Velochok: what are and how to choose?

Velochok: what are and how to choose?

Most of the people are engaged in various sports, and riding bicycles – no exception. All cyclists according to the rules must necessarily have appropriate equipment. The first thing to pay attention is the glasses that will help protect your eyes in any weather.

What are they needed for?

Velochoks are classic cycling glasses, which include lenses, frame, as well as its frame, noseopor, flex and two arms. In some cases, instead of the last tape or a special strap. INFixed glasses – this is a rather important attribute for cycling.

That is why it is very important to skillfully select points and in advance to be familiar with all their advantages and minuses.

Velochoks for skiing have the following advantages:

  • First of all, it is the protection of the eyes from the possible hit in them, small insects or even small pebbles+
  • They protect a person from sharp sunlight+
  • With their help, you can provide for yourself the maximum viewing angle without harm to the eyes+
  • Almost all glasses are made of polycarbonate lenses, which are much easier simple glass analogs + besides that, they can serve much longer.

If we talk about flaws, then they are quite a bit. For cyclists who are just beginning to get involved in this sport, the difficulty is that sometimes it is very difficult to get used to such an accessory. In some cases, they simply flies on the go. Sometimes even expensive models can break out over time.


In any glasses, the main detail are lenses. They protect eyes and do not give the sun rays to blind the driver in the heat. But this is not the only advantage of some lenses. In general, they can be divided into several species, each of which is only suitable for a certain condition, and also has different characteristics.

With diopriyami

Those who have vision problems need to choose exactly such vocals. After all, today, many manufacturers are engaged in the manufacture of models of cycling points with diopters. Their cost is much higher than ordinary sunscreen models. However, with the right choice, the investment will be justified. If it is wrong to choose such glasses for yourself, it will only lead to impairment of vision. Therefore, buying such models is best among specialists who will be able to determine which lenses will be needed.


Such lenses are capable of changing their color under the sunny rays. Many call them “chameleons”. They appeared only in 1964, when a layer of copper and silver was applied to the usual glass. A little later, experts learned how to make data elements already in the process of creating the lenses itself.

While man is indoors, lenses with glasses transparent. But when a person goes to the sun, metamorphosis occurs with sunscreen accessory, and they are darker. Their darkening completely depends on how much sunlight will fall on them. The photochrom applied by a layer absorbs ultraviolet and immediately changes the structure. Such glasses are good because the eyes in them do not strain either in the house or on the street even on the most sunny day. therefore Vision does not deteriorate, but the eyes do not get tired at all.


These points are released not only for cyclists, but they can be found in a backpack from car drivers, and fishermen. Such lenses significantly reduce the effects of sunlight. They allow you to perceive all the details as clear as possible. Make them both colorless and fulfilled in different shades. In addition, they can be with diopters, and without them.

According to its principle, they are not too different from sunglasses. Almost all models are quite durable and are not afraid of any blows. They are light and comfortable, and also best suited for cycling ride.


Such models of glasses are best used in sun and bright days, because they significantly reduce the brightness of the sun’s rays, which makes it easier to perform bicycle walks on hot days. Additional plus lies in what they look stylish.

With interchangeable lenses

Sports goggles with multiple lenses are particularly popular with cyclists. The kit can come from 2 to 5 lenses. Almost all of them are translucent, you can use them both at night and day. For cloudy weather it is best to use orange lenses. In a bright and sunny day, they must be changed on brown. To better distinguish all the necessary items, you can use gray lenses.

Blue or blue will help slightly increase contrast.

There is a large number of Velochkov. To make it easier for yourself a choice, you need to get acquainted with the most popular options.


Such a model is quite common in America, and in Europe, and in Russia, therefore its average cost is located in 150 dollars. Such glasses will look great with the helmet and provide good protection of the cyclist’s eyes. In addition, the manufacturer has and glasses that complement fog lenses, and this is known to help ride even when visibility is limited. The form of glasses is made in such a way that it makes it possible to protect your eyes well. Minus is that Even in the case of a short breakdown, the repair of such a model of points will cost expensive.

