Voshorta: pros and cons, species, choice

Voshorta: pros and cons, species, choice

There is a category of people who prefer cycling. To ride a bike was as comfortable as possible and brought positive emotions, experts recommend paying attention not only to the choice of bike, but also a thorough selection of equipment.


During exercise, you can get a charge of positive emotions, but also mechanical damage is not excluded. To minimize the negative consequences of sports activities, experienced athletes are recommended to acquire the necessary equipment. Voshorta (bike) – Special clothing, which is designed for professional cycling ride. If cycling is not regular and long, specialists are not recommended to acquire these goods. Functional purpose of cycling:

  • Protection of skin friction+
  • Reducing uncomfortable sensations+
  • Enhance aerodynamic indicators due to the dense tightness of the muscles+
  • Improving blood circulation+
  • Creating a soft layer between the buttocks and the saddle.

The main disadvantages of this product are the following characteristics:

  • Very dense adhere+
  • Neesthetic appearance+
  • High price range+
  • The complexity of the selection.

For the manufacture of cycling equipment, manufacturers use only elastic types of material. Spandex, having a high level of elasticity and maximum resistance to wiping. To increase the moisture degree and air exchange, some manufacturers combine spandex and natural fibers. A distinctive feature of this type of product – the presence of silicone bands throughout the bottom edge of the shorts that prevent their slip during occupation.

To ensure the maximum fixation of sports textiles in the waist area, manufacturers not only sew a gum, but also complement their goods with a special locking belt, which can be tightened according to the sizes of the waist athlete.


Due to the anatomical features of the male and female organism, manufacturers produce the following types of bicycle products:

  • Women – fit+
  • Men’s – slaughtered.

This type of equipment can also be divided into tight and stinging, with a soft pillow and without. On the type of shorts for cycling also affects the presence or absence of diapers, which helps in sweat. Products with this item are more convenient, but have a high price. Pampers consists of several layers:

  • Fleece+
  • Antibacterial layer+
  • absorbent gasket+
  • Side patches inserts.

Depending on the type of crooe, bicycle vehicles can consist of 4, 6, 8 or 12 elements. Expensive models that acquire professional athletes consist of at least 12 parts. Purpose Short directly depends on the amount of elements in them:

  • 4 – sit, walk+
  • 6 – Sit, walk, ride+
  • 8 – Hold sports workouts+
  • 12 – professionally engaged cycling.

Taking into account all the above features of clothes for cyclists on the shelves of specialized stores You can see different types of cycling.

  • Beltruses – product that is worn under the main clothes. This item acquires cyclists who go through city roads.

  • Voshorty – Popular product that acquire various categories of athletes. Advantages – no sense of stiffness, dense adjacent, maximum aerodynamic indicators, creating perfectly soft contact with solid surface, complete absence of skin friction.

  • Vyshotorts with straps – Analogue of classic bicycle. The product has additional straps that impede clothing location while driving.

  • Voshorti for Enduro (FOX) – Classic Crow Shorts. Advantages – the presence of a convenient diaper, high level of elasticity and air exchange.

  • Voshlorts for Downhill – an improved product that is in demand in athletes passing triggers, as well as for mining riding. Distinctive feature – elevated material density.

  • Valothettany – An extended analogue of bicycle bodies with narrow pings that closes the whole leg and can be used in the cold season.

New in the field of cyclists’ equipment are tourist shorts that have special pockets and fasteners, as well as bicycles, specially designed for representatives of the fine sex.

Full overview of sports products can be seen on official sites of famous trademarks.


The market for sportswear presents goods from a huge number of manufacturers. Professional athletes recommend paying attention to individual brands.

  • Rosti – Italian company, whose sports clothing is in demand among French, American and Italian athletes. The manufacturer is engaged not only by a massive release of bicycle, but also individual tailoring, taking into account all customer requirements.

  • Giordana – Leader in the sports equipment market, which has its own factory in Italy. Clothes of this brand can be seen in the wardrobe of most professional cyclists.

  • Sportful – Italian brand that has the most wide range. The sports form of this manufacturer, the most harmonious combines the price range and quality.

  • Assos – Swiss company, which produces very expensive technological sportswear.

  • Fox Racing – Popular American brand that produces unique equipment for cyclists. The brand has its own corporate logo: fox. Sometimes athletes use some parts of sportswear and in the daily wardrobe.

And it is also necessary to celebrate trademarks Poc, Vermarc, Shimano, Endura, Stolen Goat and Katusha.

Features of choice

In specialized stores you can see a wide range of vexorth, which are characterized by their parameters and design. Specialists are not recommended to purchase this product without preliminary fitting, based only on a visual assessment that will not help choose the right size. To choose high-quality equipment, you need to pay attention to the parameters:

  • No discomfort during fitting+
  • Availability of reasonable price+
  • Compliance with diapers anatomical features+
  • The presence of a convenient gum corresponding to the volume of the torso+
  • Suitable length+
  • Comfortable elastic material.

Beginners athletes when choosing a product should understand that direct influence on the price of goods is provided:

  • Type Crow:
  • material+
  • The structure of diaper.

Experienced consultants Not recommended to consider only expensive models, the quality and functionality of which do not always justify expectations.

Many manufacturers produce budgetary equipment in which the price and quality are harmoniously combined.

Rules of wearing and care

So that sportswear does not cause discomfort when wearing, it must not only carefully choose, but also properly. The main recommendations of experienced athletes:

  • Placing suspenders from shorts under T-shirt+
  • Use of products with removable diapers for long trips that may take several days+
  • Skin coating with softening cream in places of maximum friction.

    Despite the high level of loads and increased sweating during classes, The task of each athlete – look neat and gently. To prevent the appearance of an unpleasant smell specialists Recommend to wash shorts after each workout. This requirement is connected not only with the dust and sweat on the fabric, but also with the need to wear it without underwear. Detailed care recommendations for sportswear can be found on special tags that manufacturers are fixed to their product.

    Voshorts should be washed in cool water in delicate mode. For drying it is better to use smooth surfaces on which you need to gently decompose the clothes. It is strictly prohibited during washing to use aggressive chemicals and chlorine, which will significantly reduce the service life of products.

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