Protection for a cyclist: what happens and how to choose?

Protection for a cyclist: what happens and how to choose?

For a cyclist, protection is important not less than the right choice of speed or bike itself. Even professionals are not insured against injuries, and emergency situations happen quite often. To prevent serious damage to prevent, need protection – a set of equipment used by rider during riding. In addition to the function of the booster, a mitigating blow, it often prevents such unpleasant problems as pain in the joints or muscle microarbers, ensuring the correct fixation in motion.

Helmets, glasses

Bicycle protection usually begins to be purchased from the helmet and glasses. Head safety is of great importance and requires the adoption of truly serious measures. The most simple bike protection – a helmet that can be different.

  • Highway. It is lightweight, has a casket shape, not equipped with a visor. Features high aerodynamic properties.

  • Cross Country. The most lightweight, well-purged option. Equipped with a visor from the Sun, plastic shell and comfortable adjustable straps.

  • “Kotelik”. This is a strong helmet with a high level of protection, suitable for Street, Dool, BMX.

  • Fullface. This option is more like a motorcycle. Used for extreme mountain ride, high-speed descent.

Velochoks perform a protective role when skating at speed and rough terrain, protect eyes from damage, irritation. Models with a UV filter help to avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet.

Catani glass glasses cannot be used, but you can order a sports model with plastic diopters.

How to protect yourself from injuries?

To ride a bike, it is recommended to purchase not only a special suit and helmet, protecting head. Protection requires other important parts of the body.


The main load here falls on the area of ​​the knee – and when falling, and during riding. Knee pads for cycling are simple and combined. The first is protected only directly to the knee cup and are informally referred to as “shells”, because they play the role of the very shockproof booster.

And also exist knee pads for riding fixing also on the shin. They are designed for such cycling disciplines, like Downhill, Freeride, BMX. Here it is much more often used by high Cadence – the speed of rotation of the pedals, often the leg just scores from the pedal, and it strikes the roof. Full protection will be removed from injury, makes it possible to confidently make different tricks.

Knee pads, unlike helmets, do not have restrictions on the number of drops. They can be used for a long time if there are no visible damage to the booster.

When forming cracks, ruptures of the material equipment better replace.

Hands and elbows

Hand protection must be comprehensive. First of all, it turns on linings on elbows – They can be short, closing only part of the forearm and elbow bend, and long. The second option is used in the discipline of the cross country and closes the hand from the forearm before the wrist. Short elbows are used in Freeride, Downhill, and ordinary city riding. Often used Combined protection kit, providing the ability to vary the degree of closedness of the hand.

To save the safety of brushes and palms when falling cyclists use gloves. For trips to high-speed bikes, they are always with short fingers. Classic format models are used as a demi-season option or apply in winter. Gloves serve not only shockproof boosters, but also prevent the appearance of corns from the steering wheel, in the area of ​​the knuckles there should be a seal. Hand protection The cyclists are always soft – hard structures are currently relevant for other sports, they interfere with the bike management.


To improve security during skating, specially applied special Toysticks. They consist of special pants or shorts supplemented by softening shocks plates. On the back and breasts wear “shell” from the interconnected plates or jacket with the same effect. Such boosters allow even with a fall or direct collision to protect the spine and ribs from injuries.

Protection of the case is used mainly in extreme skiing disciplines.

When it is elected, it is important to make sure that the pad does not argue the movements, it is easy to remove if necessary.

Best brands

Among firms worthy of, You can highlight a number of manufacturers of protection for cyclists.

  • Fox. Brand has existed since 1974, based in California, USA. The company produces not only amateur protection for women, men, children, but also works to create professional racing and sports equipment.

  • Cyclotech. Domestic brand belonging to the company “Sportmaster”. Releases products of primary and middle levels.

  • Cannondale. Another American manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of bicycles and accessories to them. Enjoys great respect among professional riders.

  • POC. Swedish brand, well-known thanks to the manufacture of high-class bicycle helmets. In addition, the company has a wide selection of other types of protection for riders with different preferences in Catania.

  • SixSixone. Brand specializes in creating equipment for BMX bikers, Street and Dört lovers. In stock Gloves, knee pads and elbows with an extended protection zone. Brand American, quite well established itself among athletes.

How to pick up?

When choosing a protective equipment for a cyclist, it is important to comply with several conditions.

  • Knee pads and elbows need to be asked. They must fit tightly, but keeping the normal air exchange, not to break the bloodstream.

If the belts are shifted with the foot, the hand is a reason to try on another equipment.

  • Find the right fastening type. Optimally if knee pads and elbows are fixed like stocking. They hold better, and not slip while driving.

  • Correctly determine the size of gloves. They should not trim and hand over a brush during compression. Hand must bend freely.

Optimal stock over the length of the fingers 3-6 mm.

  • In the place of protection, check for additional soft inserts. They compensate for the blow when falling.

  • Explore the quality of ventilation. If the equipment is made of neoprene, it will also provide sufficient hygroscopicity. When using other materials in the designs of the flaps there must be special holes for ventilation.

Following these recommendations, you can choose cycling without too much effort. It is important to remember that the equipment is better to try before buying.

About how to choose a helmet for cycling, you can find out in the video below.

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