OptilaBs Switch

These Villas produce London manufacturers. Included there are several additional lenses that can be selected for any case. In addition, such glasses are even suitable for people who have vision problems. They are an excellent option for those who have at least a slight sense of style. The cost of them sometimes comes to 15 thousand rubles.


Those athletes who are engaged in cycling professionally prefer to acquire high-quality models, and not cheap analogs. In this case, the buyer will fit glasses from these world manufacturers. They have many advantages, including their durability.

The kit includes several sets of frames with different colors. Besides, It is made of very durable material that is not afraid of even temperature drops. All lenses are easily replaced, so in case of any breakdown, there will be no money for repair. Lenses such points have fog.

Points almost completely close the whole face, which gives good protection, so even heavy rain will not be a hindrance to a bike trip.

But after all, this model has some drawbacks. So, some rims are made of plastic. For this reason, glasses often break. Regardless of the fame of this brand, its price is not very high, so many are available. It is within 150 euros.


Manufacturers produce fairly stylish glasses, with lots of coloring. Most often they Photochromic, In addition, with interchangeable lenses, which allows you to use them in any weather and time, be it night or day. Besides They are suitable for those people who have vision problems.


Initially, this company was founded in Italy, but today it is part of the English company. It is engaged in more extent making not only bicycle glasses, but also various bicycle accessories. Points additionally includes several lenses that allow them to use them at different times of the year.

Smith Optics Pivlock Overdrive

This glasses model is made of plastic, but it does not affect its quality. They have a water-repellent coating, which allows them to use them even in rainy weather. The set includes replaceable lenses that can be replaced by. In addition, this model lenses are completely separated. therefore When breakdown, one will not need to change completely lenses, it is enough to change only spoiled.

Right of these points is made so that leaves a full overview of the world around much significantly. Although there are no nose-absorbers in such glasses, it is very convenient to use them. In addition, many buyers satisfy the price of such glasses. The cost of them is completely small, up to 13 thousand rubles.

Olympo Triple Fit

Such glasses are great for professionals. They are made of light and durable plastic, which gives protection from scratches. Lenses are used very durable, so no extra glasses in the kit. In case of breakdown, you need to buy them separately. The cost of such glasses is average, up to 13 thousand rubles.

Recommendations for choosing

Deciding to choose for yourself a bike glasses, It is necessary to get acquainted with some advice from specialists.

  • Best to buy Glasses with lenses that are not made of glass, because they can break down when falling, impass your eyes. However, at the same time, you should not buy cheap models from poor-quality material, because good glasses should be sure to protect a person from ultraviolet rays.

  • Sports points are not divided into men’s or female. Most of the models are made in the unisex style. Accordingly, they look at any person very beautiful. In addition, it is necessary to turn your attention to the fact that they are convenient, therefore, pre-fitting is very important. The purchased points should fit tightly to the face and approach the Sleeme, which will protect it from hitting different types of midges, sand or raindrops.

If this is not the case, then the purchase can be considered simply meaningless.

  • At the bottom of the glasses, as well as on the part that is located near the temples, should not be. This is necessary so that the overview of the whole surrounding was much more, which is important for a cyclist. In addition, the form of the glasses must be done so as to completely cover the eyes from all sides.

  • When removable lenses do not go to points, you should not make a choice in favor of models with too darkened glasses. They should only be a little darkened, which will allow riding a bike and day, and at night.

  • Special attention when buying such an item must be paid to replaceable lenses, After all, only one fifth total products includes such an additional kit. And this is very important, as it allows them to replace themselves, even on the road. This is especially true for those people who ride a bike at great distances or are engaged in cycling professionally.

  • Besides, Do not buy cheap models, Which offer sellers of markets or stalls. Most often they sell fakes that will not be able to protect the eyes from the effects of ultraviolet rays. But in specialized stores you can check glasses on a special device defining UV protection. In addition, it does not take much time. Literally a few seconds, and the buyer will definitely know everything about the selected glasses.

Bicycle glasses can be very different.

So, to choose them for themselves every person individually, depending on its preferences, as well as financial capabilities. To make a little easy to choose for yourself, you can ask the councils from specialists who will gladly consult all those who want.

About how to choose Veloki, look in the video further.

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