Stinger bicycles: features, best models and tips

Stinger bicycles: features, best models and tips

Stinger bicycles – a popular version of two-wheeled transport sold in Russia since 2002. The brand, the product-producer of the products of which is Taiwan, demonstrates a pretty good level of quality. In addition, the company regularly expands its model range: today there are mountainous bodies in its range and classic road bikes, teenage and women’s versions. Owners about this technique also look pretty optimistic.

Bikes Banzai and Highlander, Caiman and other models manufactured by this company are especially interesting for extreme off-road lovers, equipped with high-quality components, and are focused on riders with different levels of skiing. It is worth noting that it is from Taiwan today to bring most parts for domestic cycling brands. That’s why Stinger products on equal competes with most of the proposals on average and budget market segment.


Stinger bicycles often mention as an example of a successful Russian business project “Velobalt”. But in fact, the manufacturer’s country of this two-wheeled technology – Taiwan, and in the Russian Federation there is a brand plant located in Kaliningrad. Here is the assembly. The head of the same company is registered entitled Yung Grand.

The company carries out a full production cycle, herself develops and creates components for its technology, is looking for and introducing new ideas in design.

Among the original Asian brands, the company is considered one of the obvious market leaders. Stinger bicycles since 2002, and during this time about 70 models of modern two-wheeled transport, including popular BMX, mountainous, tourist and pleasant options appeared in the range of firms. Among distinguishing features of the company’s products can be noted rich complete set – mirrors, trunk, light reflectors are often included in the base set when delivered.

In addition, it uses only the best, proven and reliable components from Mozo, Shimano, Neco, Promax for its bikes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Bicycle Stinger has a lot of advantages for which they appreciate their riding lovers in the city and in off-road conditions. Among the obvious advantages can be noted a number of characteristics.

  • Available cost. Many models are much cheaper by the class of analogs, while not at all look ultrasound.
  • Quality components. Most of the frames on the bike market are made in Taiwan. It is not surprising that local brands began to produce their products. Stinger is a partner of many well-known suppliers of components and does not save on the technical equipment of their bikes.
  • Interesting design. In an effort to get into a higher category in the global market, Stinger makes certain efforts so that its products look expensive and interesting.
  • Ability to choose execution. Almost all models can be purchased in the base (STD), extended (EVO) or professional (PRO) configuration.
  • Extensive model range. In stock Even electric bikes that can be infrequently found in other brands. In addition, many options for mass road and teenage bikes.

Does not do without flaws. The main one is an abundance in the market of products of the Chinese assembly, significantly affecting the reputation of the company. Russian and Taiwanese models are fundamentally different from them, and it is worth paying attention to this moment when choosing a product. Another minus – a focus on a non-professional audience.

Serious riders these bikes do not consider.

Views and models

An overview of the characteristics, types and models of Stinger bicycles is useful to learn all who plans to buy the bikes of this brand and while reflects on the feasibility of such a choice. Among the presented options can be noted 5 basic categories of products:

  • Electric bicycles+

  • Mining+

  • Road+

  • Women+

  • Teenage.

Each of these series deserves special attention. It is worth considering their possibilities, dignity and shortcomings more carefully.

Mountain bikes

Stinger Aragon – Mountain “Nailer”, to the wheel diameter 29 “is added massive and reliable frame from high-alloy steel. In addition, in the series there are options with a diameter of the rim 26 and 27.5 “, Rostovka is also diverse at 18/20/22”. There is a shock absorption fork in the model, disk mechanical brakes. The bike is focused on cross country ride, comes even with heavy rides.

Magnum – two-way for adults, in the series there are variants of wheel diameter from 26 to 29 “. Included Special Off-road Tires, Front Blocked Fork, Light Aluminum Frame.

For riding on stony highways it is worth choosing APOLLO model with enhanced rims and all-terrestrial rubber. This bike is also two-lining.

For beginners will suit Mountain bike Stinger Reload with a light frame and as simple as possible, reliable body kit.

Road bicycles

Among the road models Singer No folding options, But there is a lot of interesting and reliable bikes of different levels. The flagship is considered the Vancouver series, equally well suitable for high-speed races and a unhurried urban walk. The hybrid is equipped with a light frame from aluminum, the necessary urban body kit – protection chain, trunk, comfortable saddle.

Campus – road high-speed bikes for self-confident athletes. Highway landing and carrying wheel allow you to pick up an impressive acceleration for good asphalt. This is one of the easiest brand bikes.

