Speedometers for a bicycle: What happens to how to choose and install?

Speedometers for a bicycle: What happens to how to choose and install?

Cycling is actively developing, and the popularity of bicycles is so rapidly growing, which is told by the thought: cars are about to go to the background. For cyclists, a huge number of beneficial gadgets is created, among which the speedometer is in the first place.

What is it and for what is used

The speedometer for the bike is a measuring device that determines the speed of movement and the path passed. This information is useful for many cyclists, especially for athletes.

Motion speed indicators allow to determine the average value, calculate the spent calories and to learn about the changes that occur in the body.

Bicycle meter provides man Ability to improve the physical abilities of its body, evenly increase the load on the muscles and bring to perfection the main indicators.

Varieties and their features

The bike market offers a huge selection of speedometers. Despite the large variety of these devices, all models are divided into three large groups.

Mechanical instrument becomes less popular, but still he is still finding his consumer. Usually such models are installed on a highway bicycles. For mountain types of mechanics is contraindicated, as it quickly fails due to dirt and sand, which fall on the device. Such speedometers consist of only three details:

  • frame+
  • cable+
  • Drive wheel.

Emergency speedometer It is important to install correctly so that there is a close contact between the tire and wheels. Mechanics have a number of disadvantages that determine the reduction of its popularity:

  • The impossibility of functioning with deformed wheels+
  • Lack of ability to save information for its further analysis+
  • In case of incorrect installation, constant slow motion is observed+
  • Vulnerability to pollution+
  • need for periodic lubrication.

Positive points are also characteristic of such devices:

  • High reliability+
  • Available cost+
  • Autonomous work for which the use of third-party power sources is required.

Electronic speedometer is the choice of many cyclists. Its design is more complicated than that of mechanical models, it consists of the following details:

  • The main unit is attached on the steering mechanism+
  • Connections+
  • Cadence sensor is fixed on the connecting rod+
  • High-speed is located on the frame+
  • Wheel sensor is attached to fork.

Electronic speedometers differ in each other by the number of functions, which is a determining factor in the formation of value. The basic set of functions includes the definition of the following indicators:

  • Current Time+
  • Duration of the trip+
  • mileage+
  • Speed ​​(current, average, maximum possible)+
  • pressure.

Electronic models are becoming increasingly affordable than many cyclists use. They are easy to install and use, because they are fine for novice users. Disadvantages here are also present:

  • Limited number of functions+
  • High Wire Wear Degree+
  • For stable operation requires reliable fixation+
  • The need for a periodic replacement of power sources.

Wireless cycle computer is the last word of technicians who actively use the reserved cyclists. A radio channel is used to transmit a signal – this is the main feature of such devices. Batteries or built-in batteries can be used as nutritional batteries, but such models are an order of magnitude more expensive.

Wireless cycomputers are not afraid of dirt, because they are ideal for extremals, athletes, travelers.

Such devices have a wide range of advantages:

  • Determining three speed indicators+
  • Built-in clock, stopwatch+
  • High moisture protection+
  • Synchronization with computer+
  • Altimeter and Cadence+
  • Backlight+
  • Definition of Pulse+
  • Calculation of the time of the circle+
  • High strength, reliability and durability+
  • accuracy+
  • Preservation of information about previous training+
  • No need for lubrication.

Wireless cycompers are not perfect, shortcomings are also characteristic of them:

  • need to replace batteries+
  • The presence of GPS is characteristic only for expensive models+
  • Electromagnetic interference (ignition coil, telephone, power lines) can violate normal operation of the measuring device+
  • High cost compared to other types of devices.

Tips for choosing

You can not buy the first speedometer who liked the appearance or attractive cost.

It is important to choose the best device that will accurately comply with user needs and operating conditions.

Our rules will help to make a right choice that you do not have to regret later.

  1. Carefully need to consider the set of desired functions. It makes no sense to overpay for options that will not be useful. At the same time, it is convenient when everything you need is in one device.
  2. Sports trips, high-speed mode, riding in difficult conditions – All this requires the choice of an advanced model with excellent reliability and wide functionality.
  3. Speedometers for bicycles must have a durable housing with high protection against moisture impact.
  4. The backlight must be present in the models that will be used at night.
  5. The external interface must be convenient. This indicator is selected in accordance with the personal preferences of each.


Almost every speedometer has its own rules of installation, but in general, all practical guides are similar to each other.

In addition, each manufacturer provides instructions that make it easier for work.

The most difficult to perform the installation of a cycomputer, because we took this process as a basis – we consider the main stages of such a job.

You need to start with mounting fastener. It looks like a panel with two contacts. Attached this item with the castle. Different places can be selected for the installation of the fastener:

  • The edge edge is usually choosing avid gadget fans, with this location, the user gets a lot of advantages+
  • The steering center is the most common option that most of the cyclists chooses+
  • Bicycle steering takeaway more suitable for large devices.

For fixing the fastener, harnesses are used that need to be strongly tightened and strengthen with substrates.

Installation of the magnet and sensor requires the location of these parts at a distance of at least 8 cm from the wheel axis. This work requires caution. For fixing the sensor, harnesses are also used, and the gercon needs to be perpendicular to the axis of the magnet. Magnet itself is attached to the needle, near Herkeon (the distance can not be more than 2 mm). Magnet should also be tightened.

Location Wire – A complex process that takes the most time. Here you can use one of two ways:

  • If you have a wire brake cable, then a conventional tape is used to fasten it+
  • When laying the cable on the steering column it is necessary to use harnesses, and in the frame area.

Review manufacturers

Many producers are engaged in the release of speedometers for bicycles. Which company give preference and on which model to stop your choice – eternal questions for cyclists. Our review will help to figure out the existing assortment.

  • Among all manufacturers who are engaged in the production of cycling meters, is the company in the first place Sigma. No one will undertake to argue. The range is divided into several categories that are designed for different levels of the user, its requirements and financial capabilities. These gadgets are created in Germany, which already defines their high quality. The cost is suitable, but these devices will serve for many years.

  • Company Garmin Not inferior to the previous manufacturer, offering cyclists high-quality and multifunctional devices. There are similar devices in America, it is expensive, but it is almost forever. The range is so rich that it will not be difficult to choose a suitable model on a bike with cast discs.

  • Ciclo – Another decent manufacturer who is located in Germany. Despite the high quality, excellent reliability and widespread functionality, the company offers many available models. CICLO cycospidometers become the choice of many users with different levels.

  • Although Chinese manufacturers need to be treated with caution, but also there are worthy trademarks. For example, products from the company Lixada Proven to be positive. In a wide range, devices are presented for every taste and financial capabilities. For 900 rubles, you can pick up a decent speedometer with backlit, calorie counter, high moisture protection and other useful features.

What happens whatever bicycle computer and how to choose them, look in the following video.

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