Wellefoots: species and tips on choosing

Wellefoots: species and tips on choosing

Cycling helps to support a good fitness. However, it is important for a comfortable ride. It is important to pick up a comfortable wovefoot. Read more on how to choose comfortable and beautiful bicycle boots, you can learn from this article.


Special shoes appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century. Initially, it used only professional athletes. The woven created the most comfortable sensations and safety while driving. Later such an attribute began to appear in ordinary stores, thanks to which He began to enjoy popular among Viladers.

    For cycling shoes, some features described below are characteristic.

    • The sole should be with spikes that are necessary to ensure good contact foot with the surface of the pedal.
    • Also, the sole must be a solid, not bent, a tight fixing leg.
    • Be sure to have a special hard back, which fits the foot well.
    • Relatively small weight.
    • Bicycle footwear is made of durable materials with a long service life. The soles produce their solid materials that are not deformed and not stretched. There is also a special silicone gasket under the insole, for the production of which carbon fibers or light metals are used.

    All manufacturers produce models with different types of fasteners.


    This is the most accessible option that is characterized by ease of use and low price. Velcro can be used both as the main type of fastening, and be an add-on to the lacing.

    Ribbons and cables

    This is a durable type of fastening that does not weaken and is not unbounded. Moreover, When using this type of fastening, the load is not redistributed. However, it does not differ in strength, so When damaged it will have to replace.


    This is a classic attachment. Laces are made from various materials. They are universal, and when damaged them is easy to replace. To ensure maximum fixation, they are complemented by velcro and other elements.


    All shoes are made according to one principle: it must have a solid sole and a back with a good fixation. There are only two types of coating soles: Contact and non-contact. Stop can be fixed With the help of lipukek, tapes, laces, or several types of fastening.

    At the moment, 3 types of cyclers are represented on the market.


    Such cyclines are characterized by a slight weight and availability of ventilation. The sole of these models is quite durable and never bend, but it is not equipped with spikes. Footwear has increased cruelty, due to which a great power of pressing pedals is achieved. This shoes cannot be used for hiking, because it does not bend, and the leg will quickly get tired. The composition of the soles of expensive models includes special carboxylic fibers.

    Highway shoes should be used in tandem with special pedals “Contact”.

    For mountain bike

    This type of cycle bouw has a soft and relatively flexible sole, if you compare it with highway models. This is done to ensure good clutch with the earth. Thanks to the corrugated sole with treads, some parts of the road can be held on foot. Moreover, spikes are inside the sole to ease walking.

    This type is best suited for city bikes and hybrid models. Moreover, it is often used for tourist trips. To ride with such shoes, you need to have special pedals.

    For riding in the city

    Boots for walking in the city Must combine the qualities and professional cycleobuvi, and ordinary sneakers. The sole has the same structure as the models for mountain trips. This makes it possible to use this shoe for hiking. Moreover, options for the city are compatible with various types of pedals. This is due to the fact that the sole can be supplemented with spikes that are sold complete with shoes.


    There are several types of fasteners.


    Shimano Pedaling Dynamics is a system with two holes. It is the most common option due to its simplicity and ease of operation.


    Such a system implies the presence of three holes on the sole. This waters are most often used by professional athletes whose bicycles are equipped with tubes. Look-system provides reliable fixation and minimal losses when driving.



    This company is a leader among manufacturers of bicycle shoes. All models are thoroughly tested. Moreover, the company has many scientists who are constantly engaged in developing new models. The SIDI brand supplies shoes to the official organizers of precision competition. They produce shoes for tuklips and ordinary pedals.


    The company provides high-quality products at affordable prices.

    Polaris produces special insulated boat shoes that can be worn on woven during the cold period.


    This brand is well known Among unprofessional fans of cycling. According to buyers, The company produces good products at a relatively low price.

    It is important to know that many models are small, so it is better to buy shoes on size more.


    Italian company began its work in the 90s of the twentieth century. Their products are very popular among snowboarders. However, they produce good cyclers that can be complemented by various accessories.


    French company is known worldwide. Models are distinguished by high quality and rigidity. Model design is being developed in Europe, and production is in Asia.


    The American manufacturer began work in the 90s and specialized in the production of shoes for climbers. Products of the company and now in demand. They produce good models for mountain riding and cross country for lovers.

    How to choose?

    To feel as comfortable as possible, it is important to choose the right size. It is better to rely on the first sensations, since the models with a strict sole and the block are not spread and will not be softer.

    Foot fingers should not be resting, and the stop should be tightly lying on the insole. If one sizes of shoes is hidden, and the next seems great, then it is worth considering the model of intermediate sizes. It should also be remembered that US and European sizes may differ from Russian.

    Universal cycling models are MTB and Road types. They provide for the use of highways and MTB spikes.

    Moreover, when choosing a boot, you need to take into account the purpose of the trips. For ordinary walks, tourist shoes will fit well. For sports trips, special professional shoes are needed.

    It is also important to choose an accessory On season. For the summer, sneakers and shoes of light and breathable fabric are better fit, and for the winter period, models with insulation.

    However, it is worth considering that there is no professional warm cycle bouw, because all winter models are considered a variety of tourist boots.

    All manufacturers produce women’s and men’s series. However, unisex options sometimes meet. Experts recommend to give their preference Separate collections, Since the female stop is different from male fullness and other characteristics, which is not always taken into account in unisex models.

    The wovers are in demand in the modern market. As a rule, it is represented in the premium and average segment, which is due to the special structure and use of new materials.

    Knowing all the features and nuances of the choice of Veloobuvi, any person will be able to make the optimal choice.

    Comparison Dear and Cheap Velobuvi See next video.

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