Three-wheeled electric bikes: varieties, brands, choice

Three-wheeled electric bikes: varieties, brands, choice

For comfort and facilitating physical exertion, modern designers have developed a fashionable invention called a three-wheeled electric bike.

It is a bicycle to which the motor is installed, and allows you to move at the expense of the battery for a long time. This innovation is increasingly gaining popularity among adults and children.

Despite the fairly high price, compared to the usual bike, it can be met more often on our roads, because this device is very convenient, promotes constant movement without the use of physical force. Three-wheeled electric bike is distinguished by its reliability and stability.

Criterias of choice

If you still decided to buy an electric bike for an adult, then when choosing a model, consider some important factors.

  1. Dimensions. The dimensions of the equipment are needed not only to understand its external characteristics, but also know what the place is needed for its storage at the moment when you do not use them.
  2. Mass model. The weight of the tricycle will deliver a lot of inconvenience to people of old age, so it is better to select a simple design made of aluminum.
  3. Color and Design. For a man you can choose a classic and color darling, for women there are models with bright shades and an interesting design.
  4. Wheel location. Motor-wheel is ahead, and the rest are two – rear. Or two wheels in front, and the wheel with the motor behind. There are models with a motor suspended for a carriage.
  5. Availability and location of cargo baskets.
  6. Capacity of the battery and its type. The degree of capacity of the battery determines how the distance will overcome the unit on one charge. However, it is necessary to remember that the more factors that give the burden on transport, such as weight, road quality, wind direction, the faster the battery charge will end. The most sought-after and expensive – lithium-ion energy sources. They withstand from 500 to 1000 cycles, and lithium-iron-phosphate, in turn – up to 2000.
  7. Speed ​​of movement. This indicator directly depends on the power of the engine. Low power samples (up to 350 watts) can dial no more than 30 km / h, high-power (with a capacity of up to 1000 watts) – up to 50 km / h. The most optimal will be movement at a speed of 40 km / h.

    Elderly, such a means of movement is simply necessary.

    1. The electric bike will allow you to move on great distances, without applying effort, because it is an alternative to any transport.
    2. Allows you to move without fatigue: go to the clinic or just ride down the street.
    3. Shopping in the store can now be without restrictions in weight, because in the bike there are baskets for things.


    You can highlight two types of tricycles for adults.

    • Models with a drive immediately on two rear wheels. Such a bicycle easily manage on turns. The price of such a transport is quite high.

    • Models with drive only on one of the rear wheels. These bikes are cheaper, but also in maneuverability are inferior to the rest.

    Suitable models

    For older people

    Horza Stels Trike 24-T1

    This model is excellent for older people, disabled people, as well as having a large weight. Bicycle withstands the maximum mass to 150 kg. Considered a truck bobbike, as it has two baskets.

    Thanks to the steady 24-inch wheels with double rim and enhanced knitting needles, it is quite stable. Low frame is designed for comfortable landing. Chain mechanism has protection. Maximum speed of this trades – 40 km / h. On one charging of the battery you can drive 80 km, if you withstand the speed of 20 km / h. Recovery system turns on when braking. It fills the energy loss appearing during the engine. An excellent advantage is the complete recharging of the battery in just 3.5 hours.

    The bike is equipped with an inspection display, climate control option, a USB phone connector. The weight of the tricycle is only 38 kg. The disadvantage of this model is the no rear shock absorber and speed mode switch.

    Rutrike S2 ​​V2

    Rutrike S2 ​​V2 tricycle (transformer) is equipped with a comfortable armrest chair. There is an opportunity to add another passenger seat. To do this, you need a cargo basket simply push. You will receive an extra seat for your satellite and gain double transport.

    Sustainable, possesses good patency on uneven roads. Cargo compartment very spacious. One charging is enough for 30 km drive. Average speed – 25 km / h. Charging time – 8 hours. Updated appearance, beautiful matte colors, new optics, 1000 W electric motor. Has anterior and rear drum brake.

    Tricycle weight – 70 kg. Able to withstand the driver up to 150 kg. There are turn signals, headlights, mirrors, reverse.


    Budget model on three wheels with an electric drive, popular among people of retirement age. The engine has a power of 250 watts, Can ride at a speed of 25 km / h Maximum. Lead battery can drive on one charge 45 km of way. Included there are two baskets.

    For adults

    Doonkan TRIKE 500W

    Front-wheel drive transformer with 500 watt engine. Is an The most powerful means of movement from the entire line. Thanks to the folding aluminum frame, it consists compact and has a small weight (30 kg). Able to withstand the load up to 120 kg. Parking brake installed on the frame. On the steering column there are a gas handle, a signal-compass, battery charge pointer.

    There is the largest lithium-ion battery with good parameters. Wheels have a size of 20 inches and a tire thickness of 1.75 inches. Front wheels are equipped with shock absorbers, and on the rear there are a catapho. Tricycle has two baskets, convenient shock absorption seat.

    Six different speeds will allow you to move in a convenient mode for you.

    E-Motions Panda 20

    Foldable cargo model produced in China. Low aluminum frame makes this trike convenient for both men and women and teenagers. Front-wheel drive, digital computer, brake handles, disc brakes, powerful 750 watt motor – all this is provided in this electric bike. The depreciation system will allow you to comfortably move even by the most relief road.

    Maximum load – 150 kg. Comfortable Half Gas Handle will serve both for drift and for any maneuverable movement. Six speed trips reach the maximum scale of 30 km / h. There is a cruise control, reverse, folding pedals, turn signals and lights, USB connector.

    Crolan 500W

    Tricycle Trike is designed to transport goods. There are two roomy baskets. Rear can withstand up to 50 kg. A permissible weight of this model – up to 110 kg. 24 inches wheels are reinforced double rims, tires have a good clutch with the surface. The chain mechanism is protected from all sides by a metal wing. It protects the driver from entering the chain.

    Good charging Li-Ion battery gives a job with a 500 watt engine and provides a movement without recharging up to 40 km. The depreciation system provides Soft, comfortable movement.

    For children


    Three-wheeled vintage electric bike Designed for children with age from 3 to 5 years. Vehicles weighing 3.95 kg made of plastic. Estimated load – up to 25 kg. It has sound and lightweight devices. Rubber wheels will allow to drive softly and silently to 90 minutes from one charging. The control button sets on the steering wheel. There is a basket for toys. The electric motor has a power of 6 watts. Recharging time – 8-10 hours.

    Space 2 * 6 in

    Children’s bike with battery. Designed for children by age from 3 years with a maximum weight of 30 kg. Transport Length – 103 cm. Weight – 4 kg. Convenient control is performed using the buttons on the steering wheel and pressing the gas pedal. The tricycle is stable, has rubber wheels, headlights are glowing while driving. The battery is charging for 10 hours, it is enough for 1.5-2 hours of use. Maximum speed – 7 km / h. There are rearview mirrors.

    The range of various models of three-wheeled bicycles on the market is very large. Manufacturers try to complement their own models and please to taste each buyer.

    A review of the three-wheeled electric bike GM PORTER 2017 is presented.

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