Vottantans: pros and cons, types, brands, tips on choosing

Vottantans: pros and cons, types, brands, tips on choosing

Nowadays, the bike is a fashionable vehicle that will overcome the desired path without “traffic jams”. Bicycle Walk not only raises the mood, but also improves health, human physical forms. But this ride is not possible in every weather, because this two-wheeled transport has no roof and will not be able to hide from rain.

But modern manufacturers represent a special cyclehead, which does not shine movements and allows you to protect the body from precipitation. So, the votes of various brands use popularity.


Difference of clothing for cycling is not only fabric pushing water, but also a bright color with reflective elements – In the transport stream, the cyclist in vitrones will always be seen, which will avoid accidents. In the rain, Voblushi will warm their owner and will be removed from the wind. These are always dense fitting products that do not cling to the cycling chain. As a rule, clothes are made of lightweight materials, and the cyclist feels comfortable.

Sometimes Vostetans are called Vellageytus, but there is a small difference between these concepts. Vosttans fully hide the leg, and Vellageytzu is not lower than the knee. Otherwise, these are equivalent terms. Both have diapers. This is the name of the gasket in the groin area of ​​soft breathable matters with antibacterial impregnations. In the same zone there is a combat for maintaining heat.

So that the functionality of the cycling trousers is not broken, it is recommended not to wear underwear under diapers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Speaking about the advantages of the products presented, the following advantages can be noted:

  • these are comfortable pants for cycling – they do not shine movements+
  • In production, the raw material reducing moisture is applied, so the vitrolets reduce the risk of discomfort and the appearance of a cold in bad weather+
  • This is a streamlined clothing that reduces wind resistance and does not “clap” while driving+
  • The presence of a vocabulary provides a comfortable ride on the hard saddle, absorbs sweat and does not rub+
  • Special pants, tight legs, do not cling to extraneous objects and do not fall into a bicycle chain – all this provides a biker security.

A separate advantage is worth noting a wide range of products. For bike trips fit Velosines, bicycle goods, cycling, velageytus and other varieties. For example, the titers are popular, which are tightly adjacent to the pants with a compression effect and resembling leggings.

Also in circles of cyclists are valued from Windster – material not blown by the wind. Such pants are suitable for cycling in difficult weather conditions.

Of the minuses of products, it is possible to note the price. It’s obvious that such a functional product can not costOh, however, the high cost with interest is compensated by the quality, reliability, convenience and safety of cycling. The disadvantage can also be called the disadvantage of washing.

Basically, the care instructions are indicated on the label, but if there is no one, then the cycle breeding is taken to erase in cold water without the use of chemistry. A simple washing soap is suitable for the procedure.

Neat care will protect the impregnation and extends the service life of things.


All cyclehead can be divided into feminine and men’s. This is explained by the anatomical features. You can wear the velted of one cut, however, the representatives of the beautiful floor have a more elongated and thin waist, because the clothes of the fitted cut are convenient for them. Women’s models can be completed like a skirt, but in general they are similar to universal pants.

Men options have a short front seam. Of course, all people have a different type of figure, and sometimes the features of the forms are forced to buy bidding velted for the opposite sex, but in this case it is important to refuse to buy products with a cycle mill, since the structure of this lining is designed for a certain floor.

You can divide the velted on cheap and expensive models. The first suede piece is sewn, the product is produced with the inner seam. Separate gaskets are treated with antibacterial composition and have several layers of special foam. Dear pants are made only from high-quality raw materials, they do not have internal seams and are considered more comfortable.

Also in sports stores you can find models with additional elements. For example, it can be velted with strokes under the foot, with straps, with pockets, with knees and t. D. Mostly selling models of summer, winter and autumn.

How to choose?

Choosing special pants for cycling, take advantage of the following recommendations:

  • Make sure the elasticity of the fabrics – they must provide complete freedom of movements+
  • Make sure the selected product does not have discover parts that can rub and deliver discomfort when driving+
  • If this is a budget model, then carefully examine the quality of the seams+
  • Special attention is paid to convenience: Enter the selected instance and make sure that it is comfortable, it does not press anywhere, the movement is free (especially comfort should be felt in the groin zone).

Brand review

Below are the manufacturers whose products are particularly popular.

  • Vulpine. The company offers interesting models in Sand or Militari Color. There is a convenient style. Seams are in such zones where they do not interfere with cycling. Pants are made of free lightwood cloth. Of the pleasant bonuses it is worth highlighting the presence of a secret pocket and carbine for fixing the keys. Product feature is the specificity of the material. During the rain, the water drops roll off the surface of the trousers, but with prolonged walking on the street, rain water is going to the folds of the fabric, because of which the knees and the crotch can wet. These pants take out 20-30 minutes before the blotch.

  • Fox. Fox Huck Pant model specifically designed to drive in cold weather. Pants are made of durable synthetic material with mud and moisture-repellent properties. It is worth noting the presence of cuffs that allow without problems to fix the protection of the knee and the legs without undressing. Also, cyclists value products for ventilation slots on zippers and spacious pockets.

Suitable for a walk in the city or trailride.

  • Craft. Craft Ride Rain Pants Production of Sweden made of polyester 100%. These are lightweight water repellent pants with good ventilation and printed seams. For greater safety, pants are equipped with reflective elements and bright visible prints. Additional strength is created due to the presence of two-layer fabric on the back. At the ends, the velcro fasteners are provided.

In the next video, you are waiting for an overview of Voshtatanov Rockbros.

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