Schwinn bicycles: description of models and selection criteria

Schwinn bicycles: description of models and selection criteria

There are dozens and even hundreds of bicycle transport. But Schwinn’s products cannot be put in a common row, it really deserves a separate parsing.


Schwinn Bicycle Manufacturer is USA. Based this company was practically at the dawn of bicycle era. The brand was obtained in honor of one of the founders – Chicago engineer Ignaz Schwin. Created company was in 1895, and in the next century reached almost leading positions in its industry. Schwin worked on the creation of bicycles before – even before his emigration from Germany in 1891.

Just in the 1890s turned out to be a gracious time to start the release of bikes. They were fond of hundreds of thousands and even millions of people worldwide, including in the US. Market niche was practically not busy. But at the beginning of the twentieth century, the situation has changed – motorcycles and cars began to spread. Only in the 1920s managed to correct the case and start the production of a number of innovative models of bicycle transport.

Schwinn bicycles produce a long time ago, and the accumulated experience allows you to provide excellent comfort for ride. This does not affect the age of consumers, nor their physical training. Excellent quality have:

  • Children’s+
  • Highway+
  • Urban+
  • Teen models+
  • Crewers+
  • Mountain bikes.

The cultric company of US cycling – that’s what Schwinn. Many celebrities, including world-class, are actively using the bikes of this brand. Just on such a bike began his career legendary Lance Armstrong, and he participated in the first professional competitions in his life. Since 1988, the company has merged with another major manufacturer – GT Bycycles, which made it possible to significantly increase the level of innovation activity.

Today, the company continues to create constructions that continue to win on large competitions and satisfy requests of ordinary consumers.

Advantages and disadvantages

The company, as already mentioned, focuses on the fact that her models are comfortable for consumers. The brand itself is known in many states, including in Russia. Because the acquisition of its products is justified by the fact that it will be recognized. It is necessary to understand that the massively manufactured models are adapted rather not on professional athletes, but on ordinary lovers. Depending on the purpose of the purchase, this can consider both dignity and disadvantage.

A specially “budget” model cannot be purchased; they are simply not distinguished into a separate category. However, the firm successfully meets the requirements of people who prefer various ski styles. She has suggestions for any age group, for women and men. The Schwinn manual managed to ensure decent product quality in any of these categories. However, really “steep” bicycles for tricks and riding in extreme conditions The company cannot offer.

Brand weakness can be considered Minor selection of Mountinbikes. And only Hardteels are present in the MTB group. Count on the purchase of fatbike or two-power will not work. But the firm is conveniently distributed its products for the purpose for men, women, and also allocated a universal group. Purely men’s bikes are only among the Mountainbikes and cruise bikes. Purely women are recognized by:

  • Lower frame+
  • Thirdly roll+
  • Softened expanded seat.

Summing up, you can confidently say that the American brand is different:

  • latitude of model range+
  • active application of modern developments+
  • External appeal+
  • high enough price (compared to other manufacturers supplying similar class products).

Now let’s see what is an assortment of American bicycle Schwinn. In the number of cruises, Hornet is highlighted. “Hornet” externally resembles motorcycles of the 1940-50s. Filshback is equipped with a glove compartment with a code lock. The frame was designed with the calculation on the most comfortable ride.

To solve this problem, used spring-loaded saddle. It is also provided for the adjustment of the steering wheel not only in height, but also by the slope. The chain is protected throughout, because the clothes of the driving will remain clean. To be more convenient to park, put the footboard. Other features are:

  • Branded aluminum frame of 18.6 inches+
  • Full format wings+
  • Planetary three-speed bushing.

    Among the children’s models is beneficial Mesa with 20 inches wheels. The advantages of modifications are considered:

    • ease+
    • Availability of 7 speeds+
    • Reliability of brakes+
    • Aluminum Rama fortress+
    • Reliable Leading Star Protection+
    • Aluminum rim.

    Bike is designed for children with age from 6 to 9 years (provided that their growth is 1.15-1.3 m).

