Takeaway Bicycle Steering: For what is needed and how to pick up?

Takeaway Bicycle Steering: For what is needed and how to pick up?

Carrying of the steering wheel is a vital element of a bicycle. It connects the steering wheel itself and the plug rod, representing, in fact, the steering bracket. Accordingly, the selection becomes a very important task.

Features of choice

This element is present on almost all types of cycles. But the characteristics may vary depending on the type. We are talking about such indicators as material manufacturing material, production technology, size, adjustment and tilt.

To pick up the car’s end, you should also take into account the diameter of the mounts: on ordinary cycles and mountain models, it can vary by more than 60 mm. In this regard, the choice becomes much more complex. Short holders most often installed on street and tricky bikes.

If the mount is small, the controllability will improve, and the biker landing will be the most direct. In this case, the frame deviation is ensured even in the case when the steering wheel is rotated slightly. This is very important in urban road conditions, as well as in the case when it is planned to overcome obstacles.


If it comes to highway bikes, their owners should make a choice in favor of a long carry out. This is due to the fact that there are significant speeds and excellent indicators of aerodynamics to move on the highway. The design of the bike, as well as the position of the rider affects the resistance of the air, reducing it. In this case, the elongated removal provides the right landing. The angle can be adjusted, respectively, landing is adjusted in accordance with the growth.

As for mountain bikes, it should be stopped on the holders of the medium-sized steering. And if long incomes reduce airflow resistance, shorter – can improve the maneuverability of the bike. If we are talking about medium length brackets, they successfully combine the main advantages of both species. With their use can be adjusted under the conditions of the territory where the movement occurs, respectively, the ride will be safer and dynamic. If the bike has no special purpose, you should install a universal car carrying on it.


This element is divided into types depending on the fastening method. It can be fixed on 1, 2 or 4 fastening bolts.

The steering takes are divided into short, medium and long. There are also universal models. Some of them are unregulated, others can change both the angle of inclination of the steering and the distance to it. This is a very important point, since the change in the angle allows you to make a more convenient arrangement of the handles, respectively, the cyclist will be more convenient and safe to be driving.

Depending on what type of steering wheel by a bicycle, the holder is selected. For example, the folding steering wheel is most suitable for compact cycles, which is fixed on the telescopic bracket. With it, you can not only fold the handles, but also remove the steering wheel, if necessary.


As for the size of the steering holder, it can be from 5 to 140 mm. Products having a length of up to 40-60 mm are called short and put for the most part on urban cycling. Universal holders are of size from 60 to 100 mm. The magnitude of the average steering brackets is from 100 to 120 mm. The long steering bracket is most often placed on the tracks of cycles, its length can be from 120 to 140 mm.

And also should be noted the difference in diameter. A 25.4 mm holder is placed on cycles designed to move around the city.Details 31.8 mm are intended for mountain cycles. And finally, for the tracks – the indicator is 35 mm.

How to set the length of the bracket?

The convenience of cycling control, its maneuverability and landing of the rider most often depend on the height and angle of inclination of the steering wheel. The concept of “length of removal” involves the gap from the center of the steering wheel to the steering column center. And than this indicator is more significant, those under the big inclination will be sitting. It should be noted that when driving around the uneven road, a large removal is very uncomfortable, but cyclists feel comfortable with him, long time behind the wheel.

Short removal most relevant for people who are important maneuverability. The steering wheel in this case is placed as close to the chest.

The flow rate of the steering wheel is measured as follows:

  • To start, the saddle is set as it will be the most comfortable bicycle owner+
  • After that, to the edge of his nose, the elbow is applied – with the perfect distance with fingers, the racer must get to the steering wheel.

If they are planned predominantly walking through city roads, The steering wheel should be slightly closer to the axis, and with long movements, on the contrary, a little further from her, which will allow the body of a person as much as possible. In this situation, you can let the touch of the middle attachment.

It should be noted that most of all in most cases when the steering wheel is 100-120 mm from the steering axis. If a cyclist, with different embodiments, feels uncomfortable, it may mean that the frame is too small. In this case, it makes sense to search for other options.

In addition, you need to consider some more nuances. If a person is going to choose a long bicycle car belonging, he should know that the body will shift at the same time. Accordingly, the load on the front wheel will be increased. It can create certain difficulties in the congresses from the mountain. However, on the rises, on the contrary, is very convenient.

Horizontal tilt body of a bicycle owner provides a distant root location. In this case, the load on the hands becomes more than more.

With a short steering holder, the center of gravity is shifted back. It is convenient when demonstrating cycling tricks, since the front wheel can be easily raised. In addition, the steering wheel is more conveniently twisted, respectively, It is easier to keep the balance, since the cycleik does not lean away towards.

Materials manufacturing

The cost of the manufacture of manufacturing material depends on the cost of the part. The most budget options are Steel and iron. They apply mostly in domestic production. Among the minuses, first of all, you can call the serious weight of products. This leads to the cost of unnecessary effort from the cyclist, as well as overass the design.

High-quality and expensive parts are performed based on aluminum alloys treated with cold forging. The optimal solution is considered carboxylic fiber. Products made from it are often used by athletes, as they help reduce bike weight.

Production technology

Carrying of the steering can be produced by various technologies: it is welding, forging, milling, as well as a mixed method.

As for welding, it is used only for cheap models. The main disadvantage is the seams. In addition, serious loads often lead to the appearance of cracks.

The most popular technology is forging. Such steering outs are obtained very durable, and at the same time have a low weight. In addition, in this situation it turns out to get rid of welded seams.

When milling on the machine, cast products are processed on the machine. It is impossible not to note their strength and reliability. This is the optimal option with significant steering loads.

Finally, with mixed production technology, the plug clamp is right in the holder, and the steering is welded. The price of such parts is quite budgetary, and quality is at a high level.

Features of removal and replacement

Every vellademan must keep in mind that when defects appear on different parts of the steering wheel, they must be replaced. If the holder was originally welded to the fork rod, it is also subject to replacement. In case of installation on the bolts, everything is much easier, they are simply unscrewed.

To dismantle primarily the pin from the fork pipe. To do this, unscrew the central nut.

To adjust the angle of inclination bracket is adjustable. This can be done by tightening the bolts. Length is set in the same way. You should not be afraid to carry out the adjustment no longer, but somewhat, since it is in this way that the most convenient position for a cyclist is selected.

Specialists advise in urban and pleasure cycles to establish an unregulated car belonging. In the product that will cost an order more expensive, in this case there is no particular sense. Adjustable details are necessary for mountain and sprint bikes.

However, whatever option is chosen, first of all It should be comfortable for a cyclist. Otherwise, cycling will not deliver pleasure, in addition, it can become unsafe.

About how to choose the end of the steering wheel of the bike, look in the following video.

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