Shulz bikes: Best models, selection and operation tips

Shulz bikes: Best models, selection and operation tips

The bikes under this brand have already been known for quite a long time. Yes, it is impossible to be called an international grand, but with its tasks, the products are coping with successful. Let’s see what the company is shulz and that it can offer consumers.

About brand

To understand what the shulz bike is, you need to start with official information from the manufacturer. This company works in our country. And, as any domestic manufacturer, most adequately takes into account the needs of customers and end users. Curious and the path that the company did. Many other manufacturers or launched production from scratch, or started with different profiles, sometimes very far from the bikes.

Shulz and starting point had bicycle rental. Based on the accumulated experience, they managed to understand what should be a two-wheeled technique, as they provide simplicity of design and reliability at the same time. Actually analyzed the cumulative experience of other firms. Own bicycles on the company’s capacity produced since 2008.

Industrial facilities are located in Taiwan.

Product range continuously increases. The company is growing both, since it has to use the skills of various performers. At the very beginning, the main focus was made on the sector of folding models, because they were the cheapest. Designers sought to create devices that would allow to go immediately after landing.

In 2010, under this brand, 2 models are presented, and another year – already 5 modifications. Corporate policy implies the painting of the luggage compartment and the wings in the same tone as the frame. Coloring is selected in such a way that the appearance is positive and at the same time soliden. Many years of experience of the producing enterprise is an additional guarantee of quality. Now we need to find out what they say about SHULZ models in general professional experts.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most important advantage of the brand to European competitors is the cheapness of finished products. Yes, made under German, French or Italian brands sometimes perfect, but also the level of prices is rooted. Wherein Modern technologies are actively used. The manufacturer declares that it provides excellent design and increased reliability of the design. SHULZ bikes are not too heavy and calculated even on harsh operating conditions.

As for the shortcomings, they need to be disassembled more on the example of individual models – in general, products justify expectations. Sometimes there are only screens and other outsiders. IMPORTANT: part of the rides can not call significant noticeable defects. Specific brand features are:

  • Careful saddled geometry+
  • Planetary type sleeve+
  • Availability of several speeds+
  • The possibility of folding the steering wheel.

Review models

Modification Max Collected on the basis of a strong frame made of steel. It is not difficult to adjust the steering mechanism and the seat under its own growth. Thanks to double rims, you can provide increased reliability and facilitate everyday ride. The default bike is equipped with wheels with a diameter of 20 inches. Only option is possible with red color. Other features such:

  • The presence of a folding mode+
  • Own weight – 14.3 kg+
  • Gapure after folding – 0.82×0.69×0.33 m+
  • Rostovka – 1.5-2 m+
  • Permissible load – 100 kg+
  • Wide brakes+
  • Milled aluminum rim with 28 spokes+
  • Hi-Ten steel fork+
  • Anatomical flu with fixing node+
  • Seat of leatherette with elastic filling+
  • target destination for urban conditions.

Krabi Coaster – can also be a good choice. This bike is equipped with aluminum frame and a three-speed planetary-type sleeve. An important advantage is that the sleeve do at the shimano factories. Wheels of 24 inches and a wide comfortable seat allow you to comfortably dissect for any roads, including country ground trails. Delivery set includes a case.

The mass of the bike is 13.7 kg. After folding its envelope – 0.89×0,36×0.74 m. For the manufacture of the frame use the alloy of the brand 6061. The frame has only one size, calculated on Rostovka 1.5-2 m. 3 velocities were sold, and in double aluminum rims there are 28 or 36 spokes.

The plug does not have a shock absorber, and the size of the seat is 0.26×0.24 m.

An important feature of the product is the combination of front rim and rear foot brakes. The length of the seat pin reaches 0.42 m. The system is equipped with a star with 40 teeth. When creating anterior sleeve, closed industrial-level bearings are used. Delivery set includes:

  • Bike Storage Case+
  • Luggage device+
  • wings+
  • footing+
  • bike bell+
  • Light reflectors.

Can consider such an alternative as Krabi Multi. Bike with 7 speeds equipped with 24-inch propulsioners and a wide comfortable seat. It is convenient to pass on it even on a relatively difficult road. Attractive coloring “Starry Night” will immediately like others.

The mass of the bike is 14.5 kg + after folding the dimensions will be equal to 0.91×0.75×0.36 m.

Both brakes belong to the rimp. In double rims – 28 or 36 spokes. Tires have a camera with an autoniplayer. Anatomical flu is complemented by a retainer. The diameter of the pin under the saddle is 0.039 m + removal of aluminum, and it is impossible to regulate it.

An attractive sample can be considered a bike Lentus. Designers took care of the use of a lightweight frame from aluminum. Tires are quite wide. Planetary sleeve is designed for 8 speeds. Provided equipping of solid disc brakes.

