Road signs for cyclists

Road signs for cyclists

You can meet a biker on the road not so rarely. But to everyone who decides to join this wonderful group of people, you need to know the basic rules of movement. Failure to comply with indication of signs can turn out not only fine or warning, but also serious health effects.


Oddly enough, but people who constantly moving there and bikes are less and less faced with problems due to their violations. They know the basic rules and nuances of riding on a specific city or region.

However, the risk becomes much higher if a person sits on a bike for the first time. Or when someone rides occasionally. Yes, and transfer to the weekend from the car (motorcycle) on the bike is quite difficult.

Prohibiting notation

To begin with, it is worth dealing with prohibiting travel by conventional notation. These include:

  • Sign – “Entry is blocked” (complete inaccessibility for any transport)+
  • Sign 3.2 – “Movement Prohibition”+
  • Sign 3.nine – “The path of bicycles and mopeds is closed”.

    Graphically, these signs look like this:

    • White dash in a red circle+
    • Red circle with thin black border, inside the circle is a white circle+
    • The same as in the previous paragraph, but with a stylized image of a black bike.

    It should be borne in mind that sign 3.2. does not apply to transport moving disabled 1 and 2 groups. Remember it is simply enough to keep the poetic phrase in the mind “in the Red Circle you can’t ride”.

    But on this list of signs that do not allow you to drive a bike, it is not exhausted. It is important to know and symbol – “Highway”. These are two wide white stripes on a green background, intersectable in the middle of a narrow white strip. In the interval between the stripes there is also a green plot.

    In areas marked with 5 sign.1, it is prohibited to ride all vehicles, unable to accelerate to 40 km / h. Therefore, conventional cyclists will have to look for another way. A happy exception will make drivers of electric bikes capable of moving at a speed of up to 50 km / h. They can go in a general stream according to the rules intended for mopeds, but only until the electric motor works.

    IMPORTANT: In places with such markup, it is unacceptable to ride a rear. No less important than the “Bicycle Movement” sign is prohibited, and a sign 5.3 allowing cars only for cars.

    In such sites, transport can not be used, the speed of which is limited to 40 km / h and less. As in the case of a symbol of 5.1, here is allowed to move the movement of fast electric bikes. But under the ban again falls back.

    Road restrictions

    In traffic police of the Russian Federation there are some more signs whose meanings are reduced to the fact that cycling is permitted in some cases. Here refers, for example, Symbol – “Track for walking”. They mark the place from which space allowed for pedestrians. The designation is simple: it is a round shape, inside the sign on a blue background painted a white stylized figure. Move on the pedestrian walkway is allowed:

    • cyclists up to 14 years old – always+
    • cyclists after 14 years accompanying younger rides+
    • Cyclists after 14 years, advent of preschool child on the second seat+
    • Cyclists after 14 years when it is impossible to move at all other reserved traffic rules and routes.

      The sign “Pedestrian Zone” will also please the lovers of two-wheeled transport. But only under the condition that they have no 14 years. It looks like a designation as a white pedestrian figure inside a blue circle. Of course, on this signs allowing a bike, not exhausted. And the most pleasant of them are still ahead.

      Resolution signs

      Sign 4.five.4. (“Pedestrian-bicycle path”) has a round shape and divided by a lane into two parts. In one part, the image of a pedestrian is placed, and in the other – bike. The sign of the sign is counting on the place of its installation and continues until the sign establishes the other mode of movement. But most often a pedestrian-bicycle path ends with the same sign that it starts, only a crossed red stripe.

      Directly on the way you can go if the sign 5 is installed.eleven.1 – “Road with a strip for route transport”. In this case, the cyclists need to use only the allocated strip, the movement on which is sent against the main stream. It is shown by the division of the blue field into two parts, on one of which the bus with an arrow is placed. A similar value is a sign 5.eleven.2 – “Strip for cyclists”, however, instead of a bus, the “Bicycle” icon is set in front of the arrow. The end of the resolved travel band shows the same symbol only with the crown image.

      There is also a sign “Bicycle zone”. He looks like this:

      • White rectangle in thin black frame+
      • Inside there is a blue circle+
      • There is a white bike in the circle+
      • above the circle, at the top of the sign there are large letters “zone”.

        The site ends the same sign, only with a gray circle, which is crossed on the diagonal. Bicycle owners have an advantage over mechanical transport throughout the area. As for the sign “Bike in a red triangle”, then it is not addressed not to cyclists, but drivers. This is a warning about the close intersection with a bicycle path.

        IMPORTANT: At the intersection of the roadway, the advantage of the law is given to motorists.

        As for the signs on a black background with the main yellow part, they are installed for the time of repair or restoration work. The value will be the same as the similar symbols of standard coloring. And a few more subtleties:

        • When driving around the bike zone, you can turn left and unfold+
        • You can ride on it no faster 20 km / h+
        • Pedestrians can move cycling zones and tracks (it is to move, and not to move on them!) anywhere, but without priority+
        • In the cycling area of ​​the cyclist more significant than the motorist or motorcyclist.

        Lecture PDD for cyclists See further.

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