Thule: Models, Pluses and Cons

Thule: Models, Pluses and Cons

Thule’s cycle bumps are considered to be one of the most convenient, simple and functional options in the market. With the help of an easy-to-install device, each owner of a personal car can solve the problem of transporting one or more two-wheeled bikes, without bringing radical changes to its design.

Among the models of cycling companies there are various designs and capacity options.

But all of them are focused on people with minimal technical knowledge – You can find exactly the format that is suitable for a specific model and car brand, and install it in a couple of minutes.

Before making a final decision when selecting an attachment on the machine, it is worth understanding all the details and understand exactly how the Swedish company is ready to ensure safe transportation of bicycles.


Special cycle thule is considered One of the most reliable means for fixing one or more bikes for traveling, short or long trip. The Swedish company is proud of its engineering developments and offers a wide range of solutions capable of providing optimal results. Depending on the design of the machine, you can choose a place and method of fixation.

Thule’s brand seriously refers to its development – all products are full-scale testing.

In addition, the company uses modern engineering solutions, allowing the minimum technical preparation to install a bike mount on a car or dismantle it.

Special attention is paid to the selection of materials. Preference is given to metals resistant to corrosion and non-damaging paint coating machine.

Types of cycling fasteners

Absolutely all types of cycling for cars are made in the form of vertical racks or support platforms. Depending on how the two-wheeled transportation is fixed, you can also divide fixing devices into several groups. Thule has 3 line of products with fastening.

On Farkop

Universal option for transporting up to 4 bicycles at the same time. This fastening format is considered the most reliable allows you to easily install and remove heavy bikes.

On the back door

Optimum selection in the absence of a pardon or coupling device. There are no tough restrictions on the weight of vehicles, You can use bicycles of various types and designs, including heavy or thick wheels.

On the roof

If there is an arc or without them, Thule will offer your own option. The trunk on the roof can be chosen so that the bike is fixed Behind the wheel, held behind the frame or fork. This is a safe and convenient solution if the design of the car does not assume the presence of a pardon, and the luggage compartment must be constantly opening and close.

Waterboard on the roof

Thule releases several trunk species at once with a car roof mount. Among the most popular options can be noted several models.


Functional model with frame holder. Attached on the trunk with the help of the locks. For wheels, fixation with special quick-consuming belts. Compatible with through axis, for triggers with T-shaped guides, adapter may be required.


Vertical mounting, withstanding bicycles up to 20 kg Weight. Provides Automatic installation of a bike at the time of fixation. The attachment does not need an assembly, for bicycles with carbon frames, use an adapter.


Forklift fastening that does not need adapters. Suitable for bikes with through axes. Provided simplified bike loading. Adapted only for trunk with guides T-shaped species.


Fastening with plug fixation – one of the simplest in the line. Adapted to fix fatbachs with tires up to 3 “. Suitable for round and oval frames.

Plumbing to Farkop

This category of cycling is one of the most numerous Thule. You can highlight the most popular models.

Xpress 2

The simplest and easy fastening, holds 2 bikes with rubber belts. Convenient folding mechanism for easy storage. With adapter suitable for any frames.


Needed additional mounting constipation, there is a tilt function. Does not require complex adjustment. There are versions of 3 and 4 bikes.


Produced in the installation of 2 or 3 bicycles, depending on the modification. Simple folding design Easily moves manually, you can change the angle of inclination.


There are versions for 2 and 3 bicycles. Special retainer simplifies installation noticeably. The bikes are fixed Due to the frame holders.


One of the toughest fasteners, the number of bicycles transported – from 2 to 4, Do not need tools for assembly. Included Wheel Clamps for any database.

Velospace XT

Suitable for all bicycles, including fatable. Can serve Additional trunk in combination with cargo box BACKSPACE XT.

Easyfold Xt

Universal folding fastening.

Bias on the back door

This category of fasteners from Thule helps make the loading and transportation of bicycles as easy and convenient. Rama will be reliably protected from damage.


Cycling trunk on the car with fixation on cables. Fast installation, the presence of rubber gaskets for the protection of the body, the folding design make this model very popular. There are options for 2 or 3 bikes.


A series for cars with a bodie of minivan or minibuses, attached to the back door. Standard capacity of the lodge – 2 or 3 bike, it can be expanded to 4. Rack for transportation Allows you to change the parameters of the base, taking into account the length and width of the wheels.


Fasteners for the cybag is designed for fixation to the rear door of the car. Simple design withstands up to 3 bikes,suite for sedans and hatchbacks.


      Model with the most simple design. Focused on machines in the body of hatchback or wagon.

      Many model of cycling, like a popular Pack’n Pedal Sport trunk, were removed from production. The manufacturer regularly updates the model range, introduces new technologies, and irrelevant clamps are output from turnover.

      Advantages and disadvantages

      Consider what pros and cons is equipped with Thule waters for the transportation of bikes.

      Let’s start with obvious advantages.

      1. Simple montage. Installation of cycling in most cases does not require the use of special tools, allows you to produce all manipulations in a few minutes.
      2. Variable number of bikes. When using additional accessories, the bus holder is easily expanded by 1-2 sections, ensuring the possibility of transporting more bicycles.
      3. Protection of surfaces. Thule provided safety gaskets where a bicycle frame may suffer or a paint coating machine.
      4. Individual solutions for any body. This is important if the machine has non-standard dimensions or design.

        Countments can be attributed Need to acquire additional components. Adapters, locks and many other elements allowing you to adapt mounts to non-standard auto parameters, are quite expensive. Otherwise, Thule products are quite satisfied with cyclists.

        Which option to choose

        When choosing Thule wedges for a car worth considering such moments as the presence or absence of a pardon, roof trunk. In case of them, it is necessary to select the retainer will have to among a much less wide list of models. Cleaning on the roof may be uncomfortable with a significant height of the car, they are the most complex in the adjustment, adapted not to all types of trunk.

        It is worth considering I Mobility of the device itself.

        Optimally, if it is compact, and does not take much space in folded form, it is easy to dismantle.

        Bicycle support fasteners give greater safety during transportation, suspended implies the application of some efforts when loading equipment. True, and the second option has its advantages: such cybaggers do not block the review, usually have a folding design and are quite comfortable in the installation.

        Video review of cysting on the roof Thule ProRide 598 can be viewed below.

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