All items and assembly are generally optimized for driving in hard conditions. The remaining features are as follows:

  • Own weight – 14.5 kg+
  • The size is folded – 0.81×0.71×0.39 m+
  • Wheels – 20 inches+
  • Rim – with 32ps+
  • Disc brakes+
  • Limit load – 120 kg+
  • A lot of bike in the package – 16.7 kg.

Attention deserves bike Hopper. He has 3 speeds, and the manufacturer promises that the bike can be easy to put in the trunk of the car. The design is designed for adults and children not under 7 years old (with a growth group from 1.4 m). Default on an orange bike is set by a diameter of 16 inches. All together allows you to conclude that Hopper 3 fully justifies the money requested by the manufacturer.

Hopper baby bike mass is 9.5 kg. After folding, its dimensions decrease to 0.75×0,36×0.63 m. There is only one growth size (on an increase of 1.4-1.85 m). In the manufacture of pedals, plastic of the high fortress is used. The steering column is made according to a partially integrated scheme without thread.

But you can look at the version Hopper XL. This is also a folding bike, but designed for lovers of sports travel. It is equipped with 18 inches wheels. The product is also suitable for high growth people.

Delivery set contains wings and luggage boxes.

As an alternative, the bike model is often considered Goa. Product Complete three-speed planetary-type sleeve from Shimano. A variety with brakes V-BRAKE manifests itself very well. It is equipped with wheels with a diameter of 20 inches. The main characteristics are as follows:

  • Mass – 12.3 kg+
  • front rim and rear foot brake+
  • Rim – with 28 spokes+
  • Pins under the seat with a length of 0.58 m and a diameter of 0.039 m.

Model Just, According to serious sources, it is not for sale anywhere. But Easy’s bikes operate at 7 speeds. The proprietary description is mentioned that the frame is painted in bright tones. Thanks to widespread tires You can guarantee comfort not only in big cities, but also when traveling along the dirt road. The mass of the bike is 13.2 kg, and 52 teeth are used in the star.

Criterias of choice

Selecting a children’s bike, it makes no sense to give preference to wheels with wheels larger than 16 inches. Mass should not be more than 9-10 kg. But at the same time it must be remembered that usually the requirements are still tougher – the bike mass must be a maximum of 50% of the user’s mass. The following significant circumstance is the settings of the connecting rods. Their length should be equal to 10% of children’s growth.

Q-FACTOR (he is a distance between pedals) is normal of 0.1 m. Cheap models have this indicator is unacceptable great. As a result, the pedals are spinning incorrectly, the joints are tested by an unnecessarily load, and the bicycle body flies in one, then in the other side. The next moment – the height of the steering. Than it is more, the better the transportation for a quiet ride.

However, with a standing ride, the pedals will then be more difficult. Foot brakes allow you to abandon cables and steering handles. However, put the pedal to the starting location will be more difficult. Still disappears the ability to quickly remove the rear wheel. Yes, and the rear sleeve in this case shaves the bike.

On riming brakes it is easier to teach children and other beginners of rides to the right stop.

As for the price, you need to remember – lightweight aluminum versions are not cheap. Additionally, remember:

  • Acquaintance with reviews+
  • Personal running bicycle+
  • verification of licenses and technical documentation+
  • Getting tips from experienced users.

Operating tips

Folding SHULZ bicycles are default only for solid coatings and good dirt roads. For the consequences of riding on any other locality, the manufacturer of responsibility is not. He also warns from the commission of tricks, from high-speed races and such actions. You should avoid exceeding the maximum allowable load on the bike. Be sure to clarify the maximum permissible increase in the rider.

Before traveling advise Check the quality of the seat fastening and adjust the height of the steering wheel. Firm warns, among other things, that cyclists are required to execute local laws and rules. Reference and safety Baic need to check before any departure to the road. Especially the quality of the fastening of wheels and the performance of the brakes should be checked. If the state of any node is not appreciated independently, you need to immediately contact professionals.

In crude and cold weather, the efficiency of the brakes repeatedly falls. Therefore, you need to move slower and carefully control the situation around. And on the trips to the rainy night or in the fog, it is better to refrain at all. High-quality bike should not hang anything and creak. It is recommended to regularly check the level of tire pressure.

Overview of reviews of owners

People respond positively about the bike Shulz Hopper XL. The product is valued for the style, for the external beauty and for ease. Es even residents of the upper floors may use. Seats are convenient for everyday use. Reviews are written about the strength of the connection of the mechanisms.

Model Shulz Mika also justifies consumer expectations. Noted acceptable cost and ease of use. Krabi Coaster praise for a decent seat, for a decent gas. But at the same time pay attention to very strange first impressions (until 1-2 km will be passing).

Max modification bike is excellent, in addition, pay attention to the solid rolling and other data necessary for riding.

Testing Folding Bikes SHULZ GOA 20 “and Krabi 24” See in the following video.

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