Vocality and ledgers with diapers: how to choose and wear?

Vocality and ledgers with diapers: how to choose and wear?

The bike is a universal vehicle, suitable people of any age and social status. It is used for ride in the city, driving to work, as well as longer travel. With frequent use of the bicycle, discomfort may appear in the form of rubbing the seat, get rid of which only specialized bicycle trucks or balkes with diapers will help.


Bike riding brings many positive emotions, both adults and children, one one helps to lose weight, make the body more relief, others are happy to go to themselves or with the company and fun. Depending on the frequency of use of this vehicle and the duration of travel, need to pick up the right clothes. From driving in short shorts in a short time it will be possible to feel burning on the inside of the thigh from frequent contact with the seat. Too hot or poorly ventilated clothes will also be an incorrect choice, especially when it comes to a long journey.

The problem of the selection of suitable clothes has emerged long ago, because manufacturers of sports equipment turned their attention to this topic, inventing special cycling shorts that would have given the opportunity to minimize unpleasant sensations during the trip. For a new product, a special stretch material was picked up, which allows you to make shorts and panties by sliding: nylon, lycra, polyester, spandex.

In order to dismiss extra moisture and other problematic nuances, the insertion-diaper was invented, which became the main difference of ordinary clothes from the bicycle.

The diaper itself consists of three layers:

  • Antibacterial fabric+
  • moisture+
  • absorbing layers.

    Curlons can have several varieties:

    • Products used as underwear (manufactured from hygroscopic material)+
    • Sports variety that has a richest color gamut and features cut+
    • Beltrouses with diapers – are not considered aerodynamic, but they are distinguished by high practical qualities.

    Beltrouses differ from cycling long. Since the first option is shorter, it usually dresses under the clothes, which is convenient for work trips or at work, and the second are used for cycle rockerel, and hide them under other things optionally. The design of Voshortort is usually more original and interesting, while cyclers are most often one-photon.

      Making the choice between simple things and specialized goods, it is worth stopping your choice on the latter. Vocality with diapers have such advantages as:

      • Temoregulation+
      • Maintaining blood flow due to the absence of numbness of soft tissues+
      • The presence of bacteriostatic properties+
      • Support muscle+
      • Increase the speed quality rider+
      • Prevent rubbing between legs+
      • Role of the amortist.

      Like any other product, the bike clothing has its drawbacks, among which:

      • High elasticity of clothing allows you to strongly cover the body, but not all this soul, especially those with overweight+
      • Complexity with the selection of the perfect version under a specific person+
      • Cost of products.

      To properly choose clothes for bike shops, and pants or shorts were comfortable to wear, and they only delivered pleasant sensations from use, you need to be aware of the features and options of products.

      The difference of female and male products

      Since cycling carries both guys and girls, manufacturers faced with the need to provide overalls of both sexes. Male and women’s cycling and shorts with diapers differ in the following parameters.

      • By Croy. The female option is done shorter in length, and the cut is distinguished by elegance. Men’s products are characterized by a greater length of the velter.
      • Model row.

        In connection with the peculiarities of the structure of men and women, cycle breeding has such differences:

        • Women’s panties and bike shorts sew more fitted than men’s+
        • Front step step in female products shorter than in men’s+
        • Inserts in cyclewear can be located in different places+
        • Female option is usually produced shortened, and male most often closes quadriceps.

        The choice of bicycle and panties should be realized, during fitting the product should not put pressure and disturb, otherwise ride it will be extremely uncomfortable.

        Care for cycle breeding

          Specialized bicycle clothing has its own features in care, and that use brought only pleasant sensations, you need to know about them. Creating bicycle vehicles and bicyclers, the manufacturers sought to ensure that the cyclist prevented the cyclist, because this clothing dress straight on the body, nothing to do with it, otherwise it would not be able to feel the proper effect. Since shorts and panties after each riding will be wet from sweat, They need to be washed.

          Veloform washed can be both manual and machine, on tags usually there are detailed care instructions. An important feature when washing in a washing machine is the absence of things that can damage the material of panties or shorts, which will entail the appearance of holes.

          Sew waterports preferably in the sun – it will help to remove the harmful microorganisms that could stay after washing.

          How to choose clothes?

          To purchase comfortable bicycle losses or panties, It is recommended to pay attention to the following nuances.

          • Compliance of the model features of the figure of a particular person. Not always a well-known firm guarantees a comfortable landing and an attractive appearance, because it is worth trying several brand things.
          • Choosing between cheap shorts of dubious quality and high-quality expensive thing, it is worth a preference to the second, especially if you ride often.
          • Seams on clothes should be soft, they should not crush and interfere.
          • The lower part of the panta usually has a latex strip, which can cause irritation, especially in the heat, because it is worth paying attention to products with point strips.
          • For long trips, it is better to choose shorts with straps that will not push the stomach and will not crawl while driving.
          • Choosing panties or shorts for a bike, you need to try on, bend the leg in a knee at right angles – if the gum does not move on the belt, then this product will be the most successful.

          Lovers of high-quality and brand things should pay attention to the products of the following brands.

          • Saibike – Different with a wide cuff at the bottom, ergonomic form. Pampers does not have extra seams, inside the foam, on top of silicone strips.
          • Pearl Izumi Liner – bikers who are approaching clothes. The length of the product from the belt is 36 cm.
          • Radical Racer Pr – A feature is anatomical pamper from foam with antibacterial properties, which has a memory effect that is stored even after frequent washes.

          Selecting shorts or panties, it is worth paying special attention to the diapers, it can be both with gel filling, which will provide a softer and comfortable ride and a classic three-layer option. Length, width and form may differ, there are products with protrusions and without them, wide and narrow, long and short diapers. The choice of a specific option can be done, only trialing it on yourself, it is advisable to make a small test drive for this.

          It is not necessary to evaluate the appearance of the cycle breeding, first of all it should be comfortable and practical, and even then beautiful.

          With the correct selection of a bicycle riding forms, you can fully enjoy a trip, not paying attention to foreign factors that usually accompany an inexperienced cyclist.

          Review of cycling with diapers, see the following video.

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