Tips for choosing a bicycle column

Tips for choosing a bicycle column

A bicycle column is not just a gadget that allows you to brighten through the way. High-quality musical accompaniment makes it easier to tune in to the desired way, sets the tone in the choice of speed and makes the rider more noticeable on the road. That’s just how to adapt the compact sound system to the format of outdoor activities? What features of the fastening and the support of the holder for cycle-brand is worth considering? How to choose a portable column on the steering wheel and do not regret it?

To understand which options are suitable for trips, it is better to spend some time to study the technical capabilities of modern devices. Overview of the JBL columns and others with a Bluetooth module will help to determine the power and design of the bicycleakastics.

The correctly selected portable music center will allow not to risk on the road due to headphones, while your favorite music will always be near. That is why it is not worth choosing it only for the price or availability on sale – high-quality sound just can not cost cheap.


Acoustic column for bike – Comparative new phenomenon in the market. The following points are added to the usual possibilities of portable saund systems.

  1. Protection against vibration. Indispensable when moving on an uneven road and in general, with fast riding.
  2. Sealed housing. It must be resistant to getting small stones or other possible road troubles.
  3. Increased battery power. It should be sufficient to provide 8-10 hours of autonomous work.
  4. High volume level. Sound quality is very important, otherwise you can hear musical chords in a wind whistle and noise of cars will be impossible.
  5. Special fastening that allows you to fix the sound system on the steering wheel. It must be functional, reliable and fairly durable.

These are the main parameters that the portable cycle film must match. In addition, there is a lot of subtleties that you have to consider when choosing a device.


All commercially available columns for bicycles can be divided 3 large groups by type of receipt.

  1. Radio frequency. The most rarely encountered, but with a large reception radius – up to 100 m from the signal source. Among their disadvantages – interference arising on the air, some complexity of settings. But in general, for long journeys and expeditions, this option is best suited.
  2. Bluetooth. Columns with a small range of reception range – up to 30 m. To install the connection in the smartphone, tablet or other device, there must be a similar communication module. It is enough to turn it on and activate the pairing. After that, you can reproduce music or use cycle-brand as an external speaker when watching video.
  3. Wi-Fi. The most energy consumption, in terms of battery consumption, option. After all, a smartphone or tablet is as a source of signal. The quality of the compound may also be unstable. But in general, many cyclists and cyclists are satisfied with this acquisition.

What attachment is more convenient?

Typically, special cycles have a regular fastening, but there are adapters that allow almost any device to turn into a cycle film. In traditional execution, this may be a holder on the steering wheel or fastening. Which option is more convenient, easier and provides better sound?

In the first case, the selected acoustics is fixed on the steering column using a simple bracket with a tripod screw, similar to those offered for cameras and DVRs.

In addition, there are a lot of suspended versions in the form of belts that cycling locks on the steering wheel. Sound quality at the same time.

On the frame of the bicycabusca is mounted using a non-slip plastic or silicone device resembling a flash beaker – it is easily mounted in standard holes. But if they are not, you will have to drill. Screw mount is quite reliably, but it is convenient to carry the column on the frame, only when there are 2 fixing blocks at once. For example, under the second flash bearer.

Actual models

Among the models presented in the market, you can pay attention to the following options.

  • JBL Charge 3. Single-band monodifamine, waterproof case, microphone for voice recording, operates in active mode up to 15 hours without recharging, no memory card support. The brand is considered the flagship of the market, pays great attention to the quality of assembly and material.

  • Avantree Cyclone. Model for fastening on the frame. Works with connecting via Bluetooth, AUX, there is a memory card slot. Emppressure hull, interesting design.

  • SVEN PS-465. Stereo column, there is a low and high frequency calibration. Works through Bluetooth, supports USB connection, there is a memory card slot. The stylish design of the housing is complemented by a battery for 6 hours of autonomous work.

  • Partner Rebel. Inexpensive column with bright design. Monaural sound, button control, there is a Bluetooth, built-in flashlight, memory card support.

Useful options

What additional features can show a bicycle column? Among the most relevant options can be allocated Solar Battery Charging – In this case, worry about the replenishment of the stock of energy is not exactly. Built-in clock and alarm clock or timer can also be useful.

Reception of radio frequencies will be useful if you want to extend the use of the column offline and simply listen to the radio. This feature is not in all models, but if it is present, even in the absence of ordinary communication to know the latest news and enjoy the music.

Water bottle holder is offered as part of models that are fastened to the frame. If there is no bicycle configuration, the acquisition will be quite useful. In addition, some columns are additionally equipped with a flashlight function – when moving along a poorly illuminated road, it can be quite useful.

About interfaces and ports

Portable bicycle columns may have support for wired or wireless interfaces. Most often, the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi protocols or Wi-Fi are used to connect to the smartphone. This makes it possible to avoid the need for wired connected, it is more convenient and safe. But it all depends on the device model. For example, Apple gadgets can only be chosen between Wi-Fi and AUX – the second way provides a wired connection to the headphone slots, the column simply translines the sound through the speaker, but do not need to adjust anything.

Among the available ports in most of the velocouette options can be allocated USB and MicroSD Slots. They allow you to connect external memory cards or flash drives, make it possible to reproduce pre-loaded music without connecting to other gadgets. In addition, the USB slot is often a socket for connecting a charger. And if there is no AUX cable, you can connect to any device directly and use your smartphone or tablet as a regular flash card, losing tracks from the device’s memory.

Range frequency and format

In order for the speaker of the musical portable acoustics to play high-quality sound, you will have to pay attention to the number of bands that are available to the user in the frequency range. Usually they are from 1 to 3. Understand which option to choose, you can marking. For true fans of a good veloxy, you can recommend three-track versions. Come on column formats determine whether low frequencies will be played, and is it possible to hear in the speakers in the speakers. All options presented in the market are divided into such.

  1. Format 1.0. The easiest supporting monaural sound. The quality of playback is appropriate, the power is also low.
  2. Format 2.0. Columns with stereo and realistic transmission of all intonation. Middle class allowing you to enjoy the music on the road.
  3. Format 3.0. Cookolones with a subwoofer, allowing to enhance low-frequency and high-frequency sounds. Good solution for those who are not used to limitation.

The number of speakers on these parameters does not affect. It can be 1 and give quality better than the models where they are in the audio-roll 3 or 4.

Choice rules

When choosing a portable speaker system for a bike worth paying attention to the following points.

  1. Completion. If a specialized device is purchased, it should already be with fasteners and everything you need to install on the steering wheel.
  2. Type of power source. If the trips are often committed away from civilization, and there is no access to electricity, you can purchase a cycle film that runs from replaceable batteries. For operation in everyday mode, a model with a modern lithium-ion battery and a charger will be suitable.
  3. Available interfaces. Even the wireless column can only work on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In the absence of gadgets at hand, it is worth buying a model with a memory card and download your favorite tracks into the player.
  4. Where the stand is attached. Most models can be fixed on the steering wheel or frame – the first option is exactly more convenient for switching tracks on the way.

If you consider all these factors, the selected model of the audio colon will last as long as possible and will not deliver problems during trips.

About how to make columns for a bike with your own hands, see the following video.

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