Racer bicycles: model range and selection subtleties

Racer bicycles: model range and selection subtleties

Bicycles firmly entered modern life. They are used not only children, but also adults. In some countries, they remain a popular movement tool, which allows you to avoid traffic jams. In addition, there is a wide variety of models depending on their purpose. Production of this type of transport is engaged in various companies. Special attention deserves a trading mark Racer. Read more about the company’s features and models that it offers, you will learn from this article.


RACER Ten years old supplies high-quality bicycle models to the Russian market, as well as the domestic markets of the EU countries. At the moment there are more than 200 official dealers of Racer.

The company has its own plant, which produces over 100 thousand. Models of technology. Racer specialists are constantly developing and implementing the latest technologies, as well as the production of new series.

The main activity of the company is the production of motorcycles and scooters, but also it is engaged in the manufacture of bicycles.

Employees of the company are always aware of all new trends, gradually improving technical indicators of their bicycles. Moreover, they carefully think over the design of all designs. All models are manufactured from high quality materials. The country-producer of parts are Japan, China and Taiwan.


The company presents a wide selection of bicycles in various price and age categories. Consider the most popular designs.

Racer 510-12

The model for kids is made of hard steel. Bike is equipped with a foot brake and beep.

Seat made of genuine leather, and plastic tire and wings.

The kit includes a handle for control, umbrella and lining on the steering wheel. The model is available in yellow, green, red and purple colors.

Racer 910-16

This model is designed for children who have already learned to ride two wheels. But the kit includes side plastic wheels for learning. The bike is only one speed, front and rear brakes. Rama, fork, steering wheel and rim made of steel, saddle of genuine leather, tires from nylon, and wings and side wheels from plastic. The model can be blue or red colors.

Racer 942-20

This is an adult steel model equipped with rear shock absorption suspension. The design is supplemented with a joysun 20 * GS-101S depreciation fork. Bicycle rim made of aluminum, nylon tires, and plastic wings.

The kit includes a call and a footboard. The choice is yellow, green and red colors.

Racer 26

This is an adult series of bicycles with wheels with a diameter of 26 inches. Rama and fork in all models of this series are made of steel, and aluminum rim. Bicycles have sleeve brakes and 18 speeds.

Customer Reviews

According to users, the Bikes of the Racer brand have both advantages and disadvantages. Many celebrate good depreciation and tires. Also adult bicycles are equipped with a reinforced aluminum frame. Everyone converge on the fact that the models have an attractive design.

As for the shortcomings, insome models are missing. Moreover, the search for spare parts for a bike Racer is a rather difficult task. And as a result, it is not always high-quality bicycle assembly, especially it concerns mountain structures, they sometimes break.

How to choose?

When choosing a bike for both children and adults, it is important to consider certain factors.

  1. Height. The size of the bike must match the growth, otherwise it will be difficult to get to the pedals.
  2. Adjustment. Purchasing a children’s model, this criterion is especially necessary to take into account. Children grow rapidly, so not to buy a new model for the next season, you need to choose an option that is easily adjustable in height. With adult models is a bit simpler, but if the bike will use several family members of different growth, then adjustment is important.
  3. Purpose. When choosing a bike, it is important to determine what purpose you need it. The market presents urban, tourist, sports and pleasure options.

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