Tips for choosing the rear light on the bike

Tips for choosing the rear light on the bike

When buying a bicycle, it is desirable to use not only basic, but also an additional complete set. Some items mounted on the wing, frame or steering wheel can facilitate control and help orienit on the road. One of the additional elements is the rear lamp, which can perform a number of important functions. We will look at its types and methods of fastening.


The rear light on the bike is different from his front role in road traffic. If with the help of anterior width can highlight the path, then the rear will help in the dark. He will give motorists the opportunity to notice the cyclist at a distance and avoid collisions.

Front lamp can be adjusted and removed, and the rear should be in place always to protect the situation on the road at the right moment.


Here the choice is quite large, so you can calmly choose a suitable lantern.


Such headlights are one of the most common. They can highlight a large distance, be quite powerful and inexpensive. Diodes inside the lantern can be located in different sequences, depending on the shape of the lamp. Also the diode can be one and powerful or there may be several, but less productive.

Such lamps have 2 modes: flashing and permanent. The first option is suitable for a more economical flow rate, but at night it is better to use the second. If you are going to drive a driver, and you turn on the flashing light, it can blind it and create a dangerous situation on the road.

With laser track

Such lights are new for cyclists. The main feature of this lantern is that laser light stripes begin to form on the sides. They show motorways in which position is cyclist. This type of headlights is much more expensive, but acts more efficiently.

Tracks have several modes, among which flickering, blinking and permanent light. Laser headlights of waterproof, consume a little nutrition and can work up to 20 hours without a break. Traces from such a lantern can be seen for 1.5 km, so the driver will be warned about the presence of a cyclist on the road long before rapprochement. The mount takes place on the seed pin, the power is carried out through 2 AAA batteries.


Some of the most running and simple lanterns. It is installed behind the seat or the rear wing with a clamp. The design is a small pocket flashlight that feeds on the battery. Sufficient power, simplicity in use and a small price make this type of lanterns among the most common. The flow of light created by such a device will give drivers to clearly understand where the cyclist is.


This is a flashlight, which is immediately built into the helmet and is located on the back of the cyclist. As a rule, such aggregates are not very powerful and are only an additional accessory.


This is a lamp that works at the expense of the bike movement. It can be done by itself using copper wire, magnets, capacitor, diodes and coil. The light begins to appear when you turn the pedals. Due to work, which is performed when the rear wheel moves, the energy begins to produce. It enters through the copper coil to the diode, which serves as a lantern.

With turn signals

There is such a type of lantern. It will help point to the motorist, in which direction you want to turn. This is done in order not to have no unpleasant situations at intersections and roads with a massive movement. The flashlight with the direction indicator is installed behind the seat or on the removal on which the seat is kept. Such aggregates are quite expensive, because several types of work are: blinking, glow and permanent light. Instead of the main recognition function on the road, These lights show the direction of the cyclist movement.

With a camera

One of the most useful and dear types of cystic. The presence of the chamber allows you to record what is happening on the road, so This feature can help in case of collision. Need to understand that Elektail of such a cycletone is higher than that of a simple version, After all, food is not only on the light, but also to the work of the camera itself. The amount of memory that the camera uses may exceed 16 GB, so you do not have to clean the device’s memory card too often. Method of power – Battery, and the camera must be used via USB.

With stop signal

This cycle error is very easy to install and efficient on the road. Such a device cannot distinguish between high power, but it allows you to prevent motorists and pedestrians that you decide to stop. Inside the lamp is a mechanism that feeds the signal to separate stop LEDs. In the case of braking, they are triggered, and a stop signal appears. Most of these devices are installed through the clips, which makes it possible to remove them if necessary.


These are the most modern and expensive lights. They combine all major functions, can record on the camera and leave laser stripes. Some multisystem cycling lights have a stop signal with turn signals, different types of work and modes for reduced energy consumption. They are also unpretentious to environmental conditions and have a sufficiently high power so that they can be seen for 1.5 km. Universality allows you to install such lanterns on various fasteners that can go in the configuration with the device.

Types of fastening


In order to install a lantern, You can use a special strap made of silicone. It needs to be stretched, placed in the right place and fasten it back. The design is simple, so you can quickly remove the lantern with such a device and wear a biblonar. Minus is that Under adverse conditions, for example, in Claus, Silicone begins to lose its properties, and the quality of the attachment is noticeably reduced.

Silicone strings can go buckn with diode LEDs, for example, BlackBurn Mars Click or SolarStorm.

Fat installation

If you have acquired a dimensional lamp, then this type of fastening is best for you. He is reliable, strong and easy to install. Such fasteners can go complete with a lantern, which has its drawbacks. For example, you will not be able to install another type of installation, and you will need to acquire the trial separately. The main minus of the non-removable device is the inability to transfer or replace the lantern.

If you installed the lamp to a certain place, then it will remain there until you figure it out. In addition, universal clip can attract the attackers to make theft.

Removable mounting

The most comfortable and simple fastening option. It may not be so strong as non-removable, but noticeably facilitates the use of the rear light by bike. If you need to remove the device for your own purposes, then you can easily do it, for example, charge or clean from dirt. Externally, such fasteners are similar to half-cylinders, which are mounted on the trunk or under the seat, if it comes to the rear lights. This type of design is inexpensive, quite economical and very convenient to use.


Very interesting and unusual fastening type. Special latch allows you to fix the lantern where it will be most convenient for you.

In the next video tell about different options for the rear lights on the bike.

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