Velod servi: varieties, review of manufacturers and care tips

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Velod servi: varieties, review of manufacturers and care tips

Cycling is not only sport or interesting hobby, but also the path to longevity. Scientists from different countries of the world have proven that the commission of regular bike makes it help to maintain activity and vital energy throughout life. For many, children’s passion for the bike develops into professional activities, which is associated with conducting permanent training and participation in competitions.

To ensure maximum comfort during the overcoming of huge distances, sportswear manufacturers developed Special Equipment for cyclists, an integral part of which is a bicycle.


Bicycle Jersey – a special cyclist T-shirt, which is part of their equipment. For the first time, these T-shirts were used by athletes participating in Velorally and cycling. Much later, special equipment began to apply during training and competitions almost all professional athletes and lovers.

Due to the high price range, Specialists do not recommend purchasing this clothing to people who only a few hours a week are driving a bike. But holders of highway models, cyclocross and hybrids, as well as people, which overcome tens of kilometers, It is necessary to pay attention to the bike.

In order to properly choose a shirt for cycling, it is necessary to make an accent on its size, but to growth. To ensure maximum adjustment, most participants of the cycling selects bike jackets for several sizes less. The features of such sportswear are a narrow bottom, a high neck, the presence of reflective inserts on the back pocket, the manufacture of side and shoulder inserts from a blowable mesh, using a special zipper that leaves no hooks.

Like any object of the wardrobe, bike servants has a number of advantages and disadvantages.


  • Fast moisture removal+
  • Tight fit+
  • Availability of lightning+
  • High aerodynamic indicators+
  • The presence of pockets+
  • Special cut, in which the backrest canvas is much longer than the transfer+
  • Availability of special reflective inserts+
  • The presence of special fixing silicone cuffs in all edges.

Disadvantage – high price range. In the manufacture of this clothes, manufacturers are guided by the following principles:

  • comfort+
  • convenience+
  • safety.


On the shelves of specialized stores you can see a wide range of product data. Manufacturers produce both men’s and women’s models that match the anatomical features of athletes of different sexes. Features of men’s cytipetal:

  • slim waist+
  • Wide shoulder zone+
  • Direct cut Niza.

Features of women’s models:

  • The presence of breast expansion+
  • narrow crate shoulder zone+
  • The presence of aliance in the waist+
  • Small intelligence in the hip zone.

Depending on the purpose, manufacturers produce the following types of bicycle.

  • Highway (Cross Country) – A product with maximum adjacent to the body, rapid moisture tap, high aerodynamic indicators and special pockets on the back. These models have bright colors that make moving on the roads as safe as possible.
  • For urban trips – Analogue of cross country, which has a more rigorous and classic appearance.
  • Enuro, Downhill (FOX) – Long-sleeved cycling ride on the slopes and mountain locations. Feature – free cut, the presence of space in order to make a special protection, no rear pockets.

Depending on the climatic conditions of the bicycle, there are the following types:

  • For warm weather – Classic cytipetoles and bicycles, which are used at a temperature of more than + 20 degrees+
  • For cool weather – Products that are always manufactured with long sleeves+
  • For cold weather – insulated models (cyclefta), which includes sheep wool.

Dense products not only prevent the hypoint, but also possess maximum moisture loss.

If the ambient temperature is lowered below 0 degrees, then better T-shirts to wear a light jacket. Special attention should be paid to new models that are made of carboxylic and ceramic fibers. These products possess the following advantages:

  • Increased wear resistance+
  • Resistance to mechanical damage+
  • Antibacterial properties+
  • The presence of lightweight Croy+
  • Defense against ultraviolet radiation+
  • Skin protection from microparticle penetration+
  • Water-repellent effect.


The manufacture of special equipment for cyclists is engaged in a large number of manufacturers from around the world. Professional athletes recommend paying attention to the following trading stamps, branded products of which have high quality and long period of operation.

  • Altura – Manufacturer who produces free cut T-shirts. These models are in demand when classing Dunchill, Freeride and Enduro.

  • Enduro – Brand, which specializes in the release of equipment for extreme cycling. Feature – Use more elastic material.

  • Castelli, Assos, Gore, Mavic – Trade brands engaged in the release of tight adherents, which are intended for movement on the highway and special training tracks.

  • Grane, Scott, Skoda, Milram – Manufacturers producing insulated modeling models.

Care rules

In order for cycle a lot as much as possible to keep its color and appearance, experts recommend paying attention not only to its choice, but also to comply with the rules of care for it. Famous manufacturers on special tags place detailed information on care for their products that need to be strictly observed.

If after training there is no possibility to wash equipment, then you need to at least clean it from dirt and drop drops by rinsing in clean and cool water. After training, it is strictly forbidden to put wet clothes in a sports bag. Before removing the bicycle, it is necessary for her Be sure to dry.

According to hygienic standards, the reuse of dirty and sweaty clothing, bacteria and dangerous fungi on which can provoke skin rashes and itching.

For maximum preservation of product integrity It is impossible to elastic clothes together with accessories where Velcro is located. Adhesive elements will quickly spoil the top layer of sports products. To prevent lightning breakage, it is necessary to fasten it before loading clothes into the car.

For washing specialists Recommend to use delicate compositions that do not contain fragrances, dyes, bleach and chlorine. Optimal washing mode – delicate with 30-degree temperature and delicate rinse. For drying T-shirts, it is strictly forbidden to use dryers, better underwear just rave outdoors.

          Cycling races are one of the most spectacular and bright sports competitions, for which a huge amount of fans observes. The appearance of the athlete plays not the last place in this event.

          Each cyclist tries to choose not only a high-quality, reliable and beautiful bike, but also spectacular and comfortable clothes that will help him not only quickly overcome the distance, but not to get lost among other participants. Modern manufacturers produce a wide range of sports kits, which differ not only in size, but also design, appointment and price range. The choice of the necessary equipment depends only on the individual preferences and amounts of financial resources.

          Further see overview of the bike castelli Gabba 2.

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