Cruiser 26 “- model in retrostile, looking fresh and original. A comfortable fit is combined here with an extended frame, in the presence of rim and foot brakes, elongated wings, hard fork. Leather flu and steel footboard emphasize the individuality of the model.

Women’s models

The range of women’s models from Stinger is also quite impressive and design, and technical equipment. For example, Victoria – bicycles for urban trips are represented in the Rimovka of the frame 15/17 “, equipped with wheels 26” and the speed switch for 18 positions. This is a stylish model for brief trip amateurs.

Series Element Lady And it is presented at all with two versions – both with wheels 26 “and in mining, with sports depreciation forks, lightweight aluminum frame, original MTB wings. The difference is only in the brake system – it can be a V-Brake or disk mechanical, better leading self-off-road.

Vesta – bicycle with wheel diameter 26 “, hardened rims, lightweight aluminum frame with Rostovka 15/17/19”. The model is suitable for riding off-road, arrange and beginners, and already experienced Rider girls.

Presented in the women’s series and popular Cruiser Nexus Lady Cruisers In retrosity with planetary sleeve and 3 speeds, made in white and lilac colors, and models Latina, Laguna, Calipso, Barcelona in a variety of design.

Teenage bikes

Their main differences are related to the peculiarities of the ROSTOVKA – the frame in adolescent models shorter, the diameter of the wheels is less, but mostly depends on the execution. Actually Stinger has a rather extensive line of teenage bikes for boys and girls, advanced and beginner riders. To the top, of course, the two-power Highlander D relates, capable of satisfying the requests of fans of tricky or rigid cross-country riding. Steel frame in size in 14 “, with interesting geometry, and wheels with a diameter 24” provide models for the convenience of landing in the most extreme conditions.

Another popular model – Stinger Banzai, Also with shock absorbers in front and rear, steel Hi-Ten frame on 14/16, “shimano Tourney gear switch and wheels 24”. V-type brakes are suitable for adolescent bike and allow you to easily stop it while driving.

Another interesting model applies already to tricky bikes – BMX SHIFT with frame 10 ” Allows a newbie to try different styles of skiing – Park, Street, Flakeland.

Defender – Line of adolescent hardtowers with a number of 12.5 / 14 “and a minimalistic package. There is a switch to 6 speeds, a rigid plug, wheels on 24 “and V-Brake brake.

For active teenage girls Stinger releases Model Latina with wheels on 24 “, steel frame and original design. Bike weight less than 16 kg.

Another 1 teenage model for girls – Laguna with Radovka Rama 12/14 “and wheels on 24”, Special frame design and quite off-road technical equipment.

Versus D24 – model for active teenagers. Rostovka steel frame by 16.5 “, wheels on 24”, switch on 21 speed, depreciation front plug with a move of 40 mm, mechanical disc brakes make it a serious ungregate for off-road driving. Special attention attracted mototype wings and mountain saddle.

Caiman 24 “with the Rama Rama 12/14“Also equipped with a depreciation spring-elastomer fork, flu, saddle and protection chain STG, it looks pretty confident for the conquest of off-road. This is a good first choice for off-road skating.

Electric bicycles

In this line, the Stinger brand represents several series of products.

  • Gent. Men’s line of electric bikes with a framework of frame 20 “and large wheels 28”. The model is equipped with all the necessary attachments, there are disk hydraulic brakes. Switching speeds come in handy on the track when the charge of lithium-ion battery is over. In general, this is a universal version for skating on the highway and country roads.

  • Reload. The series is represented by three models – E1, E2, E3 – with wheel diameter 27.5 “. Available switching between 8 or 9 speeds, there are eccentric bushings, disk hydraulic brakes. Rostovka frame is calculated for 18-20 “. Models have a mining performance at the level of semi-professional, but in general are not too impressive.

  • Siena. Represented in the only dimensional range – with wheels 27.5 “and frame 17” from light aluminum. The model is equipped with a transmission at 21 speeds, depreciation front fork with a move of 100 mm, mechanical disk brakes. This is a good “SUV” for beginners, accelerating to 25 km / h, charge the battery in 6 hours.

  • Valencia. The bike is produced in two modifications, with 3 or 21 speeds, the diameter of the wheels 27.5 “, designed for Rostovka 18” and 20.5 “aluminum frame. The built-in electric motor allows you to accelerate up to 25 km / h, the model is positioned as universal, equipped with V-Brake brakes, convenient trunk. Quoted rather on women or adolescents.

