HIGH ROLLER – New development, tires are designed to drive in extreme conditions. This model has quite significant sizes and weight, which affects its extreme endurance. To the positive moments of such barking can be attributed good clutch and roll, ease of turns and quick braking. The material from which rubber on the treads is made is very soft, having quite a lot of faces, because of what a normal clutch occurs in a wet environment. There are additional cuts on the central spikes, and the side is distinguished by a narrow gap.

Such a feature makes a turn more smooth. In addition, the model has a very good clutch with roots, stones and other obstacles that does not give a bike to slide on such a road. In addition to Maxxis, no more product manufacturer can boast such a function. The model is distinguished by strength and durability, but poorly inflating.

  • Larsen TT Differs in a rigid compound, which affects the quality of the asphalt. But on the road with gravel, this model will allow to accelerate to considerable speed. Such bikes are good for turns with stones or dense dirt, but they are not suitable for driving on a more liquid medium. This is due to a weak side rose, so good clutch is possible only on a dry surface. This model is most suitable for mountain bikes.

  • Maxxis Ardenent characterized by a magnificent clutch and low rolling resistance. Such tires do not have large sizes and weight, well protected from a variety of punctures. These properties allow them to be used in fairly difficult conditions. The model is distinguished by the possibility of very fast braking and instant speed set when overclocking, which makes it an optimal option for moving through a hilly location. Maxxis Ardenent can be attributed to the cons of the bike coats of Maxxis Ardent, they cannot be used during rain, they slide, as well as weak grip with stony ledge. The camera is pretty resistant to punctures, because it has a protective layer.

Any model of Maxxis tires has durability, reliability and extremely high quality, so last years will last.

How to choose?

When choosing a tire first, you need to pay attention to its purpose. After all, the selection of the tire kit directly depends on the quality of the road. In addition, the new tire must match the specific dimensions suitable for the bike, they can be viewed on the side of the tire. The new model does not necessarily be the same, but you should not take a lot different in the parameters. INAgencies also take into account the necessary requirements for a coverol: the quality of the clutch, the power of rolling and braking. Having formed your wishes, you should view the characteristics of the MAXXIS models and choose the necessary.

No matter how much the choice is made, the buyer can be absolutely confident in the highest quality brand products.

In the next video you will find overview Tires Maxxis Ardent Race Exo Tubeless Ready.

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