Trees: Purpose, Types and Selection

Trees: Purpose, Types and Selection

Bicycle capacity is small, so it is impossible to use them for the transport of large cargo. Installation of the cybag not always does not always allow to solve this problem, the acquisition of a biader will be the optimal choice. Let us dwell on the description of this functional device.

What is it and what is it needed for what?

The need for a biopder is obvious: you can hardly fix 20-30 additional kilograms on the cycling frame, and you can forget about the transportation of volumetric items.

With a bidder, all this is quite real – this unit is used to transport kids, pets, as well as overall cargo.

Pros and cons

Like any other adaptation, bidder has its advantages and disadvantages.

Among the undoubted advantages of using such products in comparison with the traditional trunk, you can allocate the following:

  • The center of gravity is shifted down, so the transferred kid to a lesser extent affects the resistance of the entire structure as a whole+
  • When using a biader, the suspension wear is significantly reduced+
  • The trailer is distinguished by increased load capacity.

Not without minus:

  • In order to dispel the bike driver, as well as stop either lift the loaded construction of the mountain, you will have to apply quite serious physical effort+
  • Bad patency on soft soil and bulk soils+
  • The difficulty of moving on narrow roads+
  • The need to relax from the bike and lead it manually in case of obstacles on the path (logs, pvv, galoons and pits).

Types of structures

Several basic varieties of bidder. Depending on the scope of use, they can be attributed to three categories: Cargo, Tourist and Children.

As follows from the definition, Freight models are used to move heavy and overall objects. If you wish, it can be used in the campaign, but most often the dackets acquire it, the inhabitants of the rural depths, as well as fishermen. For example, if you need to deliver a couple of bags from the market with vegetables, bring a galvanized pipe to the cottage or not even a very sober adult, such a trailer will have to be quite. Construction load capacity reaches one centner.

Technical cargo bidder It is a particularly strong welded structure, which consists of a spacious platform and side wheels, separate models are supplemented with sides, water straight, as well as light reflectors and lanterns. The mass of the trailer varies from 10 to 20 kg.

Depending on the design features Trucks are divided into two groups.

Product with one wheel attract users with their maneuverability. At the same time, similar models not able to withstand high load, Therefore, have a limited scope of use.

Two-wheeled options possess more lifting capacity, But at the same time they differ in high weight, because they are made of heavy and durable metal, as a rule, from steel. In addition, manufacturers reinforce similar models ribs. As a result, users face constantly growing inertia during a speed reduction, and this significantly complicates moving in the city. Cyclist has to clearly predict all its actions and perform braking in advance. Acquisition of such a trailer makes sense only if the cyclist has a constant need to move heavy and overall swing.

As for the devices for lovers of hikes, their carrying capacity is relatively small: as a rule, it does not exceed 20 kg, although there are models that hold the load to 50 kg.

From the point of view of the design of the product can differ significantly from each other. Some models are a trolley with a wheel, while others look more thorough, for example, a frame design with a suspended container.

Tourist breeds are designed for active movement, they are light and maneuverable, distinguished by high permeability. Most models have only one wheel – it helps to reduce the friction of the design about the road. The mass of each product is 3-10 kg.

Understated landing and a slight width makes them little-sensible on the road, so For greater visibility, special reflecting flags are often fastened for them.

To move kids use a children’s brewer. It is no secret that many active cyclists often take on the trips of their children. Depending on the age of the child, you can use Trailers or semi-trailers.

The semi-trailer is half a bike, only instead of the front part, it is attached to a rod, which is a continuation of the frame. Most often, such a model is mounted for a leading bike through the bracket. The rear of the semi-trailer is equipped with a suspension, as well as a transmission, which allows the child to actively participate in motion.

Trailers are optimal for moving very small children (one or two). According to the method of manufacture, they resemble a two-wheeled cart, equipped with seat belts and seat belts. In addition to the trailer usually comes awning with mosquito nets.

Among children’s brevisals, they received the greatest distribution Variants with a pair of wheels and shock absorbers, which are responsible for the most comfortable movement of kids. These designs are distinguished by an increased degree of security, which is due to the following structural features:

  • Hinged compounds due to which the risk of a trailer coup in case of a fall in the main bike is reduced+
  • Qualitative and reliable safety straps that do not allow children to fall out of the trolley during movement or in case of a dangerous situation+
  • Waterproof capes will be appropriate during the rain.

All children’s trailers presented in the modern market have the most positive results of crash tests.

A separate type of brewer is a model For moving animals. Externally, such products resemble children – they also provide for a base base, waterproof awning and special ventilation holes. But there is also a difference – it consists of smaller parameters of convenience and safety.

Usually in such devices move dogs, feathered, as well as cats, rabbits and other homework.

Methods of fastening

Cycling trailers are attached to the main bike in three ways:

  • Under the nut to the rear wheel sleeve+
  • To the back fork+
  • under the saddle.

It should be noted that the last mounting option is used only for trailers intended for the transport of young children.

For fixing, a hitch is used – a special trailer device.

It should be noted that in the domestic market there are mainly imported products. Absolute leadership in the field of manufacturing bidder belongs Thule Brenda. In the assortment of products of this brand, trailers for kids, which are produced in a wide variety of options, due to which everyone can easily choose the optimal trailer, depending on the age of a child, its physical activity, bicycle operating conditions, as well as the style of riding his parents.

Some products can be used even as a stroller, though in a somewhat limited functionality.

A good alternative Thule is considered Products schwinn. This is a reliable manufacturer who specializes in the production of cycling products. Among the highest quality trailers, the products of the German brand trailblazer are distinguished, their cyclothematography with a motor-wheel from the Carlo series allows you to turn the usual bike in a convenient cargo transport.

From domestic products you can allocate cycloskels “Bee”, “Bee-2”, “Bee-3”, as well as “Bumblebee”, However, they are issued by limited parties and do not enjoy in great demand among consumers.

How to choose?

To date, the range of autographs is great enough, so the choice is not so easy.

When choosing a suitable model, you should pay attention not only to the parameters of the loading capacity and the features of the fastening of the product, but also for additional accessories that are designed to ensure the comfort of the movement and user security.

  1. If you travel a lot, you should give preference to folding options. The choice of mobile design will allow you to take a trailer to any trip, while he will not take a lot of space.
  2. To achieve greater smoothness when driving on uneven areas, preferred reinforced models with adjustable suspension.
  3. When buying a trailer it is worth paying special attention to the adjustment mechanism.
  4. The presence of the luggage compartment will ensure the safety of the things necessary on the trip, will save the user of the bike from the need to take a sports backpack with him.

Terms of Use

The use of trailers significantly complicates bicycle maneuverability, Therefore, during its operation, some recommendations should be followed.

  1. When towing, it should be remembered that the total length of the cycle station increased by roughly twice, so it follows the turns by increasing their radius.
  2. If possible, try to move on solid asphalt roads. In this case, difficulties with the bucking will not arise, since the trailer is almost not felt and does not create a bicycle control.
  3. Try to avoid cross-country movements. At best, you will be harder to twist the pedals, at worst – you will simply be stuck somewhere.
  4. The width of the trailer is greater than the width of the bike itself, so the peculiarity should be observed when driving on narrow roads (near the borders, on urban cycles or overgrown forest paths).

Bike driver is far from mandatory. However, it is indispensable in tourist trips or when moving volumetric and heavy things. Such a trailer in its functionality is significantly ahead of trunk and tourist bags, so he has every chance of becoming a faithful friend of the cyclist, however, for a rather impressive value. Because of the rarity of products and small batches of goods, its cost to this day remains quite high.

About what bias are happening, look in the following video.

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