Sigma Sport Cycomputers: Model Overview and Operating Tips

Sigma Sport Cycomputers: Model Overview and Operating Tips

A cycling ride may be easy and pleasant, but at the present level its comfort directly depends on the level of the equipment of the bike. An important role can be played not only mechanical parts, but also cycomputeter Sigma Sport. It is necessary to deal with it in advance, otherwise you can face serious troubles.

The lineup

You should start with the assessment of the proposal that Sigma addresses consumers. Popular More Recent Modification Sigma 1200 WL stopped satisfying the manufacturer, so it was removed from production. However, there is an attractive version – ROX 7.0 GPS Black. Use this device is quite easy and just.

Among the advantages of the model are allocated the following positions:

  • Pre-installed profiles+
  • Satellite navigation tracks+
  • Determination of height above sea level using a barometer+
  • Increased performance.

The system is able to calculate not only the current, but also average speed. Taking into account data on speeds according to the special formula, the total calorie consumption is calculated. Of course, the distance is measured and traveled. The altimeter is designed in such a way that it is possible to determine not only the height at the moment, but also the height of the profile, as well as the rates rate (measured in meters per minute). An additional option is Determination of the slope of the slope (in percent).

Navigation capabilities deserve separate attention ROX 7.0 GPS Black. This unit will be able to set the distance to the destination, the track category and the expected arrival time in the intended point, as well as the estimated time on the way. Built-in digital compass has 3 axis. The device is protected from water penetration, can show the current date, time (in 12 or 24 hours format), time spent on training.

The display has a size of 1.7 inches, and the total mass of the bike computer is 61 g.

Well-deserved popularity and wireless computer BC 14.16 STS Cad. The device shows the expected time of arrival or the required time and distance distance. The benefit, at least purely psychologically, has a calculation of kilometers passed with recalculation of fuel consumption on averaged car. To connect with smartphones on the android platform, an NFC connection is provided. To connect, you need to install a special application on smartphone.

The default data processing is provided with the two wheel sizes. The start of a cycomputer can occur in automatic mode. It is also allowed to automatically pair it with a smartphone. Designers have provided current saving mode and screen backlighting. To transfer data to the data station from Topline 2016 release.

Other advantages of the model are:

  • Availability of 7 stipulated languages+
  • Training statistics for 1 year+
  • Display not only the total time on the way, but also the distance traveled separately for two wheels+
  • Displays the achieved and medium intensity of pedals.

A good alternative to this version can be a bicycle computer Myspeedy Dots. Its main advantage is not even in functionality (although it is at a high level), but in Individuality. To control uses the only button.

Also constructors took care of a simplified menu – it looks as simple as possible and understandable. Are implemented only those options that are required for cycling. There is also a transmission of information on wireless channels, additionally, the device is equipped with an impermeable water for water.

Attention deserves and Baseline 500. The manufacturer declares that this version is simple. She shows:

  • Distance traveled+
  • Developed speed+
  • Total kilometer+
  • Current Time+
  • Duration of the trip.

The distance meter starts and turns off by itself (depending on whether the bike is moving or standing). The body is reliably protected from rain, and from wet snow. The Baseline 800 model, besides the functions listed, will be able to measure mileage per day and adjust the language for the needs of the consumer.

Of course, its body is well protected from moisture, so any model works perfectly even in difficult conditions.



All modern models of cycomporters are produced in a removable version, so you need to start from fixing the site. The device should be placed on the carry of the steering. However, in the case when the bike is transferred or falls, the danger to damage such a computer. In addition, in this case, the removal will not be able to deliver a radio telephone or navigator.

It will be more correct to mount a bicycle computer in the middle of the steering wheel. In this case, it is unlikely that he will be held or polnean. Gadget lovers prefer to put the device on the edge of the flu either over the mane penettes. Such a location and to the hands close, and makes it easier to control the buttons. However, it is proximity to hand creates an additional problem: a great danger that the device will periodically throw.

It is required to carefully approach the installation of the magnet and hermetic contact. The system is mounted on a distance of 0.07-0.12 m from the wheel axis to compensate for unwanted effects. To enhance the harnesses, a solid substrate from rubber is used.

Thanks to it, it becomes impossible to slip plastic, which occurs with the direct touch of a smooth metal.

Possible problems

If the cycle computer does not turn on, you first need to replace the batteries. This should reset the settings, as they often change to factory. When the speed according to the indicator is less real or unnecessarily changing, there is insufficient accuracy of the positioning of the sensor and magnet. They can move when driving around bodies or at high speed. Sometimes the reason may be inadequate passage of the signal over the wire or incorrect processing of wireless signals on the input devices.

Changing modes is achieved by pressing the MODE button. It is necessary to go to the task of settings, and after selecting the mode – to confirm the result achieved. However, sooner or later, riding ends, and the cyclists appear another problem: need to turn off the computer Sigma. However, the device will not turn off, and it is not necessary, because the energy consumption in this case is quite small.

How to choose a bike computer, look next.

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