The subtleties of the choice of front bicycle lamp

The subtleties of the choice of front bicycle lamp

In the dark time and in the fog boltonear in front – an indispensable tool in order to designate yourself on the road. At the same time, it is important to observe the balance between not enough and overly bright cycles, so as not to fall into an accident on the highway.

How to choose?

There are a number of parameters for which the front white glow lights are selected for the bike.


Regardless of whether you are collecting your own LED flashlight, or buy ready-made, focus on the latest versions of superwatch and superhyraky LEDs. Their glow should not be neither blue nor excessively yellow. Avoid fakes in which nothing is stated about the origin and quality of the lantern. So, on expensive branded products indicate the brand and model of the LED.

The angle of lighting

In the city there is enough good lateral lighting. It is required where the cyclist moves not as fast as in city roads. The city will require a distinct, concentrated far light for dozens of meters forward. It is easily detected for several kilometers by counterclaims and car drivers.

If you are traveling by rough terrain, you will need a universal cystic, where the angle of illumination is adjusted.


The experience of many cyclists shows that the best and most durable body for a cycleonar – metallic with rubberized or silicone linings. Even with daily and active use, a high-quality lantern with an aluminum or steel case will serve you to several years – Until the battery (s) and do not burn out (degraded on the brightness of the glow) LEDs.

Such lights are willingly repaired by their launder owners. It is enough just to order from China similar LEDs and batteries – instead of what was used before. The base itself (metal, rubber, silicone) can be used at least for another same service life declared by the manufacturer. Cheap lights having a rubberized or silicone coating will be repaired more difficult – they are often carried out unsolved.

Source of power

The most universal version – Lithium batteries of size 18650. They are sold in almost any online store. As a last resort, use lanterns on conventional batteries of AA sizes (“finger”) or AAA (“Missy”), replacing the latter for the same batteries. In addition, a suitable charger will also need – with protection from recharging batteries.

Lantern can be sold Included with the generator. The device generating a current for its power is a presser “Dynamo”. It rotates from the contact of the rubber roller on its axis with a tires rotten front or rear wheel of a bike. There are also kits, the generator for which is installed on the rear lower pipes of the frame and rotates from the additional stars, installed on the chain.

Type of fastening

In addition to the universal round holder on Velorul, you can use the holder on the helmet. He is mounted on any of his Ryube.

Universal solution: One lantern – for long beam, the other – for the Middle. Where you will fix both the other (on the steering wheel, on the helmet) depends on you.

Among the pure silicone overall lights, there is a “frog” type. This illumination with the holder in which there is no buckle or velcro. Silicone loop clings for the plastic “tongue” – a fastening is formed, which does not get off the steering pipe even with intensive vibration. Lantern weighs only 30-40 g (with a battery). Power Element – Lithium Battery 3 V. Glow – white, from one or two LEDs, there are 2-3 modes “Mayak”. The main advantages of silicone lamps – increased moisture protection and impact resistance. They are estimated by extremes that prefer tricky bicycles and driving in the rain and fog.


Manufacturers of well-known elite brands and dealers charge up to 5 times more money than actually the headlight is worth. The opinion that it is better to overpay once every 10 years after the dear brand than to take the cheap consumer goods with AliExpress, unreasonable. Whatever warranty gives the proven supplier, and no matter how high-tech his headlight for bike, LEDs and battery have a limited service life. On the luminescence (number of lumens) it does not lose the brand. Against the progress of the walled shridge, the progress itself in the world of LEDs works: they are still produced more and more bright. The specific value of each lumen depreciates: the fact that 10 years ago cost $ 500, now will be at a price of only $ 110.

Outcome: How to pay $ 500-1000 for a beautiful inscription and “licked form”, it is better to choose an equally bright lamp or a headlace for $ 50-100 from the less well-known supplier. If there is still a little money – take advantage of super deputy lanterns for several dollars. The main thing is not to drop them, do not fall from the bike.

Bicycle lodge in 18 lm for $ 3.7 better than expected 3 years by 3000 lm for $ 430 – at night in full darkness ride dangerous.

Cyclotech cycelfonari

As an example – Chinese company CYCLOTECH. Rating of lamps from this manufacturer in this list by the number of lumens of the output.

  1. Front bike lantern Cyclotech EcyFl003SB. Contains a powerful 180 LM LED, powered from the built-in battery size of 18650. Recharges from USB charging, a moisture-proof metal rubberized housing, 4 modes of operation (2 – flashing).
  2. Front cytonear Cyclotech ECYFL002BB – 3 LEDs with shared light flux of 40 lm, powered by 3 AAA batteries. Adjustment of light flow, there are 3 modes of operation: bright, medium and glimmer.
  3. Silicone lantern Cyclotech Ecyfl012bb – Charging from USB, lithium battery, moisture protection, 3 light modes, 1 LED for 25 lm.
  4. Set of cytonearies Cyclotech Ecyfl013bb – consists of anterior (white luminescence on 5 LEDs) and red (also 5 LEDs) glow. Sold in the kit. Nutrition – AAA Size Batteries. The total light flux of each of the lamps is 15 lm. Suitable as alarm light and light illumination in dark places where there is no street lighting.
  5. Overall silicone lantern CYCLOTECH CFL-4OR – 2 red or orange LEDs, plastic housing, 6 lm, powered by a lithium battery 3V.

    The line of Cyclotech models from year to year expands. Prices in Russian stores can be higher compared to rates in Chinese online stores 1.2-2 times.


    Whatever the firm makes lanterns, what is neither their rating – for all buyers the rule is one thing: it is better not to save on the quality of performance and light product. Sometimes the life and health of a particular cyclist may depend on the quality of the lantern.

    What are the subtleties for selecting anterior bicycle lamp, see the following video.

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