PRIDE bicycles: model range and selection subtleties

PRIDE bicycles: model range and selection subtleties

The bike is becoming an increasingly common vehicle. Even the most lazy appreciated the versatility of the bicycle walk, which gives not only the benefit, but also pleasure. In order for two-wheeled transport for long years, he pleased with his owner, it is important when buying to give preference to high-quality models, for example, such that PRIDE produces.


Manufacturer Country Producer – Ukraine.

The first model that came down from the plant conveyor in 2006, became a children’s bike. Already then buyers highly appreciated the quality of the novelty.

Due to the relevance of goods, the company began to improve in the production of children’s bikes, but in 2010 the enterprise began to produce a mountain range of two-wheeled vehicles oriented towards cross country. Making advantage of its technological opportunities, a year later, the company began production of urban models.

At the beginning of its production path, PRIDE attracted to the design and design of freelance specialists, but Currently, the staff has its own team with extensive experience. All models are collected in enterprises with appropriate certificates, the quality of assembly and the sequence of production processes is strictly controlled.


The features of Pride models include a frame of aluminum alloy brand 6061.

According to the owners of bicycles, the advantages are also the quality of assembly, painting and geometry frames. This is due to the fact that today most frames from other well-known manufacturers are produced in Taiwan.

However, almost all components used are imported production. Good on bikes balanced body kit. As well as fans appreciate the company for her wide range.

List the most popular categories of models.

  • Children’s ruler. These are the most sought-after models. Perhaps the relevance of children’s bicycles and pride beggrel can be explained by the confidence of buyers to the Ukrainian company with more than 10 years old, because the company began its existence from the production of children’s products. Parents celebrate the reliability and safety of bicycles for children, good stability, the ability to choose a model for a child of a certain floor and age.

Each children’s bike is represented in a bright design that the children like so much. These are functional and high-quality copies.

  • City Series. In these models for adults, users celebrate high comfort, speed, maneuverability. Universal bikes please buyers and stylish design. Such bicycles allow you to quickly adapt to the bustle of the megalpolis. The copy is equipped with an anatomical form of frame, ergonomic seat and convenient brake system.

  • Cross Country. Bicycles of this group can be used both as an urban vehicle and off-road riding. This option is suitable for a long cycle machine. Cross Country Models can be called a hybrid of mountain and highway bikes.

  • Mountain bikes. This bike will be a permanent companion of fans of extreme cycling. It is suitable for ride on the unconfalined road, the forest path, gravel alleys. Owners celebrate not only the reliability and safety of the PRIDE mountain bike, but also comfort.

Due to the special design, the model protects sedodes from damage and injuries that may occur with rigid off-road ride.

The lineup

Pay attention to popular adults and children’s models Pride.

Pride Rocx Tour

This is a full-fledged touring bike made on a chromolibdden frame. Owners of such bikes celebrate among the advantages Softness ride, strength and reliability of construction.

This option has a frame with a variety of bonol and allows you to take luggage with you.

Tires have antiprocole protection and equipped with a reflective strip, which makes the bike as safe as possible even in the dark. Ratched users and comfortable steering wheel with highway monoblocks. Comfort when operating is achieved and a small mass of the unit – 12.9 kg.


This bike belongs To the city group. Frame made of aluminum. The model has front and rear disk mechanical brakes. Total suggested 7 speeds. The weight of the model is 11.9 kg, which is below the average standard mass of the usual urban bike, and it can not but rejoice cyclists.


In this case, a children’s model for boys aged 8-12 years old. SR SUNTOUR XCT fork is designed for light off-road, and it allows young riders to ride on any road.

The model has double rims than the durability of the instance is achieved.

Disk mechanical brakes provide smooth but quick stop, and parents may not worry about child safety. The bike has 21 speeds, aluminum frame and solid male design in black with blue and red items.


And this is an option for girls aged 8-12 years. It has 7 velocities, aluminum frame and disk mechanical brakes, which differ in efficiency even in conditions of dirt and water. The bike is designed for small ladies who know how much easier to ride with equipment, like adults. The model is performed in a gentle shade pink lime.

Subtleties of choice

Choosing the Pride brand models, listen to the recommendations of specialists.

  • First of all, decide on the appointment of the bike. If transport is needed for everyday use or riding from home to work, then buy urban models. When the bike is needed for a trip to the country, and the roads in the country village can not boast of good quality, then prefer the cross-country models. If you doubt the choice of on this item, then consult the seller.

  • When buying children’s bikes, be sure to specify the age for which the model is intended. The brand line has, for example, copies for children 5-8 years old and samples for guys aged 8-12 years. Models differ in the diameter of the wheels, and, of course, it is worth considering not only age, but also the growth of the child.

For a 5-year-old baby, you should not take a teenage model “on the grow out”, otherwise the learning process on an uncomfortable high bike only turns the child from the desire to learn how to ride.

  • Do not go around the party and classification of a bicycle by sexual sign. Female and men’s PRIDE models differ not only by the design, but also the design of the frames made in accordance with the anatomical features of the cyclists of both sexes.

  • Too low price of bikes PRIDE should alert buyer. The fact is that the real products can not cost cheap, since all body parts and materials are imported, and naturally, due to such components, the cost of the product cannot be low.

  • Buy Pride products only in proven stores specializing in sports goods. If you do not trust local sales points, then order the appropriate model in the online store, but you must carefully choose the site. Optimum option – order through the official website of the manufacturer.

The following video presents bike review PRIDE BULLET 2019.

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