PUKY bicycles: model range and selection features

PUKY bicycles: model range and selection features

Today, the range of children’s bicycles is represented by a large number of products from different brands. Among this list it is worth allocating PUKY bicycles with a number of features.

About brand

Among two-wheeled and three-wheeled products from the children’s line of bicycles, the German production model PUKY enjoys well-deserved demand worldwide. Conducted similar demand for 60 years of experience in the production of products for a ride, for which only high-quality European components and spare parts are used in the manufacturing process. Today, the model range of products is represented by various bikes and improved, which correspond to the current trends and needs of children and adolescents.

The brand bicycle line offers devices for driving, designed for different age groups, where the main nuances concerning the ergonomics and the needs of parents and the kid in each design. Puky offers bicycles that are not highlighted by high cost, and therefore will be available to most consumers.

Among the remarkable features of the children’s brand product line, it is worth noting models with a leather soft seat, regardless of the variety of bicycles, in the process of producing its products, the manufacturer uses exclusively powder technology painting structures.

Advantages and disadvantages

PUKY bicycle advantages should be attributed to the following features.

  • The manufacturer additionally equips the main construction node – a chain, special plastic protection. The presence of a similar element in the bicycle device has a positive effect on the convenience of its use and operational resource.
  • Separate attention deserve rubberized non-slip pads on pedals of children’s vehicles. They help novice cyclists smoothly move off the bike, excluding the slipping of the leg regardless of the type of shoes in which the child is dressed.
  • In the process of manufacturing their products, the manufacturer takes into account all possible features of the bicycle operating relating to various types of road coverage, where the child will ride, as well as weather and seasonal features that are able to make their adjustments. Therefore, there are special silicone plugs on the wings of the models, capable of protecting them from pollution.
  • Depending on the characteristics and age category, two types of brake systems are present for children on bicycles – on the sleeve at the back and on the steering wheel.
  • In Europe, there are special requirements for the safety of children when they are moved by bicycles, so the products of this brand is equipped with a special shockproof pillow placed on the steering wheel. In addition, for the convenience of the child, the models contain protective flu.
  • Among the additional accessories that are available in most brand designs should be noted the presence of a call and reflective parts.
  • The manufacturer also paid attention to the shape of a bicycle seat. The saddle of each model has a convenient and correct anatomical shape, which will be comfortable for both boys and girls.

However, PUKY bicycles are not deprived of some minuses.

  • European standards regarding growth parameters differ from domestic, in the light of what models that manufacturer are recommended for more adult children can be safely used much earlier because they will be convenient for the child younger age group.
  • Despite the huge work that the manufacturer has done to meet all the needs of parents who will help the kid to manage the bike with the help of a parent pen, it is worth noting that this component is not related to the steering mechanism. This causes some discomfort in the process of movement.

Assortment of products of this brand presents two-wheeled and three-wheeled models. The first category is recommended for children from 3 years. The design of bicycles in appearance corresponds to modern trends, the models are made in accordance with all safety requirements. Wheels have a diameter of 12 or 16 inches. Bicycles from the second category are intended for the use of children, whose growth will be more than 80 centimeters, 3-wheel models for additional convenience have a folding handle for parents, which can be adjusted not only in length, but also by tilt.

    As for the seat, the saddle has a soft back, a footboard is present for the legs.

    The following models are in demand among three-wheeled products.

    • Puky Fitsch. Designed for children from 1.5 years and older. The model has a lightweight design, so it is quite simple to control even a novice cyclist. The bike itself is small in comparison with the analogs, there is a handle for parents.

    • PUKY CAT S6. The three-wheeled model recommended for the acquisition of children is not older than 3 years. Among the design features, it is worth highlighting the presence of a brake system on the rear wheels, locking the front wheel rotation. For the convenience of parents, the bike has a spacious removable bag and an ergonomic high handle, a footboard is present for a child.

    • Puky Cat Is. This option should be purchased for children in more than a meter. Among the additional advantages of the model is worth noting the presence of a manual brake, a removable parent pen, as well as the possibility of blocking the movement of the front wheel.

