Tuklips: what it is, how to choose and install them?

Tuklips: what it is, how to choose and install them?

When riding a bike, safety is very important. To ensure it is invented quite a few devices, Tuklims are one of them. They do not give the legs to slip out of the pedals with sharp shocks or driving around Ughabam.

What it is?

Tuklips – a special device whose task is to fix the leg, or rather, the foot sock on a flat pedal. Translated from the English word denotes “clamped sock”. These clamps are considered an intermediate option between flat and contact cycles. This adaptation has some common features with horseback stirrups, it consists of a metal or plastic frame and leather or tissue straps.

The invention is not too new, previously used it mainly in professional cycling on tracks and racing bikes. Such a device helps not only pressed on the pedal, but also raise it up, significantly increasing driving efficiency. Use this kind of pedals during track races and their varieties. You can buy not only adult bicycle tubes, but also children’s. They also have several species and from different materials. Child children’s locks, depending on the size of the child’s leg.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tuklips, despite the more modern varieties of pedals, have their fans. The advantages of such a device are quite significant and allow it to be widely used.

  • Low price is advantageous distinguishes this device from sets of this type.
  • Combined with any shoes in contrast to the contact models to which you need to select a certain shoe. On ordinary casual shoes, the tubes are held without problems, besides, they can be used on thin winter boots.
  • Make it possible to carry out circular pedaling, which helps the correct distribution of loads on the legs, increase the speed and greater bike control. Such alternatives significantly reduce fatigue during long trips.

Such leaf fixators are suitable not for all cyclists. For those engaged in extreme rides, it is better to choose other varieties. But for riding around the city or tourist trips, they will become the best option, in addition, they are used in cases where additional efforts should be applied when pedaling. It is worth noting that Tuklips have some drawback: quickly pull the leg when falling not everyone will succeed, for this you need to develop certain skills.

First you should learn how to quickly adjust the straps, but after it is already automatically unfastened when you stop. To work out such skills, you need some time, but then it will get reflexively, and no pits or bumps will chop pedals from under the feet.

Types of Tuklips

Technically, tuklips are divided into 2 types:

  • racing+
  • Normal.

For the first type, bicycles are suitable with triangular pedals, as well as they require shoes having a rigid sole. Sneakers, and even more sorts are not at all suitable. The pedals are screwed to the platform with an elongated deepening on the back, which in working condition should rely this furrow on the back pedal. On ordinary cycling, these tubes are not screwed. Such a system fixes the leg very hard, which is at the same time both its plus and minus. Racing tubes are no longer produced, you can only buy them in the secondary market.

Ordinary tuklips are suitable for almost all pedals, but since they do not have departure settings, then when pedaling the foot toe is worth choosing small cells. Them, like shoes, you need to choose according to the size of the legs. The cell parameters are somewhat limited when the shoes are selected, because the thickened winter shoes will not fit into them, but any other – no problem. Buttage belts in two ways:

  • “Crocodiles” fasteners+
  • roller clasps.

The second is more comfortable, most often they are located on the straps of leather, but “crocodiles” are mainly on nylon straps. Tuklims themselves can be plastic or steel, but no material itself has some special advantages. Cracks can sometimes be formed on plastic clamps, and sprinkling chromium on the hinges.

Tuklips are also divided into several types of fasteners.

  • Pedals with Tuklims – factory option tool. It is installed on the site of the old bicycle pedals. Some brands have fasteners, allowing you to adjust the depth of foot insertion, and other such functions do not have.
  • In models with hard sock and straps fixing part (plastic or iron) for the sock is mounted using two screws to the front of the pedal, as well as the strap that is configured under the foot. Purchasing such a model, it is worth sure that it is suitable for a particular bike. First you need to make sure that the shape of the pedal allows you to attach sock to it, and whether the pedal has a hole for the straps. Or at least it is worth checking the opportunity to stretch them under the pedal.
  • Strap Tuklims are attached to pedals with velcuses or fasteners. They also need flat pedals having holes for straps. Plus such fixators are that in the absence of opportunity to quickly fasten the leg you can only turn the pedal with a book with a book and ride without them. Fix them can be tried later.
  • Powergripses are allocated among other models in the way of fixing the foot. Here, unlike other varieties, the manufacturer does not apply a hard fixing method using a rapid device and strap, and only one strap uses, which connects the corners of the pedal.

Many widths consider this option to be the most acceptable, because when falling it is easier to pull out the leg.

Proper use of Tuklims is a matter of time and skill. Such clamps are a budget option that is characterized by simplicity and requires additional maintenance. Among the most popular brands of cycling tubes can be allocated:

  • Wellgo MT-16 – distinguished emergency ease+
  • VP-733 – wear-resistant models+
  • Zefal – Made from technopolymer, with a solid wide platform.

How to install?

When using Tuklims, it is worth choosing shoes that has a flat and hard sole and smooth top. Fixing them, no need to delay very tight, but at the same time the feet should not hang out. The mount should be so that the leg can easily be pulled out and insert. If it is possible, it is better to choose fixators with double straps, single harder is configured for more reliable fasteners. Double, in particular, on velcro, it is possible to tighten with varying degrees of stretch, for example, the closest to the toe is fixed tighter, and the other is a little weaker.

In this case, the foot will not slide forward, but at the same time it can be easily pulled out. Tightening straps, it is worth taking into account the shape of the basic pedal. In the presence of spikes or ribs with high teeth, the leg will be harder, rather than with a smooth pedal.

Installation of the device depends on its type, the straps are fucked in special grooves on pedals. If there are no, they are placed under the bottom of the pedal.

In the video you will learn how you can do the tuklips do it yourself.

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