Criterias of choice

When choosing a bike in Stinger product line It is necessary to be guided by the basic rules that will help you find your model to each riding lover.

  • Appointment of vehicle. Mountain bike never develops such speed as a good highway. And on touring it will not be possible to perform even simple tricks. Before purchasing a bike, it is worth deciding on the goals and objectives that should solve its purchase.
  • Age and floor. Women’s models are not available in vain – they changed the structure of the frame, which allows not to experience discomfort when landing and riding. Teenage bikes are also designed for a certain growth and weight of the user, often have a lightweight design and are generally focused on riding the rough terrain, than to overcome long-range distances or installation of speed records.
  • The presence of an electric motor. Weightful criterion for those who want to raise the speed characteristics of the bike or quickly get tired of twist pedals. Especially since Stinger electric bicycles are presented in quite an acceptable price category.
  • Rama height. Standard size – 10 cm below cyclist’s waist level. Mountain models in increments are indicated in inches – you can translate into centimeters, multiplying a number by 2.5.
  • Availability of shock absorbers. Mostly the cheapest models do without them, offering riding a rigid rigid design fork. Dear bodies, too, cannot be called universal – in them most often need lovers of hard extreme riding, the rear suspension will be practically useless on the highway, vibrations and so fall on the saddles springs. The optimal option is most often the hardtail with anterior depreciation fork.
  • Type of brakes. Although in low-cost Stinger models most often have simple V-shaped options, they do not sound well with their tasks. To overcome roads with different types of coverage, riding in any weather it is better to choose bikes in which disk mechanical or hydraulic brakes are.

All these factors are important if necessary, indeed, find a golden middleness between a set of functions and ease of use of the bike.

Operating tips

When buying Stinger’s bicycles, each owner receives a set of manual, where all the base moments are set out, with which each starting rider may encounter. But if the instructions did not turn to hand, it is worth just remembering a number of simple recommendations.

  • Before the first trip, it is always necessary to adjust the saddle and the steering wheel in such a way that they match the growth of the cyclist.
  • The first test of the brakes is worth spending at low speed. Their work can also be adjusted, achieving a soft or more hard trigger.
  • Before departure every time you need to check the attachment of accessories and main nodes. Cleaning wings, booster’s backlash can create serious problems on the road. When checking the eccentric clamps of the wheels, they must be in the closed position.
  • The presence of signs of wear or damage to the wheels – a good reason for replacing the tire. The burst or lowering tire will bring much more trouble and may require additional costs for the edit.
  • Pressure parameters in tires must match the labeling on its side part. If they do not match, you need to bring the values ​​to safe for use, and only then go to the road.
  • We should not start riding without personal protective equipment. Helmet, knee pads, elbows, gloves make it possible to avoid serious injuries. Equipment is the only security tool in the fall – to neglect it is not worth it.

This is not the entire list of recommendations. It is important to understand that both a teenager and an adult should ensure the safety of movement not only for himself, but also for others. It is necessary to study PDA points regarding bicycle transport, and not break them when traveling.

Review reviews

According to the owners, Stinger bicycles have sufficient advantages to argue with any domestic and many foreign models with any domestic and many foreign models. Hinged equipment is celebrated as very high-quality, and already in EVO equipment extensive. In addition, the main elements of the chassis produce Shimano, and its products can be found in all top bikes from the most famous brands. Praise praise and brake system – even rims of V-types work reliably, and disk and at all arrange even riders with an aggressive ride style.

Praise Stinger Bicycle Owners and Disability Accessibility. If desired, you can produce an upgrade of any bicycle “native” factory details. This is a significant advantage, if you consider that almost all BMX and mountain models are finalized by riders under their own preferences. Rubber with accented profile – another brand corporate element, it is often installed on ordinary highway bikes.

Get a positive assessment and women’s bikes stinger. Here, praised the fashionable frame of the frame, allowing even in the skirt to easily land in the saddle and go from a two-wheeled vehicle without any problems. In addition, the seat design also meets all the requirements of comfort, suitable for long trips. Of the minuses, the owners of the Bikes Stinger celebrate very heavy steel frames almost all highway models and weak plugs in combination with aluminum frame on mountain.

Wings, footrest, brakes with active skating will have to regularly tighten.

About how to choose the right Stinger bike, see the following video.

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