    As an alternative, you can consider a female bike Sprite. It has an elegant appearance and moreover has excellent complete set. Due to the low frame, it is possible to safely ride it even in elegant dresses. At 7 speeds, it is convenient to move in the urban environment and in the park.

    The design is quite simple, and even those who have never went to the bike can figure it out in it. The footboard is designed with the cost of storing the bike. Speed ​​switches are made in Shimano factories, which guarantees their high quality.

    Attention deserves and model Hollywood. It is not by chance that this cruise bike was called in honor of the world famous cinematography of the California district. The bends of the frame of the bike are constructed in the classic spirit. Fashbak is designed for all the rules. Full format wings and white edges of tires allow you to make a design unusually elegant, memorable at first sight. Filshbak is also quite elegant, while it is provided for its closure on the code lock. Mandatory feature of the model turn out to be a saddle with springboard and bending steering.

    But if you need to choose a children’s bike with 20 inches wheels, it is worth paying attention to Aerostar. Lightweight aluminum frame lowers a lot of bike and simplifies training for kids. Benefit brings and the possibility of a comfortable landing. Wide brakes stop motion very quickly. The model is designed for age from 6 to 9 years old with an increase of 1.15-1.3 m.

    But seeking to buy a worthy female bike will certainly fit Sierra Women. For a long time, this device has remained most popular among this category. Designers have provided a shock-absorbing fork, almost preventing unwanted steering vibrations. Springs under the saddle and a special pin (ibid) also allow you to soften shaking and other oscillations. To maximize relaxation of rides, pedals put forward as much as possible in relation to the saddle. An attractive feature of the model is the presence of 21 speeds. It is also worth mentioning about proven double Trucks of the ALEX RIMS brand.

    Next version – Stardust – Designed for children. It is equipped with 20 inches wheels. Branded description indicates that Bicycle appearance suitable primarily for girls.

    Tires literally snow-white, and steering knobs are decorated with bright tassels. At the same time, the developers assure that in addition to the appearance, they also took care of security. Especially marked reliability and efficiency of override brakes.

    Complete the same overview of the ruler appropriate to Roadster Trike. This is a three-wheeled bike in retrostile, having a low center of gravity. The chromium coating of the wings, the steering wheel and calls will have to taste both children and parents. Due to the pad for standing skating you can easily get used to high speed. Pedals are placed on the front wheel. Frame from steel is quite reliable. Three-wheeled design, according to the manufacturer’s statements, Designed for kids from 18 months to 4 years.

    The previously popular Corvette model on the official site is not listed, since it is removed from the production.

    Criterias of choice

    Schwinn offers clear tables for the selection of bicycles and a metric scale, and in inches. But these tables refer only to premium modifications. If the bike has standard dimensions, the selection needs to be conducted independently. Be sure to take into account the difference between Mountains, highway transport and bike for the city with a high profile. With the “intermediate” growth values, the bike is selected by purpose.

    Daily trips are better and more pleasant if the frame is smaller in size. Fast movement is facilitated with a larger dimension frame. Lovers riding with tricks need to choose a frame for 2 sizes less. It must be remembered that Each additional frame size is about 0.2 kg. In addition, the maneuverability of the vehicle depends on the size of the main part.

    If the body weight exceeds 80 kg, it makes no sense to take budgetary bikes. Even in the case when they relate to advanced series. For two and more alternately enjoyed people, one bike is suitable if the difference in growth is limited to 0.1 m. It is desirable that she fit into one discharge of a growth table. And of course, you should carefully study reviews.

    Review reviews

    Stardust is evaluated positively for coloring, a common designer concept and pickup. Its wheels are comfortable, paint used high quality. But at the same time, users note insufficient rolls and sometimes overshadowed the claimed mass. Also come with complaints of excess “volume” of wheels when driving.

    AeroStar model is generally much better. Her prases for the design and kind. However, it must be borne in mind that the raising of the steering wheel is possible a maximum of 0.03 m. If you lift it more, then the pin, holding the ram, is not included in the attachment. This bike is easy. But the bike himself is heavy, and the tires can be given to the smell of rubber.

    Schwinn bike overview Look in the video below.

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