Velorukzaki: What happens and how to choose?

Velorukzaki: What happens and how to choose?

Bike – one of the most common and popular means of movement. To be able not only to move onto a bike independently, but also carry loads, you need to get a bike backpack. However, when it is elected, it is necessary to be quite attentive to buy the most practical and functional product. What features and requirements of cycling backpacks, which species exist, how to make a choice, review the best models – you will learn about it from our material.

Features and requirements

To date, the market can be found a huge variety of backpacks on a bike. In addition to the backpacks, there are also bags, covers, bags and other devices for transporting and storing things, but the undoubted championship holds bicycle backpacks. The main advantages of the bicycle backpacks include several essential characteristics. So it is important to note that Using a spacious backpack you can transport all the necessary things from place to place.

Besides, In a high-quality backpack, you can put a variety of things (documents, a bottle of water, keys and so on). Because for transporting things you use a backpack, you do not drag the bike, so Riding on it is simplified several times.

However, at the same time, it should be understood that the overview of the backpack can lead to negative consequences in relation to the cyclist itself – the entire load falls on his spine.


All cycling backpacks are divided into several varieties: frame, soft and machinery. Each of these categories of velorukzakov is distinguished by its individual features and characteristics that are both positive and negative. Consider each of the varieties of Read more.


The main characteristic feature of these products is The presence of a durable hard structure. Thanks to this, the cyclist has the ability to transport even large loads on fairly long distances. As for the shortcomings, the main one, according to user reviews, is the lack of comfortable anatomical straps. Machine anatomical products are most popular among cyclists, endowed with a special internal framework.

Such leaks are preferred due to the fact that Their use is characterized by increased comfort, since the product repeats the outlines of the back of the person. In addition, such bags contribute to the uniform load distribution. And also they contribute to free air access, and shoulder straps can be adjusted at your request. At the same time, when buying a machine cycle cycle, it should be noted that He is rather heavy by its mass, and can also do in a fairly large amount of money.


How can you guess from the name of this category of products, they are rather soft in structure and do not have any rigid element. Due to this their use is quite convenient. The main difference between soft bags from any other – This is the presence of a suspension sewn to the bag. In addition, soft products are quite democratic in its cost, so their purchase is available to almost everyone.

Such products also have a special cargo belt, which makes it easier to transport heavy loads for long distances. Additional use comfort is also provided with special straps and a small mass. In the storage of the product are also pretty comfortable, as they are quite compact in their size and can be stored even in a small apartment (for example, in storeroom or on the balcony).

As for the shortcomings, among them you can select such characteristics as the possibility of deformation due to the fact that the soft structure there is no framework.


Distinctive features of such a product – This is the presence of a special strap, which provides convenience of operation, as well as dense back. The rigidity of the structure is ensured due to the presence of specialized metal and plastic plates. If necessary, they can be removed without any difficulty. It is also convenient if you want to fold the storage product.

Frame backpacks are also divided into several subspecies, namely – they are with an external and inner frame. Products with an external frame have ventilation for the back, which protects the cyclist from overheating. However, at the same time, when using such a product, the spine accounts for quite a large load. As for the backpacks with an internal framework, there are hard elements in their device, which if desired, you can easily remove.

In addition to the most popular varieties described above, there are other bicycle backpacks. So, many athletes prefer not punctured backpacks, but products that can be fixed on the trunk or frame. And also exist so-called Backpacks pants, backpacks with hydrator and drinking system. Correctly chosen variety of backpack will turn your trip by bike in a pleasant journey.

Overview of the best models

Today the market presents a huge number of manufacturers of cycling backpacks. In our material we will introduce you to the top of the companies.


Backpacks of this manufacturer are quite democratic in its cost. So, the most popular model is a backpack Deuter Bike I 20, which costs about 5,000 rubles. Backpack is distinguished by modern urban design. As for the technical characteristics of the DEUTER BIKE I 20 backpack, it is important for them to attribute such indicators as:

  • Weight – 880 grams+
  • The backpack is endowed with a special anatomical back for the convenience of using it+
  • Material Backpack – Nylon+
  • The maximum amount is 20 liters+
  • Availability of additional pockets+
  • Availability of drinking system.

There are several characteristics of the DEUTER BIKE I 20 model, thanks to which a large number of buyers choose it. These properties of the product include a full-fledged delivery kit, which includes a rain.

And also in the backpack device there is a special fastener for a flashlight and compression belts.


Backpack painted in several colors: blue, black and gray. Its cost is lower than the price of the above-described model and is about 3,000 rubles (the price may vary depending on the specific point of sale). The design of the backpack includes such Specialized Elements, like sports straps and drinking system.

Moreover, the wire of the drinking system hose can be displayed on the strap backpack, which simplifies its use and provides the possibility of water consumption without breaking away from the trip (which is especially convenient for various competitions and group trips). The set of this backpack, in addition to the main product, is included Fasteners for a helmet and rain cover. In addition, there is a special reflective element and fastening for the lantern. The total backpack is 18 liters.


Thule products are popular not only among fans cyclists, But among professional athletes. There is a wide variety of models. The advantages of the backpack include properties such as:

  • The presence of capes that protects the product from negative events of the external environment (especially precipitation)+
  • Comfortable and spacious compartments+
  • The possibility of fixing the helmet+
  • availability of a department for transportation of particularly fragile things+
  • Branch for laptop+
  • Reflective cape+
  • Additional fastening elements+
  • Secret pockets.

Thus, on the market there is a huge variety of models of cycling backpacks, which are suitable even for the most demanding athlete.

How to choose?

Choose a high-quality backpack for a cyclist – this is a rather difficult task. To determine the specific model of the product that is suitable for amateur cycling or for professional driving, need to take into account several factors.

  • Immediate design and size matter. For example, a small suitable for urban walks, but for professional sports, you should choose larger models. On the other hand, a model with a grid equipped with a ventilation system will not allow your body to overheat.
  • Another focusing factor is a mount. It depends on the ease of operation while driving. So, some models are intended only to be transported on the back, and others can be strengthened on a frame or trunk.
  • No less important is the form. Try to choose such models that will repeat the outline of your back, since it is precisely such products that will be most convenient and comfortable during operation.
  • The material from which a backpack is made is important to reliability and durability Backpack. So, if you buy a cheap backpack made of poor quality fabric, then it will last you a short period. An option from expensive material will serve not one season.
  • It is also important to focus on the external characteristics of the backpack so that its design matches all your aesthetic preferences.

You can choose such a product that will fully match your bike.

How to choose a backpack for a cyclist, see next video.

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