Orbea bicycles: models, recommendations for choosing

Orbea bicycles: models, recommendations for choosing

Orbea bikes deserve no less attention than other solid manufacturers. But to enjoy the beauty of driving a bike, you need to correctly pick up his model and take into account other subtleties. Let’s see what the company can offer consumers in 2019.

Features of the supplier

The official site says that the activities of the company began in the 1840s, but then it was concentrated on the release of weapons. Only after 90 years, the release of bicycles was unfolded. Not 15 years old as the company managed to take a leading position in the industry in Spain. Since 1998, she has brought its products to the global market. Although the development and final assembly are still underway in Spanish territory, the main production is relocated to Asian countries.

Under the ORBEA brand, a variety of models are available:

  • for ride in the mountains+
  • For racing+
  • For moving along the highway+
  • Children’s+
  • Adult tourist bikes.

    Assembly lines are selected individually for each line. The company actively applies a variety of latest technologies. In this case, the production of each instance is organized manually. All materials are environmentally friendly.

    Orbea has a laboratory for the crash tests of bicycle technology. Not all manufacturers can boast such a division.

    It is curious that the company is organized in a cooperative format. Headquarters is located in the Basque Country, or rather in the province of Biskaya. Over the past 2-3 decades, the company successfully expands production and conquers increasingly strong positions abroad. In 2014, she has already supplied products in 65 states. Since the 1970s, ORBEA becomes a sponsor of professional cycling teams.

    The lineup

    AVANT H60 2018 is perfect for moving along the highway. Bike can be painted in white, black or red. Geometrically bike designed so that you can safely engage in long-term training. It is provided Ride efficiency and high speed development. The wheelbase and the length of the feathers were picked up so that the vibrations are reduced to a minimum when driving.

    As a result, ensured Saving forces with sharp acceleration and improved control over complex areas of tracks. It will be successfully completed even the most difficult highways and participate in an extreme competition. The model is characterized by a wide selection of options. These include:

    • Mechanical or electronic speed switches+
    • Ride or disk brakes+
    • Aluminum frames or carbon+
    • Entrance of amateur or calculated on class professionals.

      Attracts attention Efficiency technology, which provides the highest resistance to twisting and the most rational energy transfer from pedals to the rear wheel.

      The plug is designed so that it is like a larger gap to the tire. Corners and other parameters of parts are selected for each size bike individually.

      It is worth noticeing and to Orbea ORDU M20 Team. This high-screen bike is made of carbon. The main use of the bike is:

      • Universal Race on the track+
      • Triathlon+
      • cycling with separate start.

        Spokes, rims, tires rotate so that the pressure zones alternate in a special way. The dimension range varies from 1.52-1.65 to 1.82-1.95 m.

        For fast travel in the city the model will fit CARPE H40. In the proprietary description, it is mentioned about its style, harmony and concise appearance.

        Rama, fork and wheels are designed to guarantee increased speed. Service bike is easy. With this steering wheel, brakes work as efficiently as possible.

        If a children’s bike is required, it is worth paying attention to Grow 21V. The design is optimized for the use of children aged 3-5 years (provided that the growth is 1-1.1 m).

        Convenient to use, reliable and simple bike almost does not need maintenance. Geometry is chosen so that the children be comfortable. Seat, brake handles and steering wheel maximum ergonomic.

        Side wheels will make it easier to hold equilibrium. The casing prevents the capture of clothing chain.

        If you need to choose a bike with 20 inches wheels, you should give preference model Comfort 20 Pack. The product is painted in gray or black colors. Pleasure bike is called to move:

        • around town+
        • By settlers+
        • On the trails (if the distance is not too large).

          The product is great for a trip to work, shopping, for the cottage, for walking. In the “Comfort” line, there are both options with frames of classic type and designs with a low-top pipe (allowing you to ride even in long clothes). The manufacturer declares that You can use Orbea Comfort bikes completely calmly that they are reliable and unpretentious.

          Wheels are designed for harsh loads, even if they are maintained throughout the life.

          How to choose a bike to your liking

          A very important parameter of the bike is a glubarite wheels. It should be distinguished the diameter of the rim from the full diameter (taking into account the tire). Therefore, the overall cross section of the wheel includes also the thickness of the tire. Even with the same dimensions of the rim wheel can have a different size. Referring to the physical principles, it is not difficult to find that Increased wheel size leads to acceleration.

          But make strength for movement has much more. Therefore, it will be more difficult to disperse.

          For children’s bikes use wheels are not larger than 16 inches. If we talk about adult users, it must be borne in mind that mountain bikes with 29 inches movers on the far distance are slower than 26 inch, and in the sprint there is no particular difference.

          Because 29 inches recommended if you need to go along a decent road with rare breaks. Mountain campaign lovers, where you need to do frequent colors, will be more satisfied with a 26-inch bike. But envelope wheels also affect the passability of transport. And then there is a simple rule: the more, the better.

          With equal indicators, profile and width of the tires are crucial. The deeper the protector, the easier it will go to localities with complex access. The developers of the company ORBEA take into account in their work variable circumstances affecting the work of the suspension in various situations. It is necessary to take into account the properties of various carbon fibers. The tougher these fibers, the more reliable they turn out to be in practice, the less vibrations will be distributed.

          Bike fee depends on where it is assembled. Products with Spanish and Portuguese assembly are more expensive than manufactured by the full cycle in Asian countries. There is no difference as not particularly, however, the cost of the production itself above.

          The next step is when choosing – definition of suitable bike functionality. There is no point in acquiring the most expensive and functional model only because it is someone praised.

          However, and ignore the reviews do not follow. It is only necessary to concentrate when meeting them on the description of the main features of each product and the features of its operation. It is also necessary to pay attention to which details are most susceptible to wear and breakdowns. Highway models choose when they need to quickly overcome sports highways and tracks. Additionally, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

          • Features of shock absorbers+
          • Characteristics of pedals+
          • achievable speed and number of switchable speeds+
          • Type of brakes, Mainees+
          • Convenience Seat.

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