Specialized bicycles: model range, customer and operation tips

Specialized bicycles: model range, customer and operation tips

Choosing a good bike for a beginner – the task is complex and responsible. Relying only on the company can not be in any way anyway, it can give some valuable information if you explore all the available information about the brand. Consider the specialized bikes that have become pretty invented in recent years in our market.

About brand

If a person did not hear about the bicycles specialized, it should really be considered a newcomer, because this brand is one of the most recognizable worldwide.

His story is not so long – she originates in 1974.

It all started approximately as in the movie – Mike Xinyard, a width of the United States, decided to go to the cycling tour of Europe, and on the way managed to meet with several Italian suppliers of top details of the time to dial goods for sale outside the ocean.

The guy’s profit of everything with one personally brought party was $ 200 (which at the time was quite good money), but Xinyard realized that the demand for the market was far from satisfied. Then the young man, having in touch with sellers who have acquired the details for the first time, agreed to purchase and direct delivery of bodleetals in the USA to organize a full-fledged trading.

Business immediately became successful, and Mike thought about its own production. True, at first his thoughts were directed not to whole bicycles, but for the details, because the first goods in 1976 were tires, but what kind of young American businessman in terms of product quality surpassed even its Italians suppliers. In 1981, the manufacturer went to a completely new level, submitted, finally, the first batch of own bicycles, and even three years later, he also got his own team of cyclists.

Over the years of its existence, Specialized has become the discoverer of very many cycling technologies and devices needed today to millions of cyclists around the world. Products of this company are often called most technological bicycle in the world.

Pros and cons

Since the reader decided to choose a bike, in many respects focusing on the good name of the brand, it is worth considering what it consists of, that is, to understand the virtues and disadvantages. By tradition, let’s start with good.

  • Top level quality. There is nothing to doubt – the brand of the manufacturer is listed in the lists of the best on the scale of the world, this is a widely recognizable brand, which achieved success, not due to low prices, namely due to the responsible attitude to work. Buying such a bike is an investment of money for a long perspective.

  • Technological attachments. This may not be expressed in the form of gadgets familiar to the modern man, but the processability of bicycles specialized is felt literally in everything. Here each screw is worked out to work on an increase in speed, the perfect clutch with a road surface or any other positive results.

  • Wide range of. As it should be the world brand, Specialized produces the bikes of all sorts of species and destination, so every cyclist will find a suitable model for himself. In addition, the company manufactures both relatively inexpensive amateur bikes, which are not fundamentally different from similar products to any other company, and advanced sports bikes, which are not ashamed to sit even champions.

    In terms of positive qualities, Specialized significantly exceeds almost any of its competitors.

    As for the shortcomings in general, they are actually no, Although some models can find certain weak points. They can concern the imperfect work of this or that knot of the bike, for example, slipping flu, not enough goodness when switching and so on. However, The company diligently works on eliminating shortcomings, so the situation in which the criticism of two years ago is no longer relevant today – this is the norm.

    Views and models

    Production brand Specialized is also good because Different with the widest assortment of various bikes for every taste. For the younger generation, children’s bicycles are produced, for adults – a whole scattering of specific models for a specific type of riding with wheel sizes from 20 to 29 inches.

    Most models can be attributed to classic walking, highways, mountain and hybrid between them, however, there are products, not attached to a pedal move: electric bicycles.

    Given the described variety of bikes, it would be inappropriate to consider all their models here, but at least several characteristic examples should be allocated. Need to immediately clarify that Our review is not the rating of the best models or direct recommendation for the purchase – Choosing two-wheeled vehicles for ourselves you still need a purely on our own criteria, we will only consider several typical representatives of the brand.


    It’s not even one bike, but a whole Series of Top Mountainbays Class Hardtail (depreciation only on the front fork). The main modification involves the diameter of the wheels of 26 inches, but there are variations and 29 inches.

    Transportation is equally convenient for both sexes and differs not only in high reliability, but also indescribable styles. This is one of the most recognizable brand series, which is regularly updated.

