SMART bicycles: characteristics, models, selection tips

SMART bicycles: characteristics, models, selection tips

SMART bike firmly conquered one of the leading places in the global market. However, this is largely due to the fact that within the company’s range there is a clear division on the use of bikes. It is time to get acquainted with the most relevant models of this brand and with the nuances of their choice.


SMART firms maximum attention of the mechanical strength of its products. In addition to the use of carefully selected alloys, this is achieved due to the technology of hydropoffing frame. Thanks to her, you can ask any form, not degrading stiffness. At the same time, the technological process includes a minimum of welding operations, which only weakened the metal. Double Buttine Technology and Technology.

In all places that will be still welding, the pipes thicken. In the center they, on the contrary, thinner. Therefore, the total strength grows, and at the same time the design is facilitated. About design, Smart developers also took care.

Moreover, paint guarantees absolute resistance to environmental impacts.

Urban modifications

It’s above all about Cruiser Lady 300. This is a real walking “Classic”, which also has the greatest ease of its class. Rama from alloy 6061 performed in traditional design. Thanks to a rigid plug, a decent gas. Increases riding comfort soft saddle.

Highly appreciated by consumers and comfortable flu. For braking provided hand-made brake. ZOOM BH-21S steering wheel quite reliable. You can only move at a single speed. Wheels “Wear” in Kenda Tires with a diameter of 26 inches and 2.25 inches width.

Attention deserves I Cruise 300. Steel rigid plug works above all praise. Alloy brand frame made of alloy 6061. The KMC Z410 chain is fully coping with its task. The same can be said about the connecting rods ALLOY CRACK.

Electric bicycle

Yes, it is in the singular. Until the SMART brand released only one electric bike. The Tesla model is equipped with shimano switches. By default, it is equipped with tires with a diameter of 27 inches and a width of 2 inches. Attractive wheel Tesla wheels Double rim.

The features of the bicycle are:

  • Riding at 10 different speeds+
  • Cancelled SUNTOUR fork with outward stroke+
  • Depreciation due to proven component time from Shimano+
  • Equipment with disk brakes Magura MT2+
  • High-class frame of lightweight aluminum alloy.

Other modifications

Accurately deserved consumer bike Smart Truck 100. It is equipped with a selected fork SR SUNTOUR XCT with a move of 0.08 m. ProMax brakes Categories V-BRAKE also work without complaints. High ratings deserve (already traditionally) Switches of the Japanese brand Shimano. Mainees, the enciffer supplies the same manufacturer.

Truck 100 equip the wheels with a diameter of 26 inches, famous for excellent reliability. The manufacturer positions its product as an ideal assistant:

  • When driving through the streets of cities+
  • For traveling untouched nature+
  • in cycling at different distances.

An important feature is the transformation function (folding). Thanks to her, the bike can be stored even in small houses and apartments. It is worth noting that when creating a design, the developments used in bicycles for the armed forces and other power units were taken into account. Therefore, the bike is fully ready even to extreme operating modes. The design is designed for the total load to 120 kg.

Despite this, bike type Hardtail is easily placed in a folded form in a gluable bag. The plug allows you to successfully overcome even hard-to-reach areas of mountain roads and high-solid trails. Switch speeds easily and just.

The next “hero” review – Smart Machine. This is a whole line of bicycle designed for use on any road. Stone, tree root or road border nipoe. But the TRIKE series also justifies expectations. When it is created, the designers have tried to achieve maximum indicators:

  • Sustainability+
  • Security+
  • Comfort+
  • Fitness for target children.

The SMART KID line is designed with the expectation of older children. It can be seen even by expressive design. But the developers took into account and the need to facilitate the design. Kid series bikes will pass on a rather complicated road. Practically they are little inferior to full-fledged adult models.

Recommendations for choosing

SMART Brand Bicycle Basic Information Lets be a completely serious idea. However, it is important to know a number of other subtleties to prevent a fatal error. First of all, the bike must be chosen exactly for growth so that it is convenient. Even for children “Purchase to Growth” is too dangerous, what to talk about adults. Those who have no ride experience or it is very small, it is better to stay on models with a single high-speed regime.

The same must be done returning to riding after a long break or going to ride in purely utilitarian purposes. Mountain bike take those who need increased permeability. But it is necessary to understand that on the asphalt highway, it will definitely give way to even the “average” highway analogue in speed. As for urban models, they also do not boast of speed records, but they are equipped with large tires and weights of useful accessories.

    And a few more subtleties:

    • You need to contact only official dealers or large outlets+
    • should immediately evaluate whether the specific model likes+
    • Everyone must independently choose a bike for itself, with fitting under the individual anatomical features+
    • On the border of the dimensional grid, you need to make a “step down” for everyday riding and “step up” for riding in rough terrain or for sports purposes.

    About how to choose a bike Smart, see the following video.

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