Welt bicycles: characteristics of models and selection tips

Welt bicycles: characteristics of models and selection tips

Bicycles Welt firmly enter the list of optimal preferences of Russian consumers. But in order to correctly choose the appropriate option, you need to know all the main features and nuances. And start with the description of the main modifications that are out of production.

Model line

Welt E-Rockfall 1.0 – a modern electric bike, when designed which was repelled from the Rockfall model. Electric drive is hidden in the rear sleeve. The regular battery with voltage 36B has a rating for power 0.25 kW. To start the engine, a rugged handle applied to the steering wheel. Designers celebrate:

  • The presence of a shock-absorbing plug with a course of 0.1 m+
  • Hydraulic plot plug+
  • Transmissia from Shimano, operating at 8 different speeds+
  • Disc brakes of the same manufacturer+
  • Having a modified version with 27.5 inches wheels+
  • Same fitness for men and women+
  • Suitability only for the summer season+
  • Production of aluminum alloy frame+
  • Integration of the steering column+
  • The greatest speed is 25 km / h.

An alternative among the bikes of this brand is Edelweiss AT. It is positioned as an innovative “female” device. Basic niche – off-road riding and various areas of rough terrain. Optimize mass and strength ratio helps aluminum frame.

Automated transmission facilitates the switching of speeds + in many cases its electronics takes.

Branded description speaks about the following elements:

  • Charging MicroUSB+
  • Excellent shock-absorbing plug SUNTOUR XCT HLO 29 DS, which have long deserved excellent reviews of professionals+
  • Availability of 9 speeds+
  • Wheels with a diameter of 27.5 inches+
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes+
  • Rational Rama Strength and Easy Ratio.

Notable model option can be considered a bulk sleeve. Bicycle is painted in purple tone. It is believed that it is optimal for skating in the summer months in the style of cross country. Bike shock absorption corresponds to Type Hardtail. Fishing cord is made of metal.

Tire width is 2.1 inches. Pleasure tales and the same switches work quite reliable. The system has only 1 star. The steering column does not have a thread, carrying the steering wheel can not be adjusted. Synthetic matter used for the manufacture of the seat.

The Ridge model uses popularity – even most of the specialists approves it. Bike equipped with proven Japanese brakes of disk type. The wheel diameter reaches 26 inches. Thanks to this, transport will be suitable for sports competitions, and for pleasant rough terrain ride. Fascinable devices work very clearly, eliminating the appearance of slowdowns and foreign sounds even with a large load.

Note advanced shock-absorbing plug with oil blocking and anodized parts. Strong anodized parts of the frame have a different color. Double rim allows you to guarantee the stability of the 26-inch wheels to the “eights”. Selected profiled pipes applied for the manufacture of the frame. IMPORTANT: Pedals need to buy separately.

With the maximum allowable mass of the body of the yarn of 120 kg, the recommended indicator is only 90 kg.

An alternative can be considered a universal bike for women Welt Grace Violet models. The product is optimally suitable for departures outside the city and in the parks. The advantages of the device are:

  • Comfortability and external elegance+
  • Reliable chain protection+
  • excellent wings.

It is noted that Seasoned pins are devoid of shock absorber. To some extent, this is compensated by a three-speed Japanese transmission of planetary type. Foot rear brake works reliably. Grace Violet painted white. This bike is designed for ordinary pleasure riding. Provided trunk.

Bike Fat Freedom is considered the perfect combination of classic workouts and comfort. At the same time, the price of the product is relatively small. Hydraulic brakes differ in high power, and even complex meteo conditions do not affect their operation. 4 inches width tires are perfectly trapped both in damp mud and dry (wet) snow, and sand. Aluminum connecting rods are obtained by forging.

Information about brand

To the question of the country-manufacturer Answer easily: Welt bikes are available at Austrian enterprises. Firm started work since 2012. She declared its mission to ensure the free movement of customers. The range of firms are:

  • Children’s+
  • Women+
  • Calculated for adolescents+
  • Universal urban bikes.

The desire to be among the leaders determines the manufacturer’s assurances:

  • Impact quality control+
  • Providing an affordable price (even taking into account the maintenance)+
  • Perfection assembly+
  • Using proven disc brakes.

Professional experts note:

  • Unusual design+
  • Little model row+
  • convenience+
  • Moderate weight+
  • slightly overestimated cost of individual versions.

How to choose?

For future owners, it is important to pay attention to such an aspect as the number of accessories and their practicality. Of course, you need to comply with the balance between personal needs and practical characteristics. Excess additional options often creates serious inconvenience.

The next moment is from what a bike is made. The choice of material depends on whether you need more durable or easier and maneuverable bike.

For children, choose models with wheels with a diameter of 16 inches. Adolescents and parts of adults who do not need fast ride, you should choose versions with 20 inches wheels. Well, if it is planned to ride on the usual urban and suburban road, the propulsions of up to 24 inches are required. As for the passage in extreme conditions, the size of the wheels should be larger. Important: Cross Country model is suitable for moving on a weak off-road.

Welt Mountain Bike Overview Look in the video below.

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