    Hotrock 16

    Bicycle breeding models rarely become recognizable and insanely popular, but this is exactly the case when we are an exception to the rules. The manufacturer itself positions its brainchild as Universal – It can be the first bike for a child, which is not even ready to give up additional side wheels, and the transition to a new level for the one who has already converted its previous, 12-inch bike.

    This sample, as follows from the name, the diameter of the wheels is 16 inches, whereas many competitors begin the production of children’s models only from 20 inches.

    Globe Sport

    Another popular line of the manufacturer, which the brand itself is served as an attempt to fight with typical problems of modern civilization in the form of environmental pollution. From here we make an obvious conclusion that This bike is sharpened mainly under the ride in the city – He is designed to make people abandon personal cars and even public transport in favor of cycling trips.

    As in the case of the HardRock line, This bike is designed for all categories of the population, and therefore there are different diameters of the wheels –from 24 inches and above. In addition, a special version for ladies is produced with a purposefully lowered top pipe, which simplifies landing and disembarking passengers in dresses.

    Criterias of choice

    Of all the above, you can make two essential conclusions: the first it says that Specialized releases bicycles for every taste and offers a good choice of two-wheeled transport, the second – that the brand itself perfectly deserves trust and its bikes and you need to choose. Another thing is that Transportation It is necessary to choose strictly for yourself, and it would be wrong to think that any model will simply suit you because “Firm is good”.

    To avoid common errors, consider what needs to be repel when determining the perfect bike.

    • Type of bike. Answer yourself to a question why you need a bike and what your typical route will look like. Specialized at one time began like a mountain bike manufacturer, but if you plan to ride only on asphalt in the city feature, give preference to one of the citys, and for regular long-range departures, pay attention to the sores – all these options also have worthy quality.

    If the main goal is not so much riding as extreme tricks, pay attention to Sport VMH-models specially designed for these needs.

    • Specific features of each type. Take, for example, Citibike – in conditions of movement in the city you may need accessories, typical of the car: Call, headlight and trunk. The call, in principle, is always relevant, but the last two devices are optional: perhaps you will not ride in the dark and prefer a more practical and convenient backpack.

    If both statements are correct, you make no sense to overpay for the “extra” package, otherwise the purchase of a set will positively affect the cost.

    • Sizes and mass. Many newcomers acquire a bike to ride and completely forget that in the interruptions between travel bike needs to be kept somewhere. If your apartment is close enough, pay attention to compact models with small wheels. In folding models, this manufacturer is not strong, which is associated with its “mountain” origin.

    In addition, in many cases it makes sense to sacrifice the optional elements of attachments if the owner of the transport can be difficult to raise his bike on the steps home.

    • Year of issue. For most other manufacturers, this criterion would have no meaning, but not for high-tech specialized. Engineers of the company constantly come up with new tricks that make their products are all better, and although the model may be called the same, with a difference in the release of several years, it is not to be surprised that a newer copy has improved running qualities.

    • Price. If you expected to purchase an inexpensive bike, then you are clearly interested in the wrong company – the promoted brands with world name cheap products usually do not. Another thing is that in this case the high cost pays off entirely and completely.

    Given its preference specialized, you may not doubt that any of the company’s bikes will be excellent, but if possible, even inside Linek, you should not choose a model simply because it is the cheapest.

    Operating tips

    The bicycle seems extremely simple design, familiar to us since childhood, but the manufacturer necessarily supplies each copy of its bikes by the instructions and at the beginning indicates that it indicates that Only a full study of this brochure can guarantee the correct and safe use of the vehicle.

    Considering that Specialized is considered the leading innovative brand in the industry, such precautions can be understood – at least in terms of the fact that the company does not advise independently try to repair a broken bike or any of his nodes, making emphasis on the need to appeal to the service center.

        Considerable attention is paid Bicycle settings questions, What will allow to properly adjust the height of the seat and steering for the most comfortable and safe driving. The authors are also particularly focused on safety issues in the process of operation in rainy weather and at night. The instruction also gives comprehensive information about which details are suitable for a bike, and how often it needs maintenance.

        The following video presents a mountain bike overview Specialized Rockhopper COMP 29 ” (2019).

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