PHOENIX bikes: model range review

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PHOENIX bikes: model range review

Like other American products, the Phoenix bike (“Phoenix”) is beneficial compared with competing options. But in order to competently use it, you need to choose the right modification correctly (and they are quite varied). And of course, you need to find out what the main traits of the brand.

Main information

“Phoenixes” are produced in China. This brand is one of the best products in the country. The company began its work in the distance 1897. In modern form – in the format of the joint stock company – it appeared in 1993. Over the past 25 years, no wonderful thing has been lost. It was constantly paid to improving equipment and innovative developments.

Phoenix pays maximum attention to the image and disclosure of his nuances in practical development.

Engineers know how to seek their models:

  • Created a feeling of confidence+
  • It was suitable for lovers of a healthy lifestyle+
  • fully answered the spirit of our time.


Chinese manufacturer suggests Excellent PHOENIX M1 model.7. This bike is equipped with an aluminum frame and disk format brake. Hardtail painted on a very complex technology, which allows to achieve high coating resistance. Transmission is simple, but at the same time quite reliable. No need to make extra money for advanced technique and brand.

As for the size, this characteristic of the wheels of this model is 26 inches. Gas frame forms exactly 17 inches. Designers have provided 21 speeds. The mass of the bike – 15 kg + it is equipped with a shock-absorbing fork. Related feature is the equipment of the frontal sleeve eccentric from aluminum.

Disk type brakes work due to simple mechanical components.

Cassette is designed at 7 speeds. Tire width is 1.95 inches.

An alternative can be considered the PHOENIX TK 1300 model. This is a lightweight bike based on aluminum components with disk brakes. Steering column partially integrated. The lower pipe is formed with hydraulic processing. The product is quite reliable and stable. This model refers to the mining category and is equipped with a shock-absorbing fork. Wheels with a diameter of 26 inches fast stop, if only run into the course Tektro Radius Disc Brakes.


Positive estimates give the FH2601 version. According to Otzovik sites, 83% of consumers are recommended. The appearance is quite pleasant, and the price is available. However, it must be borne in mind that not for all people the steering wheel of this model is suitable. Disc brakes work quite reliable.

As for those found in different places of bad feedback, then everything is not so definitely. The minimum setting of the purchased children’s bike allows you to ride reliably and without any problems.

Wide tires effectively quench vibration oscillations and rolls along the way well. Note the ease and clarity of the transmission. Braking also does not represent any particular difficulties.

It is worth noting, however, because of the low arrangement of the hand, the hands are constantly tense while driving. It is necessary to think thoroughly, whether it will take any inconvenience. Saddles are quite comfortable, and the fun works well. Products use familiar classic stylistics. Welding works on a number of estimates are very good.

PHOENIX bike overview can be viewed in the following video.

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