Wellets Shimano: models, pros and cons, selection tips

Wellets Shimano: models, pros and cons, selection tips

A cycling ride can delight and even happiness. But only with one mandatory condition – the equipment must be filmed completely correctly. One of the appropriate components is just shoes for bike shimano bike.


Before giving a detailed description of the Wimano ventilats, it is necessary to indicate the specifics of the company as a whole. This is one of the Japanese manufacturers, which is already pleased with itself and inspires optimism. The headquarters of the company is located in the city of Osaka, and the history of production leads its own countdown since 1921. Basically gear shimano is intended For highway bicycles.

Indirect confirmation of its high quality is that almost 60% of goods goes to Europe and North America with their particularly stringent quality standards.

Selection Tips and Reviews

Already familiarity with the official directories of leading online stores shows that the cycle sakes in their own sense of the word SHIMANO does not release. In its assortment there are only cycling shoes + however, on the quality of the products themselves and on the comfort of their use, this is not reflected. However, It is very important to choose the appropriate option, considering all the subtleties. Pretty many cyclists prefer contact pedals – and this should be considered when choosing.

The essence is simple: the spikes that are equipped with special shoes are snapped, and therefore the leg will be rigidly fixed, as a result of which it will be possible to ensure the uniformity of the load distribution. At the same time reduces the fatigue of the knee joint.

Shimano products are accurate for cyclists using contact pedals. In any case, it is worth choosing the shoes of the same brand that the pedals themselves. Ordinary highway shoes categorically do not fit.

Need to check, So that the letters of MTB SPD are present in the name and marking. SPD SL Veloobuvi Standard was developed by SHIMANO specialists. It is not designed for mountains (as ordinary SPD), but on highway bikes. The preferred choice turns out to be the most hard shoes. However, giving a feeling of unity with a bicycle, she also provokes dumping, Therefore, this option can be confidently recommended only to those who have already accumulated ride experience.

By purchasing bicycle shoes for a summer ride (i.e., for temperature from 15 degrees of heat), it is desirable to choose shoes or boots with a mesh surface or perforation. If these items are not, it will ride too hot. Benefit brings a delayed latch, helping to fix foot. Alternative – 3 Velcro Velcro. Simple models often have only 1 or 2 velcro, which provokes unpleasant sensations in power screwing.

Should not seek to buy the cheapest shoes. Bicycle equipment is not selected for one and not even for two seasons. Moreover, well-chosen shoes can work longer than pedals. Positive estimates Many cyclists give the model Shimano M089.

It should be remembered by the characteristic feature of this brand: its wellets should be taken on the size more than the usual, and then there will be no problems.

Lovers of all old-fashioned worth choosing Footwear in the Spirit Retro. She has a smooth sole, and fixation is carried out by straps and clamps. Extract Equipment for Mountain Area and for Highway Cuts is easy. In the first case there are two fastenings under the thorn, placed in the tread excavation, and therefore walking is simplified. In the second – used 3 thread inserts, placed on the outside of the sole.

SHIMANO MW7 is better suited for winter. MT marking shows that a specific sample is intended for tourism. That is, it allows you to safely walk on foot and only relatively rarely ride a bike. For those who prefer to ride, sports can be better fit with a rigid sole. You can walk in them too, but it is less convenient.


A good reputation deservedly has a model Shimano SH-RP3. These are nice and modern high-artistic leather vessels. They are equally well fit for everyday courts, and for intensive road training.

Design provides the perfect landing on the leg. Perforation, facilitating long-distance travel. The strap is shifted, which allows you to reduce the stress in the foot. Special heel linings guarantee stability and when walking, and when running.

Shimano sh-rp5 manifest themselves no worse. These are highway cyclines with reinforced carbonis sole. They use a reliable contact mount of the SPD-SL format. This model of shoes, on the idea of ​​developers, is needed by novice and experienced athletes equally.

Dynaplast technology optimizes pedaling and reduces energy costs during long journeys, as well as during cycling. One-piece top does not have seams, which allows you to guarantee comfort. The designers took care of the maximum support of the foot of the foot and the maximum transmission of efforts to the pedals. Adjust the lacing can be very accurate. Walk in such shoes easy and nice.

Veloobuvi Shimano Overview Watch in the following video.

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