    • PUKY CEETY CAT S6. Products for children from one year. That is why the bicycle seat is additionally equipped with seat belts, removable adjustable holder. This model makes special safety requirements, in the light of the frame frame is cederable in such a way that the bike tipping is not possible even with a restless child in the chair. This feature puts a model in one safety line with four-wheeled structures.

    In addition, this model can be transformed into a bike for an older baby who can spin the pedals.

    Among the two-wheeled products of the German trademark is to highlight the following sought-after bicycles.

    • PUKY ZLX. Lightweight bike with aluminum frame and 18 inches wheels with lightweight discs.

    • Puky Crusader. Reliable children’s bike having a protective shield on the chain. Also among the positive features of the model it is worth highlighting the presence of a footboard and trunk, aluminum frames, alarm bell.

    • PUKY SKYRIDE. Universal bike for teenagers recommended by the manufacturer for riding school children. The bike has a 21-speed gear switch and 20 inches wheels.

    Additional accessories

    Among important components for children’s bicycles, the manufacturer offers the following products:

    • Helmets presented in large colors of varieties, different shapes and models+
    • Children’s bags and backpacks+
    • Additional protective equipment in the form of knee pads and elbows, gloves+
    • Also for complete configuration of bicycles you can buy special cycling children’s water bottles+
    • For the smallest models of bicycles with a shovel, which is used as a stalk part of the parent pen+
    • Among other useful devices there are baskets with a capacity of up to 6 kilograms, belts for bags.

    Criterias of choice

    The assortment of children’s bicycles PUKY is represented by a large number of different designs. To make the right choice, it is worth considering the following nuances.

    • All existing designs are highlighted by a high degree of reliability. Therefore, when choosing should be based on age, and most importantly – the growth of the child. It is best to go for a new bicycle along with the baby. Conducted by some discrepancies in the adopted standards of age and growth of children who are used by the manufacturer.
    • In the assortment there are models with designs for girls and for boys, You can also find universal options that are recommended for the acquisition in families with several interpretable and multi-seater children.
    • Three-wheeled German brand models are designed for growth from 104 centimeters, However, there is an adjustment with deviations in a large side by 5-7 centimeters.
    • Children from 2 to 6 years, Whose growth will vary within 115 centimeters, it is recommended to consider models with wheel diameters from 12 to 16 inches. It is preferable to take bicycles with a frame of steel or aluminum designed for heavy loads.
    • For children from 6 to 8 years, Whose growth will be about 130 centimeters, the manufacturer offers two-wheeled models with 20 inches wheels. Convenient in operation will be options with changing speeds and riming brake systems.
    • For a child over 9 years old You need to consider bicycles with 20 inches wheels that will have disc brakes and speed switch.

    Frames for such models in size will be a little yield to adult pleasure bikes.

    Operating tips

      In order for the children’s bike to serve its owner as long as possible, The manufacturer recommends in the process of care to adhere to the following recommendations.

      • Before going to the bikerogulk, parents should conduct a mandatory test of the design. Special attention will be required to devote the brakes if available, as well as the Ru. Mechanisms in the brake system must be triggered from one press. Daily inspections will avoid traumatic situations. Also special attention on children’s bikes deserves a parent pen. It should not be fused, fastening and fixing should be reliable.
      • Operating a bike, you need to constantly monitor tire pressure. In priority, you need to stick to the level of pressure that is registered in the instructions.
      • It is also worth paying a separate attention to the component of the mechanism that come into disrepair faster than all. This applies to parts in contact with the surface of the Earth, which carry out their movement by friction. Regular inspection and lubrication will require chain, stars and switches, wheels on wheels, carriage and t. D.
      • Extend the operational resource of the bicycle will help timely cleaning and washing of a children’s vehicle, especially when operating it off-road and in rainy weather.
      • Store bike follows in a ventilated and dry room, avoiding high humidity and sharp air temperature fluctuations.

      About PUKY Bicycle Choices See next video.

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